Aruba, Cancun or Cayman?

Old Jan 30th, 1997, 08:28 AM
Lee Simmons
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Aruba, Cancun or Cayman?


I haven't been to Cancun or the Caymans, but know people that have and they liked Cancun the most. I have been to Aruba twice and although I don't scuba, I do enjoy snorkelling. Aruba is a great place to visit and to dive. There is a WWII German freighter scuttled offshore by her captain which everyone goes to dive at. The best diving is supposed to be at Bonaire, an island neighbor to Aruba (which are two of the three Netherlands Antilles). As far as expense, Aruba is comparable to anywhere else in the Caribbean. It is clean, safe and beautiful with plenty of reefs.

Good luck!
Old Feb 5th, 1997, 10:26 PM
Steven Epstein
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I have been to all three of your choice destinations. First Cayman, by far the most expensive once you are there, least bang for the buck, best diving of the three, recommend Sting Ray City, very little night life, quiet island. Aruba is next on the expense chart, very few dive sites, least desirable of the three to choose as a dive destination, nice variance of hotels (quiet and small to large with casinos), more activities than Cayman, less than Cancun. Cancun, most bang for the buck, if you like any crowded beach resort in the USA you will feel right at home, least desirable in regards to accommidations, most night life. Diving is excellent. South of Cancun are some great sites. Cozumel, although a good jaunt from Cancun has some of the best diving I have done. That's my synopsis, if you want more details, let me know. SEE
Old Feb 15th, 1997, 09:01 AM
Lisa Gregory
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I agree with Steve completely. Although I am not a diver, I also have been to all three places. Grand Cayman was by far the most expensive, though said to have great diving. Aruba, I dont believe, has much diving, but I could be wrong on that point. Cancun, definitely is the best bang for the buck. There is a place south of Cancun, called Xcaret, which is supposed to have great diving. I would also look into a trip to Playa del Carmen, which is about 70 miles south of Cancun. You could be brave and rent a car to get there, (we did, and I actually let them talk me into a red jeep plastered with the National rent-a-car logo on the side, that was a mistake, we got stopped twice by the local policia.), or, you could possibly get a day trip through the hotel tour desk if you stay in Cancun. Although very busy, Cancun does have great nightlife, great food, and prices that accomodate anyone's budget. Hard to beat.
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Lorna Obiden
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Steve, We are thinking of traveling to Cozemel. Perhaps in April or May. Looking for relaxation, quiet time. Do not snorkel or dive. Love the water and sites. Any idea on the temperatures? Guessing
around high 70's to 80's. Someone mentioned renting a car and touring the island and visiting a light house. Are there other such sites to see? Thanks for any input you can offer.
Old Mar 8th, 1997, 06:27 PM
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Have been to all three. Depending on what you are looking for out of your vacation. There is no night life on Grand Cayman, it is very expensive but it has wonderful snorkling, diving and is very safe. Cancun has a lot of great bars and the beaches are very nice. Aruba is great as well-went there on our honeymoon. Whatever your choice you will be pleased with any of the three places. Good luck
Old Mar 10th, 1997, 09:43 AM
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Just returned 2 weeks ago from Cancun; haven't been to your 2 other choices. I agree with what the others have said about Cancun, but must add that the Mexicans are very hospitable, welcoming, and enjoy it when you speak their language (or attempt to in my case). Every restaurant we went to was very good; had 2 days of rain which was unusual, but once the sun came out, it was heavenly.
Old Mar 10th, 1997, 03:51 PM
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Have been to all three, and really enjoyed Aruba the best. That is the only gaming island of the three. Only went on a day trip to Grand Caymen, but Stingray City was fabulous! There was a lot to do in Cancun, as others have mentioned, but Aruba is a more interesting island, as it has the Dutch influences.
Old Mar 12th, 1997, 01:38 PM
B. Kennedy
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Cayman is my favorite place. It's so easy to get to - only 2 hours from Miami so you don't spend the whole first day getting there! Diving and snorkling is some of the best in the world. Sting Ray City is so much fun! Not much night life but the food is great and there are so many different types of restaurants. And sooooo safe! While in Cozumel, I heard people say they didn't like it that much but have no first hand experience. I'm going back to Cayman for the 6th time at Easter.
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I have visited Grand Cayman and Cozumel (only a short distance from Cancun; visited the Cancun airport ~2 hrs.) From what I heard from other travel mates nightclubs were a major feature of Cancun. Cozumel was quieter, but with sufficient bars/music and restaurants to entertain. From what I have heard if you are interested in some night-life and an otherwise relatively laid back trip Cozumel may be better than Cancun for not much more money.

The major differences between Cozumel and Grand Cayman are: The ocean in Grand Cayman is primarily very calm with no current on 7-mile beach. The water was the clearest water I've ever seen. Wading into the ocean was like wading into a huge swimming pool. In Cozumel, there is a constant strong current. The water is also very clear (not as clear as Cayman) which made for great off-shore drift snorkling. Cozumel had more night life/bars & music than Grand Cayman and was much less expensive. They are also very different cultural experiences. Cozumel (Cancun) is a Spanish country and Cayman is a former English territory. Common features: very relaxing, beautiful water, diving was great, and safe/comfortable feeling communities.

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Jean E. Bowers
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I have been to both Cancun twice, and Aruba. By far I would suggest that you go to Cancun. The last time I checked the exchange rate was 7 pesos to the dollar. Not only are the food prices very low, but the Mexican people can not seem to do enough for you. Since Cancun is rather new the water filtration system the hotels and restaruants use is great. Only when I visited the ruins did I buy bottled water. I have traveled to Cancun alone and it was wonderful. From what I have heard the diving is grand, and you have several locations to pick from. The Westin is lovely, and Continental Villas is quite nice. The bus schedule runs about every 15,min.(70cents), and since there is only one road you can't get lost. Aruba is very dry, and in my opinion unlovely. The people were rude and unfriendly. Friends who like the casino enjoy the island, but I would not return.

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