Aruba or the Caymans?

Old Jan 4th, 2002, 08:42 AM
Not so Bob
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I can agree that marriot has much bigger balconies than the Hyatt BUT I cannot fathom anyone checking out of the amazing Hyatt to go to the Marriott... The marriott IS a nice hotel, but is not even close to the elegance and fantastic grounds/pool area of the Hyatt.. I cannot believe that there would be many who would agree with you
Old Jan 4th, 2002, 08:49 AM
no way
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I think Bob must be affiliated in some way with the Marriot. I have stayed at both the Marriot and the Hyatt. Both are spectacular and you might have a preference for one or the other but there is no way you would check out of either one because you were dissatisfied.
Old Jan 5th, 2002, 02:37 AM
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I will state it plainly one more time: THE ROOM AT THE HYATT WAS VERY UNIMPRESSIVE compared to the Marriott, regardless of the grounds or pools!!! Again, it was smallish, unattractive and had NO BALCONY (a MAJOR sin when traveling to a tropical destination!). And by the way, not only am I NOT affiliated with Marriott in any way, but I NEVER stay at their hotels because MOST (not all) of them are WORSE than most Hyatts! As a matter of fact, I was a bit "nervous" when transferring to that particular Marriott because, not being a fan of Marriotts or even staying in them (I am a Ritz-Carlton/Four Seasons person), I thought it was going to be even worse than the Hyatt, but I was delighted to see that it was just beautiful with wonderful rooms! And by the way, if you really want to see a truly spectacular Hyatt Regency (the BEST!), you'll have to make the longer trek to the resort on Kauai, Hawaii someday! That place makes the Hyatt Aruba look like a Ramada!!!
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girl traveler with kids
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Okay, I've been to both! The Hyatt in Aruba AND the Hyatt Regency, Kauai! I would have to say that BOTH are SPECTACULAR, BUT...!....I think that the Hyatt in Aruba was maybe MAYBE a little ...nicer??? because it was more beautiful, the lobby, with the warm breezes coming in than the lobby in the Hyatt Regency...Hyatt Regency Kauai was just a bit too big to be as impressive...but what's this I hear about the RADISSON in ARUBA being maybe better than the HYATT? Now, that would be a real surprise!!!
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Give Bob a break! Why is it that when someone expresses a negative opinion here everyone who disagrees goes wild??
Bob did not like the Hyatt. We did not like the Marriott. Period. I do not work with Hyatt. Bob does not work with Marriott. In contrast to Bob's experience at the Marriott, we stayed at the Marriott in Aruba over Christmas & would never go back. The rooms need to be redecorated, the pool area was extremely crowded, food was mediocre, staff had big attitude! Yes, the balconies were big but there were so many mosquitoes that you cld. not sit out there w/o being eaten alive (even with insect repellent!) Also, they do not have screen sliders on the balcony doors which we thought was odd. We like to open our doors/windows but you cld. not do that @ Marriott. We were hermetically sealed for the week. Not what we had in mind when we booked our "deluxe oceanfront room " at the Marriott!

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