Crime on St. Martin?

Old Apr 18th, 1997, 05:05 PM
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Crime on St. Martin?

We have heard there may be problems with crime targetting tourists on St. Martin. Has anybody experienced this recently?
Old Apr 27th, 1997, 06:17 AM
Deb Smith Mardelli
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I've traveled to St. Maarten with my children & family for 10 yrs.It is safe if you use the caution and wisdom advised in any locale. Don't leave valuables in your rental car; use the hotel/room safe if you need to store valuables; stick to main roads after dark;courtesy,respect, and a smile yield a wealth of happy vacation experiences. Have a great trip!
Old May 3rd, 1997, 10:01 AM
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We are thinking of staying at the Esmeralda. Any info on this property?
Old Jul 20th, 1997, 07:24 PM
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My family and I have been to St. Martin 3 times and have never seen any crime there. Just use common sense as you would anywhere. In our room, I had left out a $20.00 bill on the table and as I was going out the door it must have dropped and blew by the door, when I came back to the room the maid was just finishing and handed me the $20.00 that she had found by the door. I think thank is pretty honest.
The Island is really known for its friendly people and they really are. We get cards from some of the friends we have made in our travels there. I'm sure you will love the island.
Old Sep 15th, 1997, 06:42 AM
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It never ceases to surprise me when someone from the most crime-ridden nation on earth inquires about crime in other countries. St. Martin has its share as does St. John and other Caribbean islands. I live in Atlanta and we have more than our share. I just know there are some places in this city I wouldn't go just as there are places in NYC or New Orleans I wouldn't go. Just find out what they are and stay away and relax for God's sake.
Old Sep 15th, 1997, 07:47 PM
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My wife and I have spent time in St. Martin, and we find it to be a lovely place. The people are warm and friendly, and most are very respectful. I find that a little common sense and a pleasant demeanor goes a long way in the Caribbean. Relax, be careful, and enjoy your vacation.
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I just cme back from St Martin's on the 9th of Sept.
You talk about a bad trip!!!
My husband, my mother, and my brother had one of THE WORST vacations in our lives!!!!! St Martin is not as lovely and great as they make it sound. The beaches are nice but there isn't much to the island. We stayed right on Front Street and it was not very cleannice.
CRIME: Our rental car got stolen right outside our condo rental the second day we had it. They took the car with my daughter's car seat and stroller in the trunk and then then Avis was trying to state we'd have to pay for the car. The whole cost...$12,000.
The police wewn't helpful or anything.
I'm not being negative because the car was stolen it's just not a very decent place to go. TOO MUCH HYPE FOR NOTHING.
Old Oct 1st, 1997, 05:13 PM
Bryan Johnson
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I have been traveling to St.Maarten/St.Martin for
twelve years with my family and loved it every time.
The people are wonderful, friendly and usually very helpful. There is crime like everywhere but a little common sense can go a long way. Do not lock items in your car when at the beach or shopping and travel on the main roads at night. The beaches are some of the best you will find in the islands and the food on the French side is the very best. Hope you will have a chance to experience this beautiful island before it becomes overcrowded.

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