Comments on BWIA ?

Old Sep 26th, 2000, 05:51 AM
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Comments on BWIA ?

We are thinking of flying BWIA (British West Indies Airlines?) for the first time, probably out of JFK. Any comments/experiences, good or bad?
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I have heard its not always on time. Do you want the warm weather pilots to fly int JFk in the iffy weather? I would rather go with American airlines-that is just my choice.I have met people,a few years ago that said never again. I hope its better now, they (I believe )are a partner with Continental. I am sure you will get some positive replys. I just feel more comfortable with major airlines.
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I believe BWIA IS a major airline. We have flown them several times and have never had a problem with them. The flights were on time and we always got our bags and they landed the plane in one piece. You can't ask for more.
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Yes BWIA is a major airline. I don't think the weather in JFK should be an issue either as there is "weather" everywhere and the flight crew has to be trained. I have only flown with them once and they were great.The food was great,crew great,and yes..we were late! I woyuld fly with them again,definately.
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I have flown BWIA-we had the worst landing I ever had-never again. I agree they are not a major airline,home base Trinidad(third world country)I suppose you feel Liat Etc. are major Airlines. Just because they have a few large planes and fly to USA does not make them MAJOR.
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Flown with BWIA three times, has 'British' in the title, so it must be good!!
Seriously though, the staff are friendly, service is good, a lot better than the so called major airlines, (I have flown from London to Trinidad and then St. Lucia twice). They also have an excellent safety record.
Also, I fly United and Delta regularly from London and as far as I can recall, they have never ever been on time!! Last time, (with United), there was so much vibration I thought the wings would fall off and they lost my luggage both ways!! This wouldn't have been so bad if they hadn't delayed me getting to O'Hare for so long that I missed my flight home!! Finally got back,(24 hours late), thanks to American and a lot of complaining.
Give me BWIA any time. Things do go wrong, but at least they give a damn and, not something I can say about United or Delta.

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