Anyone been to St. Vincent & Grenadines?

Old Jun 20th, 2001, 11:15 PM
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Anyone been to St. Vincent & Grenadines?

Has anyone been to Carriacou, ST. Vincent, or any other islands near Grenada? If so, any lodging suggestions(we're just 2 so we don't need a whole villa); or any other advice at all?
Old Jun 21st, 2001, 06:05 AM
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Do a text search for "Young Island" on St. Vincent...we loved it there!
Old Jun 22nd, 2001, 05:05 AM
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We took a day trip to the Grenadines last year when we went to St. Lucia. It was unbelievable. We were on a catamaran and stopped at Palm Island which was a beautiful resort, but a bit pricey. It is the only thing on the entire island. You may want to check that out. We want to stay there someday. It was the prettiest resort I have ever seen!
Old Jun 22nd, 2001, 08:06 AM
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Hi Gillian

My husband and I went on what sounds like the same catamaran trip and I agree it was amazing! We would love to go back to the Grenadines sometime but I don't see too many posters here talking about the islands around Grenada or the Grenadines. I would love to hear from someone who has been to Carriacou. It looks beautiful from the web sites that I've seen.
JAG: I from the little I saw of the islands I would definitely recommend it!
Old Jun 22nd, 2001, 09:45 AM
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I have visited the Grenadines twice (and Grenada as well). A few reasons why you don't read much about the Grenadines: first, not as many visitors as some of the more popular destinations in the Caribbean; second, no hotel/resort chains, and a great many of the resorts are very intimate and expensive (e.g. Young Island, Palm Island, Petit St. Vincent); finally, many of the visitors to the Grenadines are sailors -- the islands are a sailing paradise -- and they tend to frequent more sailing-oriented travel boards. Both of my Grenadines trips were by chartered sailboat (once originating in St. Lucia, and the second time originating in Grenada). However you get to the Grenadines, they are amazing. A little short on tourism infrastructure, but many people consider that a plus (I do!).

In my opinion, a sailboat is the ideal way to see these islands. Many of them are small enough that you can explore them in a single stop, so island-hopping is the way to go. Even though my husband and I are experienced sailors, you don't have to be a sailor to travel this way. The first time my husband and I went was with the Moorings on one of their rent-a-stateroom packages: you book one of three guest staterooms on a crewed yacht (fill it with your friends/family, or go potluck, like we did) and sail through paradise, without a worry as to sailing the boat (you can participate, of course), meals, etc.

You can read about both of my trips on my personal website at (photos as well). Or drop a note if you have any questions.
Old Jun 22nd, 2001, 10:09 AM
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We spent two weeks at Palm Island in July 5 years ago. The resort has since changed hands, which is probably a good thing as it had started to run down somewhat while we were there -was still run by the original family that built the place at that time. My advice is to steer clear in the summertime - the heat and bugs were monstrous which sort of turned what should have been a relaxing time in paradise into an ordeal. Otherwise, the area really is gorgeous and still retained a more primitive look and feel (5 years ago at any rate) than you might find in many other parts of the caribbean as it becomes ever more developed and "civilized".
Old Jun 22nd, 2001, 05:59 PM
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Eva, Thanks for posting your website. I had just planned on a quick check of the fodors board, when I decided to check out your site. Ended up spending a delightful hour reading about your trips! We're off to Petit St. Vincent and sailing to Tobago Cays in one week!!! JAG, the Grenadines are not the easiest places to get to, but well worth it! Paradise!
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Andy Paul
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Just spent five days on Bequia--in the Grenadines. Loved it. Small, kind of sleepy, laid-back, but fun. Some very nice snorkeling.
Best of all, stayed at the Old Fort (find the web page), a five room Inn, with the friendliest host you'll find, and a great restaurant downstairs. We spent our days hiking around the island or beaching.
I wouldn't recommend St. Vincent however (or at least Kingstown)--a much different feel, less pleasant certainly when it comes to tourist interaction, although I hear it's a cool island to explore. Feel free to email me with other questions.
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Hi Andy Paul - tell us more about St. easy was it to go snorkeling? Are good sites reachable from shore, or did you take boat excursions?
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I was married at Young Island almost ten years ago. I loved it there, so did my husband. We had cottage number 8, right on the beach, with a large patio, and every morning breakfast was delivered to us and we sat out on the patio and ate. It was delightful.
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AndyPaul, I must disagree with you about St. Vincent. We were there for a week and rented a jeep. what a beautiful island. Not many tourists (aka white people at all. The islanders were wonderful, friendly people. We drove all over on roads that make your hair curl (my hubby loves this). Stopped at some wild ocean beaches with black sand and shacks, the kids would come out in droves. They loved posing for pictures, and we enjoyed stopping at the little Cocacola places along the way for a coke and a beer. We too stayed at Young Island, loved it there, fabulous food, one of the most romantic places we've stayed (my first open-air shower experience). We are avid snorkelers, but there's not St. Lucia the deep water and volcanic beaches make the water a little darker than you'd expect. HOWEVER at Young Island there was a guy with a rowboat who, for $15, would take you all around the island. That was cool. Also, one day we took a boat trip to Baleine Falls - this is a must-do. Felt like Robinson Crusoe!

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