Atlantis room dilemma, please help!

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Atlantis room dilemma, please help!

Hello. Here is my dilemma. My wife, daughter (4), and myself are going to the Atlantis for three nights on 10/22. I have already reserved a King room in the Royal Towers Imperial Club for us ($100 down, can change reservation). I have also requested a roll-away bed for my daughter. We opted against the meal plans because the Imperial Club has food presentations throughout the day, including breakfast. I reserved the package by looking online and then calling the 1800 number. The cost for room/surcharges/taxes/gratuitites/land was $1416 for the three nights. Thanks God frequent flyer miles took care of the airfare!

I am starting to seriously think about changing the room to the Harborside. We can get a deluxe 2 room suite, along with the room/surcharges/taxes/gratuities/land in addition to the GOURMET meal plan for my wife and me (daughter eats free) for about $1360. Taking the American meal plan would take us down close to $1200. With my daughter being so young this would probably be a better option than the gourmet.

My questions the Imperial Club and all of the amenities it offers a better deal...or is it that much nicer a location? Is the Harborside a bit inconvenient in relation to its proximity to the water activities? The 1800 suggested the Imperial Club (and I am leaning towards it). Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help.
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Staying at the ATlantis would be a bit more convenient for beach/pool access than the Harborside. It's a ten minute walk or they have shuttles from the Harborside. Have you looked into one of the other towers at the ATlantis?? You could probably stay at the Beach Tower for a price comparable to the Harborside.
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Thanks Gail for the response. The allure of the Harborside is that the room is MUCH bigger than the Royal Towers Imperial room...and MUCH cheaper!!
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Hi Marc. We returned from Atlantis last week, having stayed at Harborside. Atlantis is so big, that everything is a little inconvenient to the water activities. This didn't bother me at all, but I just want to be clear that it takes some time to get anywhere because of the size of Atlantis. Being at Harborside adds on another 15 minutes. This didn't bother us at all, and I would gladly stay there again. However, I would not do the meal plan unless you are sure you want to eat out every breakfast and dinner, as just missing one or two makes the plan lose its value. I had planned on doing the meal plan, but changed my mind at the last minute and was very glad I did get it. Remember Harborside has a full kitchen and you can easily have groceries delivered there. My 4 year old liked being able to eat when he wanted. The only negative I experienced with Harborside is that I didn't like walking back from the casino late at night. However, there is a totally different feel to the two. Harborside has a cottage feel, while Royal Towers looks and feels more like a high end hotel. We really liked having the extra bedroom at Harborside, through the sofa bed was not very confortable. The service at Harborside was excellent. Hope this helps.
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