all-inclusive - which island

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all-inclusive - which island

which island should i go to for a great all inclusive? we like good food, good bars, minimal children, great beaches and swimming. nightlife and off-resort excursions not important.

going in early january. 2 couples.
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Jill - I just returned approximately a month ago from my "weddingmoon" at Sandals Antigua. It is a great resort with incredible landscaping and a breathtaking beach. The food is good (nothing spectacular), drinks are plentiful, no children, and just about the best beach you could ask for!

Now I know a lot of people aren't into the Sandals thing (it was our first Sandals experience and we had not one complaint) but there are other all-inclusives on the island. Next door to Sandals is Rex Halcyon which looked nice. Dickenson Bay is a great location. It is set up like a cove so the water is very calm, great for swimming and all the watersports that they offer. And the sunsets are unbelieveable!! I can't say enough great things about this place...if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me. I have lots of pictures I can send you too.
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I loved Sandals resorts in Jamaica. That being said, there are so many islands and AI's to choose from. Get some ideas here, then go directly to their websites for more info. Contact a travel agent to get price estimates when you have narrowed down your selection.

Good luck!
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In two words - Jumby Bay
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Our fav AI, is LeSport in St. Lucia. Spa treatments included, as well as a ton of other things. No one under 16 allowed during the high season.

As 2 couples, you can get a chance to break away from each other and not 'be in each other's pockets' on the property and meet just for the meals or High Tea(there's SO much to do), or you can be together the entire time, booking the spa treatments (for guys and gals) and the many other activities together.

FYI, topless bathing is the norm, and at the top of the Oasis where the spa is, there's a special section for nude bathing.

All premium liquors, including wine with lunch and dinner, non stop drinks from 11 a.m. at the beach or pools (not the one at the Oasis, where the spa is, tho) just by putting up the little red flag.

Check out their website - I'm sure you would NOT be disappointed; we're going back for the 3rd time. My hubby LOVES this place, and he doesn't do the spa stuff. He's traveled extensively and is very fussy when it comes to where he stays. His main thing is to snorkel and relax at the pools, which is fine with me.
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I know people don't like Sandals, but Mo Bay in Jamaica has the best floral-scented air and dazzling beach. Our favorite of the Sandals is Antigua. Lots of attractions outside the resort, too. Museums, Nelson's Dockyard, shopping, etc. The food at Sandals Antigua was excellent. And through it all, you have the choice of the beach or a great pool.
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I do not recommend St. Lucia as suggested above if you are looking for great beaches - which is usually a priority for many Caribbean visitors.

I would look at Jamaica for great beaches and easy access - lots of direct access to Montego Bay.

The Couples resorts in Negril are very nice as is the one in Ocho Rios.
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Please don't start a big debate, but I'd rather not go to Jamaica. But I do want a great beach. Would that leave me with Angtigua? What is that island like? Which AI would have the most luxurious rooms?
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I suggest you read the thread marked "Dominican Republic or not"?? As some of those replies indicate, Punta Cana in the DR is every bit as good as most places mentioned and a heck of a lot cheaper!!! It more than meets your criteria. Go to this website for reviews:
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I totally agree. Punta Cana in the DR has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and very, very reasonable. Got to love that white sand and green water!
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Roayl Hideaway in Mexico. Just went there this suymmer and I can't imagine anything better!
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Dear jill,

I guess people are not listening to you. Jumby Bay, Antigua is one place that fits the bill for you. At first you may be blown away by the price, but keep in mind that it includes 3 meals plus all drinks on a private island setting with beautiful beaches. The resort has underwent a renovation and I think will reopen 12/15. Jumby is on a seperate island estate just off Antigua,althouth it is Antigua. The food is 5 star, so is the resort and service you will love it.

Jumby Bay is not considered an "all inclusive" but like I said everything is included in the price. I do not think you are looking for a Sandals type experience, it does not fit your description of what you are looking for. St. Lucia does not have great beaches, as you the island is mountainous and you have to drive to the beaches which are not all that great. Do a search, you will find mixed reviews about St. Lucia. I know someone keeps pushing Le Sport, I know that there are much better places out there than that. I think that is the only vacation they take over and over again!

Another place you might want to look into is Le Meridian on Turks & Caicos - Beautiful Beaches, small resort, georgeous accommodations.

Also another place I would recommend is Biras Creek, Virgin Gorda. All meals included (the food is teriffic), but you have to pay for your own alcoholic beverages. The resort itself is not a "good bar" kind of place, but the other guests (only 60 at a time) are very nice and you will have a wonderful time at cocktail hour. There is a beach bar and a beautiful bar in the Main House, open air with breathtaking views. There is also a 2 bedroom cottage with a shared common area which might interest you, take a look. Its a beautiful place -

Hope this helps, sounds like what you maybe looking for.
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for the poster, Kathleen - LeSport doesn't have THE most greatest beach in the world, compared to, let's say Trunk Bay in St. John, but it is a nice private beach compared to its sister resort, Rendezvous, which is public. It's great for snorkeling, which my hubby does, and for those that want to, PADI certified diving instructions are provided also. The water is warm and refreshing, never mind the 3 pools onsite.

LeSport has EVERYTHING (including the wonderful spa treatments) and is luxury resort. That's why TRAVEL + LEISURE and Conde' Nast's TRAVELER have LeSport rated the best in the top 10.

Jill, view Jumby Bay's website and LeSport's website; the room views at LeSport are for real, not just made up for the photo shoot.

It's not the only place we've been to and like in the Caribbean; but because we want a resort that is pretty much child free, with things to do for both of us, we like LeSport the best.
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I take it you have never been to Jumby Bay or Antigua for that matter,or you would not have written something like that. If I did a search on Le sport your name (GM) comes up everytime. I'm sure it's great and you enjoy it, but when people go to the caribbean most want beautiful beaches, not pools. I have a pool at home.

Jumby and the other places I have mentioned are actually more beautiful in person as the camera cannot capture the true feel of the resorts.

Next time you reply to a post try to read and understand what the person is looking for, as great beaches is one of the things they are looking for, not spa treatments and diving and pools. Le Sport and St. Lucia are not for everyone.

Because of one sided people like you I am so sorry that I gave Jill some educated travel CHOICES. I do not feel like I should have to defend my opinon. Maybe Fodors should start a talk line for Le Sport only so you can have yourself a ball!
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For Kathleen, I didn't mean to put you on the defensive; I only posted to you about the beach thing at St. Lucia because a lot of folks put DOWN St. Lucia for just that. You're right, the resort is NOT for everyone, cause I've seen 1 or 2 negative posts myself. However, for all the things Jill mentioned for an AI, it seemed appropriate.

I truly am not "one sided" because I provide input at the bb here on other islands too, including Caymans, the VIs, Barbados, Jamaica, St. Martin, DR, and others.

I WOULD like to visit Jumby, but at their prices, it's not so great for the buck in comparison. We don't mind paying over $6k for a vacation, but it better have alot more things than just food, liquor and turn-down service included; that's just our feeling.

You provided a few good choices, I only gave 1. It's good, cause I'm going to search on what you noted myself; thanks for the input, and sorry that you felt that you had to defend your post, it was not intended that way.
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i would not go to jamaica, very poor
and you could not go out of the resorts.( a little dangerous...)
one excellent place to go is turks and
caicos( british virgen island) i went
and I love it.
they have a beches resort and club med.
as well and I went to this one "allegro
resort." incredible, perfect for kids , food was divine and lot's of entertaiment. the isl. is pretty much under develop. great water sports.
people are adorable.
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The Turks and Caicos islands are not British Virgin Islands. Please shut your mouth if you have no clue what you're talking about.
What a bloddy idiot.
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It is very sad to find peole like you,
whether is british or not is not the point, all I was trying to help.
You are very disturb and violent.
and yes it is considered part of the british virgen isl. northeast from the bahamas.
People like you are a disgrace to human kind. You need to call "dr. phill"
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Hi Jill,

For good value for the dollar - Jamaica and the Dominican would be a nice fit. We visited one of the Couples Resorts - Swept Away this fall - and we were very impressed. Great beach, great service, great food - enjoyable entertainment in the evening - and lots to do - watersports, excursions and other offsites.

Some of the others the group above has mentioned are quite a bit more expensive and not sure if the large increase in cost is justifiable. Some of them are also more difficult to get to - Jamaica and DR have direct flights from many major cities.

Good luck with your decision.

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