BWIA airlines

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BWIA airlines

I'm booked already to go to Antigua on American,but it stops in San Juan and then we take a propplane on American Eagle with 60 passengers.I hate flying and have always gone nonstop I heard that BWIA goes direct does any body know hw reputable they are?
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We've flown with them a few times and never had any problems at all. No lost luggage, they were on time, got us there in one piece! Can't ask for anything more.
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Wretched airline. Will NEVER use them again. We PURCHASED a separate seat for our then 2 year old son so he could be secured in his car seat. The FA insisted I lash my son to my belt with some hokey loop seatbelt thing for takeoff and landing. I was furious.

Then when we got our luggage we found that items had been stolen!!!!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS AIRLINE
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Hi Cara,
my travel agent told me that BWIA flew direct from Boston to Antigua. This must be some definition of direct I'm not familiar with, because the plane stopped in St. Martin, where we sat in the plane for about an hour, while it unloaded approximately half the passengers. That said, we didn't have a bad experience. The flight was fine. BWIA, I believe runs charter flights booked through tour companies like TNT. I have heard horror stories from others though, I guess if a flight is missed, or can't take off due to weather, its almost impossible to get a different flight. I thought I read American had non-stops from Miami to Antigua?
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There is a difference between a

Direct flight
(where you do not change planes) and a

Non-stop one
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I don't know about BWIA, I will be flying them non-stop in mid March 2000. They have a nonstop from JFK to Antigua, with great flying times...anything to avoid changing planes in San Juan! I will say this with respect to ANY flights originating in the Caribbean: THEY OFTEN LEAVE EARLY!!!! DO NOT LEAVE THE GATE AREA as I did once to get something to eat--they left early and I missed the flight! This happens on all islands, regardless of the carrier. I repeat, get to your airport AT LEAST 1 hour before departure (yes, I've also been denied boarding because I showed up 30 minutes before departure, regardless of whether the plane has even boarded), and DO NOT LEAVE THE GATE AREA!!!! I am serious!
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I have flown BWIA several times to Barbados and have had nothing but good experiences. Flights on time, luggage not lost, in-flight staff very pleasant.
All flights were regularly scheduled BWIA flights. I've never had experience with charter flights.
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We took American and it was a nightmare, instead of arriving in Antigua at 1;30pm, we arrived at 9opm and lost the whole day. Sandals $800- per day. BWIA is the way to go. I was told the planes only hold 100 people, but I was misinformed because I saw the plane in Antigua and it was huge.BWIA seems like a dream as compared to what we went through!

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