Best honeymoon location

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Best honeymoon location

I've never been to Caribbean, but want to give my daughter and future SIL a honeymoon there. What islands and areas are safest for two young adults (25 and 31) but still very romantic?

They will be going the beginning of July next year. Is that the off-season there?

I'm on a budget as are they, so reasonable airfare and food costs are important.

I know this is a pretty broad question, but I'm anxious to hear the opinions of the group.

Thanks so much.

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I see there are some related threads, so I'll definitely do some searching.

I should also mention that they are foodies, so wonderful dining opportunities are important.

They also enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities.

Thanks again.

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Well, July is Low Season (aka Off Season) throughout the entire Caribbean so the happy couple can expect to see some of the lowest room rates of the year. That's a big plus since you said you are budget minded.

Most island are relatively "safe" but remember in this day and age no destination is completely crime free. If your daughter and future SIL use common sense and take the same type of precautions they do "back home" while travelling they should be just fine. Remember just because they will be around palm tress, sandy beaches and drinking pina colodas doesn't mean they should throw caution to the wind. The islands of the Caribbean may seem like paradise but they are not heaven.

As for which islands are considered to be "safer" that's up to interpretation, however, places Like St. John, Anguilla, Virgin Gorda, the Bahamas Out-Islands, Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada, St. Barts, any of the Grenadines, the Caymans, St. Kitts, Nevis, and any of Turks & Caicos are all considered "safe" destinations. That's not to say the others are cime ridden, far from it. For a newly married couple on their honeymoon all will be romantic.

Some things you should know are each island has it's own distinct flavor, no two islands are alike and no one island 'has it all". Some islands are big, some are small, there are flat arid islands with miles and miles of pristine white sand beaches, other islands are mountainous and lush with darker sand cove like beaches, waterfalls and dense rainforests, still others are somewhat hilly but slightly arid with wonderful reefs just off shore. You can do some basic research by using the "Destinations" link at the top of this page. Click thrpough to the Caribbean section. there you'll find some detailed descriptions of the most popular islands. If you read through the material you'll soon get a real feel for what each island has to offer and be able to narrow down your search to a few islands that will appeal to the newly married couple. You should involve them in the selection process, after all it's their honeymoon.

Some destinations are more costly than others but if you have a realistic budget you can pretty much visit any island as long as you are willing to make some concessions. One doesn't have to stay at a 5-star resort to enjoy the Caribbean. You can find accomodations in just about every price range on almost every island. Just don't expect to stay in a 5-star hotel for 3-star prices - it simply doesn't happen.

You said you are on a budget but you didn't tell us how much. Without knowing how much you want to spend it's very difficult to give you meaningful suggestions. Give us some specic dollar amounts and we can help steer you in the right direction. Don't use terms such as "reasonably priced", "affordable" or "won't break the bank" as they are meaningless without a point of reference. What's reasonable for some may seem extravagant or even cheap to someone else. Let us know where your daughter and future SIL will be flying from as that can have a big impact on where they go (especially if they are on a strict budget).

The more information you can give us about the couples likes & dislikes and what they expect from a Caribbean vacation the easier it will be for us to help find you the perfect spot.
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hi sheila, july is off season so best prices. the caribbean is never a cheap vacation.
you mention they are foodies - dinners in the better restaurants could easily run $100=200. lots of cheaper options of course.
to be of any real help you'll need to tell us an actual budget and a lot more about what they want to do besides eat.
things like ziplines, casinos/nightlife, scuba/snorkel, tour historical places or are they more likely to hang on the beach with a book most days?
also home airport - some places are much harder to get to from certain locations.
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We love St John for its natural beauty, wonderous beaches, great restaurant and its laid back atmosphere.

Specificially, I would like to suggest Palm Cottage in Coral Bay. It is a beautiful, new cottage with a spectacular view of the harbor. It is self-contained, stand alone and has everything you would want from outdoor shower, to a bbq grill, beach chairs, coolers, and on and on.

We have stayed there twice; we were there for 8 days first time and 12 days second time.

I read through the guest book and all of the comments have been so positive on all aspects of their stay.

For the record - While I have no financial interest in the property, the owner's are personal friends. Barry & Diane are gracious hosts and great people.

Here are some pictures.

Be sure to tell them Deb from Colorado sent you!
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Thanks for all the good information.

RoamsAround, I didn't mention a certain dollar amount because they haven't mentioned one to me. My daughter is in law school with lots of student loans. My future SIL is just starting a new career and also has student loan obligations.

They have multiple options for the airport, but typically it's cheaper to travel to Atlanta for us.

Virginia, They are quite active and have mentioned they would like a few days to lounge on the beach but also want to hike. Ziplines might be right up their alley. They would enjoy snorkling.

They are researching and have rejected Aruba as likely to be outside their budget.

Thanks again for all the assistance.

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You should consider Curacao.....
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Check out the website
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I would suggest looking at St.Croix. We've been there about 14 or 15 times, can't remeber the exact #. It has lots to offer in that it has great restaurants, very nice beaches,diverse lodging options, great snorkeling and diving and so on. You do not need a passport since it's a U.S.territory. We have been to lots of other islands and also Mexico and S.America. Have tried the AI routine and didn't care for it. Anyway we really love STX. As one other poster has commented, the islands are similar but all of the ones that we've been to are different than the others. STX does not have the whitest sand beaches,the glitziest reorts, the most options for tours and activities,but for the overall experience I think it's wonderful. For some reason it does not get the attention that most other islands get. It has a very undeserved reputation as having a crime problem and it does not get a lot of cruise ship traffic either. It is on the verge of a boom as I see things so it will probably go the way of other islands like St.Thomas, St.Maarten and places like Cancun etc. Those places are much busier than STX and having been to them all I do prefer the more "authentic" Caribbean experience that you get on STX. I kind of selfishly hope that STX stays pretty much the same. I can tell you that it is absolutely more "affordable" than most other places that we've been to, with the exception of Mexico. It's easy to get to and easy to get around on once you get there. We usually fly out of Phila. around 7:30 a.m. and we get there by 1:00 p.m. You get more time on island than you would at some of the more remote or difficult places to get to. Check out the off season specials at The Buccaneer resort. They are a great value. We always stay there and love it. It has some night life, if you can call it that. They have bands or entertaiment most nights and when you sit at that lobby bar at night and experience the views ,it's magical. Anyway that's about enough promotion for now, I would also suggest that you go to the site and check out STX. As I said previously,STX does not get a lot of attention on most of these other sites. Not that I'm being critical of this site mind you. STX doesn't even get much attention on the site either. Good Luck...
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Thanks for the continued input. So much for them to decide, but they have a bit of time.

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