Congused about hotels

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Congused about hotels


I am trying to organize a 10-day stay in Antigua with my father and we are at odds over where to stay. He wants to stay somewhere cheap and inconvenient and rent a car in order to explore, I want to stay in a larger resort with lots of water sports, bars and restaurants at hand. If you have been to the following: ALlegro Pineapple Beach, Siboney Beach, Hawksbill Resort, or Jolly Harbour Beach and Marina Resort, I would appreciate your feedback on the quality of the accommodations, the proximity of restaurants and bars (without obligatorily having to drive there), the built-in entertainment factor for thirty-somethings and the quality of the beach. Also, how easy is it to drive around Antigua? I have heard that the roads are bad and that local drivers are a little .. enthusiastic! and I would probably be the one stuck driving us everywhere.

Many thanks for your input.
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It would probably help if you asked a more specific question-confused about Antiqua hotels or list specific hotels in question.-or please help with antigua..
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Hi Romy,
We once traveled with a couple who were *drink, dance, dine * & we are *beach, water, sunshine*. It's a predicament vacationing with someone who's travel style is very different than yours.

About driving on the islands: it's usually a lot of fun after the shock of being left wears off, not nearly as scary as it sounds. Exploring an island opens up a whole new world to you & will give you wonderful memories with your dad.

Of course whoever is footing the bill generally gets the final say on where to stay. Since you have 10 days, why not negotiate & stay at your choice for part of the trip & his choice for another part? Everybody wins.

Have fun. Enjoy this time with your father, no matter where you end up. I wish mine could travel with me.

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Romy, check out Time Out @ Jolly Beach. If you are travelling after December 15 this might give you cheap AND active. It has been closed for renovations and will reopen then. Used to be called Jolly Beach Resort or something like that and you will see not-so-good reports on the forums but nothing the planned renovations wouldn't fix.
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We stayed at Hawksbill in May. It was a nice property, the rooms were neat,like little cottages but with NO A/C .

The beaches were fairly nice, but not good for a long walk. The snorkeling wasn't bad. Had better, had worse.

The food was so so and very expensive. The service was the worst, bar none of the Caribbean. Have you ever seen a waitress, when she finally came to your table,take a drink order and go get the drink, come back take an order from the next person, get it, come back and so on till we all had our drinks. One night we were the only people in the place and had orderd a drink. After about 20 minutes my husband asked if we could have our drinks and she screamed "wait a minute" at him.

The view from this place is pretty nice. You can see Montserrat in the distance and it looks cool. The sunsets were awesome.

There was no entertainment that I can remember. NO water sports either.

The roads in Antigua have improved tremendously in the last 10 years or so. Driving isn't bad, but town is terrible. We even had a cabbie let us out a few blocks from where we were going and told us to walk.

Downtown was fun tho and there are some nice sights to see on the island. There are some very picturesque spots.

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