Caribbean compared to Hawaii?

Old Aug 1st, 2000, 07:33 AM
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Caribbean compared to Hawaii?

Can anyone that has been to Hawaii comment on which caribbean islands would have the same feel? I want to feel safe at night, beautiful beaches, lush greenery, laid back culture. I want to plan a tropical getaway, but can't afford to take the time to travel to Hawaii this time - was hoping for a 3 or 4 hour plan trip instead of 8 or 9. We will take about 6 or 7 days and we are traveling from midwest. <BR> <BR>Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks! <BR>
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There is nothing in the Caribbean that remotely compares to any of the islands in Hawaii. These two locations are nothing like the other. Have traveled throughout both locales and personally, I enjoy the Caribbean much more!!! Not to mention that it is far less time to travel to the Caribbean from the midwest than out to Hawaii. <BR>Trust me on this, ... better yet, ask around and see what other people think! <BR>j. <BR> <BR> <BR>
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<BR>We live on East Coast, so have only been to Hawaii (Maui, Kauai and Big Island) twice (going back in March 2001) and have been to Caribbean at least 10 times, all on different islands. We much prefer Hawaii because restaurants are better, hotels are better, etc. The Caribbean is much less developed. Remember, most of the island nations are third-world countries and some of the "necessities" in the US are luxuries in the Caribbean. Having said that, the most Hawaii-like islands, I think, are Grand Cayman (terrific beaches and good restaurants), St. Martin and Aruba. None of these islands are quite as lush as Hawaii (St. Martin comes closest), but they all have nice beaches and very low crime rates.
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There are some who consider "less developed than Hawaii" a virtue, and many of us prefer the smaller, more intimate and rustic lodgings of the Caribbean. As well, many delight in local cuisines (even though others would dismiss them as unsophisticated) It all depends on what you are after. <BR> <BR>If you are after natural beauty, which approximates (though doesn't match) Hawaii, consider Grenada or St. Lucia. Grenada offers rain forests, mountains, waterfalls, white and black sand beaches, sparkling seas, spice plantations, and a friendly local population. Unfortunately, it is also a long trip -- 5 hours to San Juan, then another 2+ to Grenada. <BR> <BR>A compromise destination is the BVI -- not as lush (though still very green, with a beach for every taste), but much easier to get to -- just a hop from San Juan or a ferry ride from St. Thomas. Blessed with warm and gracious islanders, the islands also offer many diversions for lovers of the sea (sailing, diving, snorkeling, swimming). <BR> <BR>Finally, if location is paramount, consider the Bahamas Out Islands (e.g. the Abacos or Eleuthera)-- which are just a puddle jump away from south Florida. While the islands themselves are scrubby, the beaches and waters are breathtaking. As a beach lover, I always return to the Abacos to get my beach fix (see some of my photos at An added bonus is that the residents are friendly and I have not been to a safer place (many hotel rooms don't even have keys).
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Trent, <BR> <BR>You've got to be kidding. All of the caribbean is third world???? If what you want thats like Hawaii is Fast food outlets, 40 story hotels and a rush hour then go to Puerto Rico. If you just want the fast food outlets then maybe Cayman is for you, but if you want the views, the beaches, the "hang loose" attitude of 15 or 20 years ago and better food, then head for St Barths.
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You have some very realistic comments here as the Caribbean islands are not like the Hawaiian islands. There is another point however you need to consider. I don't know where you are in the midwest but including connection time, I don't think there much of anyplace you can fly to in the Caribbean in 4 hours. It could take as much as 8 hours. If you really love Hawaii, it is your best bet. Check the airline schedules. The Bahamas might be your best alternative, so consider places like Harbor Island.
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Note to BillK: Actually, what you're describing ONLY applies to Waikiki. The other islands (yes, even Maui) would NOT fit your criteria. And, I can also assure you, much of the "pacific rim" cuisine is outstanding and can match St. Barts' delicacies as well, believe it or not!
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Hawaii: Volcanic, Americanized, common language (except native Hawaiian), beautiful scenery with variation from mountainous, rainforest, to desert. <BR>Beaches beautiful but no reefs so snorkling not as good as Caribbean. Good food, not cheap. <BR>Caribbean: Varied cultures, varied geography (mountains, rain forests, deserts), excellent beaches with better snorkling (reefs). Many islands, more variety. CRUISE SHIPS EVERYWHERE. <BR> <BR>In my book the basic difference is how hard it is to get there. I live on the East Coast and can be on the beach the afternoon I leave. Hawaii is a brutal trip with need time to recover. PLrobably the opposite if I were on the West Coast. <BR>I personally like the multivaried cultures and cuisine of the Caribbean. <BR>Bottom line, both are GREAT.

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