Best way to NOT lose luggage?

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Best way to NOT lose luggage?

We are on our way to Anguilla. We are leaving from JKF to SJU and flying directly to AXA. Are we better off getting the first flight to SJU so our luggage has time to be sorted to AXA? Does it make a difference? I cannot remember if we have to claim our bags at SJU or if they are just sent to the American Eagle flight. I know the best way to not lose your luggage is to carry on but this trip its impossible, Please help.
Thanks Everyone!!
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Hi Jody,
Unfortunately, we have LOTS of experience with this, so I hope I can help you.
1.) Pack as little as you can get away with. (This one is very hard for me!)
2.) It is better to have three lighter suitcases than 2 heavy ones.
We are divers, and were told by a friend we have who works for BWIA, that the big heavy dive bags, and big heavy suitcases are the first to be left behind when flights are overweight.
You will also have to pay for overweight luggage, and it can be very expensive - like $45 to $65 extra each way.
Make SURE you each take a carry on that has a change of clothes, underwear, swimsuit and shoes so that if your luggage does not make it, at least you can sit on the beach!
(It usually shows up the next day or on a later flight the same day.)
Good luck!
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Thanks Nancy,
we have only 1 regular size suitcase to check its large, but the large size of a set, not those huge trailer size bags. We always carry on only, but lately with security it is more of a hassle. As long as the bags get there I will not worry. I know its a stupid question but thank you for the information.
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AEagle says they need at least 30 minutes to transfer luggage if you are flying through on AA. the AEagle flights close 30 minutes before departure and you do not have to claim them in SJU going. Coming home, you do because of customs. Immigration and customs is a long walk from the Eagle gates to claim your bag and do customs and immigration but the new facility makes it easy. Weight restrictions are not as rigid on AEagle as on the smaller planes so don't worry about weight restrictions. LIAT etc limits bags to 40lbs. Do carry on enough to get you through one day (swim suits for sure) but AA hasn't failed me lately unlike the past when they missed a lot!
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As someone who tosses bags for an airline part time, you are much better off with 2 small bags than one large bag. Larger bags tend to be heavier and will be the first choice to stay behind. Also, people tend to over pack large bags. Lastly, make sure you have your name and address attached firmly to the bag at least 2 times.
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and pack half of everything in each bag. don't put all the swimsuits in one because that's the one that will turn up MIA (missing in action, not MIAMI).
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Do not worry, I just came back from Anguilla. I had no problem with the luggage and I checked everything except a very small carry-on. A total of 4 suitcases. By the was way too much clothing. Your luggage is checked all the way through to AXA. You do not have to get it in Puerto Rico. You're allowed 70 lbs./per bag to check (2 per person) and 40 lbs. for carry-on.

Coming back, however, you do have to get your luggage and it can be a hassle, depending on your connection time.

Don't worry.....go and relax and have a great time. Think positive!
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I always put a large index card on the top of my clothes inside the suitcase. I write my name and the name of an emergency contact person at home and the hotel where we will be vacationing at. In case the outside tag is lost, the the airline staff will still be able to know where the suitcase is supposed to go.
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Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to stop your luggage going missing. the best you can do is to minimise the disruption. A card with your name and address inside the luggage is a good suggestion. Also, in your carry-on luggage have enough to keep you going for a day or so and always have things like money, keys with you.
Our luggage went missing on our return last week. We had 3 different flights and had checked our luggage right through. I had qualms about this as the airport we started at resembled a big hut and hadn't heard of the destination airport(Aberdeen, Scotland).
Anyway, the inevitable happened- we arrived at Aberdeen airport and our luggage didn't. And where was the mistake made- Heathrow!!! The good thing was that I had a day at home without any unpacking, washing to do!
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