Costa Rica


Aug 31st, 1997, 03:16 PM
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Costa Rica

Would like any info on places to stay in either Puerto Viejo or Cahuita. Husband and I will be there in January. Also going to other areas of Costa Rica.
Looking for adventure & fun, romantic accomodations.
No all inclusives. Thank you.
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Sep 4th, 1997, 10:25 AM
Monica Richards
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Can't believe someone besides me actually knows about Cahuita! I was there about 4 years ago and stayed at a place called Cabina Topo. The guy who owns the (then single) little hut was named Topo--he was a frog biologist from Germany. The hut was secluded and surrounded by a garden--it had a mahogany interior and its own bathroom. Definitely the best place we stayed in all of Costa Rica. Unfortunately, I don't know the number, but if you go there and ask the locals will know where it is.
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Sep 6th, 1997, 09:24 AM
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Monica... Can you tell me anything about scuba diving off the west coast of Costa Rica (facilities, what to expect...)? I would appreciate any information you (or anyone else) can give me.
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Dec 21st, 1997, 04:49 AM
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A small bed and breakfast that is 31 kms south of Limon is a haven for sloths and other injured animals. The name is Aviarios del Caribe. They will paddle you down the river or you can go down the road to Cahuita National Park for snorkeling, swimming or hiking. $45 including breakfast.
Telephone 381-1335
Almonds & Corals - Manzanillo,Limon
An enviornmentally friendly tent camp.
Tents are up on stilts with a roof and draped in mosquito netting. They have electric night lights, a fan, beds, a hammock, and a bathroom. They are sitting in the midst of the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. Information 1-800-343-6332
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Dec 23rd, 1997, 01:28 PM
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dove in costa rica last march. stayed at el ocotol,accomodations were great but the diving was rough and on the cool side need 3 mil,viz was about 20 feet on a good day water temp was between 74 and 76 degrees strong currents. However did also dive off the southern coast at cano island(near corcovado) and the diving there was great, viz over 60 feet and the water temp was about 82 degrees. Been diving for past 6 years have over 300 dives, would go again but dive cano vs,the pacific northern region.
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