Car in Grenada?


Mar 22nd, 2001, 11:37 AM
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Car in Grenada?

What are the pros/cons of a car in Grenada? Had originally planned not to get one but now that our trip is almost here I am wondering if we should? We will be staying at secret harbor but will want to go into town one day, grand anse another and to play golf a couple of times at Grenada golf club. Also we will go from the resort for dinner. Thinking about all those taxis makes me wonder if a car is a better idea but have heard about bad road conditions and we're city dwellers so we don't drive that often.
Advice? Thanks!
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Mar 22nd, 2001, 04:34 PM
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I just returned from a week in Grenada and I rented a car for the week. Of course the main advantage of having a car is the ability to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Also, taxis tend to be expensive. They impose a surcharge at night, making it even worse. Since I arrived in Grenada at night, I didn't want to rent a car until the next morning, so I had to take a taxi from the airport to my hotel in Grand Anse -- US$14 for a ride of less than 10 minutes! A small car with automatic transmission for a week will run over US$300, plus another US$10 for a visitor's license. Gas is over US$2.50 a gallon. So, renting isn't cheap either. I still prefer to rent a car.

The last time I was in Grenada was 3 years ago, and rented a car then also. I was pleasantly surprised at how the road conditions had improved. The roads are still rather narrow and they twist and turn, and you'll find occasional potholes, but they are much better than they were. You just have to remember to pay extra attention to what you're doing and take your time. And then there's driving on the left, which really isn't bad. In my opinion, the worst part of driving in Grenada is driving in St. Georges, with narrow streets, steep hills, deep gutters, pedestrians, parked cars, and alot of one-way streets. After the 4th year renting a car, I finally feel relatively comfortable driving in St. Georges.

I have always rented from Spice Isle Rentals (Avis). They will deliver and pickup at the airport or your hotel, and they are very reliable. I believe you will get a 10% discount if you contact them directly rather than going through Avis.

Let me know if you need any other information.

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Mar 23rd, 2001, 07:11 PM
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I agree with the previous reply.If I could make one suggestion and that would be to rent a Jeep.Most can be rented from $50-60US a day.They are well worth the money especially when driving through the mountains.
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May 20th, 2001, 12:50 PM
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I rented a car there and survived, but found it to be stressful. Got up to Grand Etang and had a flat on sunday. We made it all the way around to Concord Falls and back. But, I was nervous the whole time. Have to concentrate especially at intersections while driving backwards. But, it does afford freedom.
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May 21st, 2001, 09:42 AM
R. Bailey
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As others have said, driving is a bit challenging, but defiitely worth while. Driving is not bad in the Grand Anse-L'Anse Aux Epines and Saline areas or drivng into St. George's, but in town is very tricky. Study your street map carefully and stay away from the market area. Also, it is probably a bad idea to pick up a car if you arive at night because roads are pretty dark and not well marked. Get oriented in daylight first. Some people feel more comfortable in a jeep, but it is not really necessary. The island has very attractive scenery, and some touring of the rest of the island is worth while. For what it is worth, we have had good luck with David's car rental.
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