Feb 20th, 2000, 08:16 AM
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Ok. Posting this again , this time in the right Forum.
After 13 years of marriage and no vacations, I have finally convinced my farmer husband that the cows can be looked after by someone else ,while we take a week off.Our planned trip is still a ways away (Feb 2001)however the more I read on where to travel , the more confused I get.I want this trip to be absolutely wonderfull so my husband ,who is not sure about the whole thing, will gladly go again.I am looking for an all inclusive.
Was thinking about Nassau but heard the weather is not always great there.Also considered Antigua Pineapple beach resort have heard pros and cons about it too.Then considered Aruba untill someone mentioned you would get blown away by the wind.
We are not exeperienced travellers and would just like a nice place to stay.Some night live would be OK but not neccessary.
What could you tell me about last minute travels ? Is that the way to go? Are the saving worth it?
Thanks Harriet
Feb 20th, 2000, 10:32 AM
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Wow! No vacations after 13 years? You certainly deserve one. Have you looked into going to Bermuda? My husband and I stayed at an outstanding place there called Cambridge Beach. The grounds there are absolutely georgous. The rooms are cottages that are within walking distance to the main house. With the MAP (modified american plan) both breakfasts and dinners were included. The food there was probably some of the best I've ever had. You can eat breakfast at the main house each morning or have it delivered right to your patio. The beaches are private. Ours was right down the hill from our cottage. Afternoon tea is also served. You can go into town by water taxi right at the resort, or rent a motor scooter if you like. Horseshoe Bay is probably one of the most beautiful beaches you will find. And yes, the sand is really pink! The resort has tennis courts and a salt water pool. It is a beautiful resort. I believe it would be worth checking into. I'd go back in a minute. It's like Hawaii, but without the 14 hour plane ride.
Feb 20th, 2000, 01:37 PM
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If you are going in Feb. you might want to look to a more southern location. Bermuda, Bahamas, Turks, all may not be warm enough. There is a good chance that it will be raining in Puerto Rico as well.

It is very confusing to choose, and there are so many pros and cons to consider.

I have a good friend that just stayed at Pineapple Beach in Antigua and said it was wonderful.

It IS windy in Aruba but it is also a lovely island with a really nice beach.
Once again, pros and cons. My advice would be look toward the more southen choices so you can have warm enough weather for snorkeling or swimming.

Anguilla is a beautiful island and is quiet and laid back and there is a ferry that will take you on a day trip to St. Martin. They have gorgeous beaches and fine restaurants, great people and an almost zero crime rate. That may be worth looking into.

You are going to be bombarded with suggestions and will be even more confused that you were when you started. Good luck!
Feb 20th, 2000, 01:42 PM
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While Bermuda is no doubt lovely, it is less likely to be as warm as the Bahamas in February. I think you might want to look very seriously at St John, USVI, or to consider something all-inclusive, like the Sun Palace resort in Cancun (which has excursions you can take to Tulum, and also to a very extraordinary eco-preserved beach called Xpu Ha). Another possiblity might be the Cayman Islands. Do some searches on this message board (I guess you'd need to look at Latin America forum for the Cancun option) and come up with 3 or 4 places you really want to investigate further. Don't forget to try your local library and check out Fodors' and Frommers' and others guides to the Caribbean. (If you find one you really like, buy the latest edition at!) Don't forget the periodicals section, Islands, Conde Nast Traveller, and even National Geographic now has a good vacation magazine. Planning this trip will be a lot of fun and you won't really have to make any commitment for a long while yet, so you can collect a lot of information!
Feb 20th, 2000, 02:25 PM
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Hello, Sounds like you might get more confused on here. We were married for 23yrs before our first vacation and we went to Sandals Negril last yr and had the time of our lives. This yr we just got back from the bahamas on Sunday 13,
the weather is naot as nice as in Jamaica. The wind was kind of bad a few days but the trip was nice we stayed at another Sandals and thats the way to go.
All-inclusive and no tipping. Negrils beach is 7miles long you can walk forever, the resorts staff will do anything to make your stay the best it can be. The food is great and the sunset is heaven.This is the place to veg and get piece of mind back. I highly recomed this resort, if you have any questions just email me. Maybe we will be there nx yr the same time you are! We usually go sometime in FEB.
Feb 20th, 2000, 04:24 PM
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Aruba is beautiful! It's not windy on Palm Beach and there's quite a selection of great hotels and condos right on the beach. I stayed at Playa Linda when I was there. The people were friendly wherever we went and the food at the restaurants in Aruba was wonderful! Best of all the weather is usually perfect. Aruba ia not in the hurricane belt.

Feb 21st, 2000, 06:18 AM
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What time of year did you go to Aruba? We were there in April/ May and Palm Beach WAS very windy. You couldn't walk on the beach without getting sand blasted.
Feb 21st, 2000, 06:23 AM
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Consider Barbados, there is never an off-season. Located very south, outside the hurricane belt, there are many options for hotels, all-inclusives, restaurants, the Bajans are very friendly and helpful, and the beaches are gorgeous!
Feb 21st, 2000, 01:22 PM
Emily Connolly
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My husband will drop everything any time I say let's plan a trip to Caneel Bay (St. John). We were there on our honeymoon many years ago and many times after - it will be wonderful. Good luck.
Feb 21st, 2000, 02:07 PM
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Reading your post, you mention 'last minute travel'...think you may be referring to a cruise (although last minute is not always best).
You also mention all inclusive...sometimes not always inexpensive. You've gotten many good suggestions already and I agree in Feb., I would not go to Bermuda (way too chilly) nor Nassua (could also be chilly). Barbados could be pricey.
Have you considered Mexico? Ixtapa is lovely and the sunsets are spectacular. There is a relatively new all inclusive in Playa del Carmen 'Royal Hideaway'. Friends were there recently and they enjoyed the resort.
In addition to the wonderful reading others mentioned, you could also read Sunday NY Times Travel section on internet.
Please keep us all posted as you research this vacation!
Feb 21st, 2000, 04:00 PM
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Harriet: Have you thought about a cruise? They are always wonderful. I would high, highly recomment Holland America Cruise line. It is tops in food, entertainment, nightly shows, and allows the convenience of all inclusive, not tipping. Really can't beat the price! The eastern caribbean is my favorite, such as St. Thomas, St. Johns, St. Maarten, Puerto Rico. Should be nice weather there in February. Good luck!
Feb 21st, 2000, 10:42 PM
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Harriet, we all have our favorites here and you will get suggestions, and please pardon the pun, till the cows come home.

My suggestion I think will be seconded by several here, talk to a travel agent in your area about package deals, they can vary so much depending on where you live and what airport you travel out of and if there are charter service available.

A travel agent will have the most updated info on locations, hotels available and prices including package deals, which are usually hotel and airfare and sometimes food and ground transportation.

If you have any questions, call Liberty Travel here in NY, sorry don't have the number, there are several locations and they seem to specialize in the CArribean.

Also check with Delta and American Airlines for their package deals, they can be good too, and you get hotel and airfare, and sometimes last minute deals because they want to fill up the planes.

Good luck with your trip.

Mar 11th, 2000, 12:51 PM
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I stayed at the Royal Solaris in Cancun and it was excellent, 7 resturants to choose from, it was great. Cancun is extremly clean,
Mar 11th, 2000, 10:34 PM
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See my post of Caribbean links for some useful resources in researching the many options.

I suggest you order as many brochures as you can and then make a list of what is most important you and compare how the different locations measure-up.

A great way to order free travel brochures for just about any location in the world is the Worldwide Brochures website:

If going off-the-beaten-path and exploring spectacular natural attractions appeals to you, you might want to consider Dominica which has a lot of excellent accomodation values.

You don't say where you are, but if the trip is not too long, then I would also consider Hawaii which has many advantages as being part of the U.S.. There are many experienced Hawaii travellers on the U.S. forum.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Mar 11th, 2000, 10:42 PM
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Keep in mind that while brochures can be useful because of the pictures and basic info. in them, they are promotional material and not objective sources of info.. For more objective info., be sure to get books like the Fodor's and Frommer's guides and to check forums like this.
Mar 11th, 2000, 11:54 PM
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I'll second a couple of suggestions here - Barbados for a good all-round island experience. I prefer the west coast beaches there. Anguilla has the most beautiful beaches and water I've ever seen (also nice on St. Barts but the island was not quite my cup of tea), but I was there before all the resorts popped up. As Cheri said, you can day-trip over to St. Martin. It would probably make for a very restful holiday. For more adventure, Grenada. I haven't been to Aruba but I still think it sounds nice.
Mar 12th, 2000, 11:23 AM
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I'll add my opionion. Having farmed for many years, I understand the no vacation in many years. It's rough. My suggestions since you are not experienced travelers would be either Grand Cayman or Barbados. Both are nice islands with nice people and you don't have the problems of some islands such as Jamaica. Also a possibility would be a cruise. You unpack and you are on ship all week with all your needs taken care of. I would avoid Carnival with a passion. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself. The cows WILL survive. Been there (tho' not with cows) - done that.
Mar 13th, 2000, 11:54 AM
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Hi Harriet,

Do not do a last minute thing. For your once in 13 years vacation, you do not want to skimp. Last minute means all the good vacations are taken and you are picking over the remnants. You really need to research what you want out of the island and resort and go from there. So when you finally narrow it down to something manageable, guess what.... none of them are available 'last minute!!'. Last minute is only good if you just want sun and don't care where you get it.

I recommend Anse Chastanet in St Lucia, but only if you want something romantic with not a wild nightlife. The nightlife consisnts of extremely talented musical groups (in the Caribbean, you never know how good they will be) so there is music, dining and dancing. The dancing wraps up at around 10:30 and most people are ensconced in their wonderful rooms by 11 - 11:30 PM. See what I mean about romantic.

THis place is truly beautiful and A&E rated it as one of the Top Ten romantic destinations.

If you need more info, let me know!!
Mar 18th, 2000, 07:59 AM
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Congratulatins on your vacation! If you haven't already done this, you may want to decide what your priorities are for your vacation. Consider sitting down and planning the perfect vacation and then ranking each element in order of importance. You might also think through anything that might especially detract from your trip. Doing this should be very helpful whether you are posting online, talking with a travel agent or reviewing a travel book. Good luck!
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