Car in Grand Cayman? ? ?

Old Jan 29th, 2001, 05:27 PM
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Car in Grand Cayman? ? ?

My husband and I are planning a trip to Grand Cayman in the fall and don't know if we should rent a car. What do you recommend? Thanx! ! !
Old Jan 30th, 2001, 04:18 AM
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Yes, I would rent a car. But then, we rent a car everywhere we go, so it's a matter of what you want. We like to explore and get off the beaten path. I don't see a downside to car rental, except maybe for the money--still, if you're going on a wonderful trip to a great place, go for it!
Old Jan 30th, 2001, 06:07 AM
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I too vote FOR a car. If you go to an island and just take an island tour, you basically come home and know nothing much about the island. If you rent a car a ride around and explore you know a lot more and have a better appreciation of your trip. There are places I've been several times and know very little about them because I've not had the opportunity to explore on my own.
Old Jan 30th, 2001, 04:40 PM
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Go for it!! Car or preferably jeep with <BR>a removable top. Best way to see the island. Drive on the left, not hard to <BR>get use to..Have always felt safe, You can drive around the entire island in a couple hours.
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Definitely go for a car. I was in the Caymans back in '96 and we rented a jeep. SO MUCH FUN! It takes some time getting use to driving on the opposite side of the road, but we managed! It was an adventure. The only drawback was the price of gas in the Caymans...quite an increase, but hey, you're on vacation! Enjoy!
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I agree with all of the above. In Cayman you definitely want a car. The roads are great and well marked and well maintained. And the rental rates there are less than anywhere else I have been. I have a jeep reserved for May at $234 for a week. In St. Lucia it was almost $600 and the car was a piece of junk, the roads were mostly potholes, not lit, or marked or maintained. I would never rent a car there again, but that is the only place I have not been glad I rented one.
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I would definitly rent a car in Grand Cayman. Just like everyone else has mentioned- driving on the left takes some getting use to, but thats not the only thing. There are rental cars that have steering wheels on the right side, and there are cars with the steering wheel on the left side. I've driven in the UK with no problem because while I'm driving on the opposite side that I'm use to, the steering wheel is also opposite, which seemed to help my brain to keep reminding me "something isn't right here- pat attention". In Grand Cayman I had a car that had the steering wheel on the left, while driving on the left- and it just messed with my brain sometimes when I wasn't paying attention (like driving into parking lots). Anyway, its no problem getting around (except for parking downtown maybe), and you'll enjoy it. Just hope you get a car with the steering wheel on the right! HA!

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