Where NOT to stay in Toronto. . .

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Where NOT to stay in Toronto. . .

Just wanted to post a copy of a complaint I filed recently with the Canada Better Business Bureau. . .Don't stay at this Bed and Breakfast!!
Palmerston Inn Bed and Breakfast
322 Palmerston Blvd.
Toronto, Ont. M5G2N6

In planning a weekend trip to Toronto, my boyfriend telephoned the Palmerston Inn to ask about their accomadations. The woman he spoke with, who identified herself as the owner, informed him there was, indeed, a vacancy for the weekend we planned to visit. When he hesitated at making a reservation because the room available has 2 small beds rather than one large, the woman snapped at him and barked that he was being stupid, that her prices were simply the best and and he would be foolish to stay elsewhere. Taken aback, my boyfriend told her he would still need to think about it and would call her back. After discussing our situation, he and I decided that despite the woman's rudeness and/or obvious mental instability, the Inn was a convenient place for us to stay that weekend. The second time my boyfriend called to secure reservations, the woman asked him if the two us us were smokers. My boyfriend kindly replied that both of us were trying to quit, but that we would certainly not smoke inside or around the Inn itself. This, for whatever reason, angered the woman; she screamed that we could never stay at her establishment, that we should get a hotel. Again taken aback, my boyfriend tried to be nice, explaining that if that was her policy we would go elsewhere, etc. The owner could not stop herself there, though, continuing with her rude and uncalled-for commentary. My boyfriend was told just how disgusting smokers were, that we would go out to places where OTHER people would be smoking, too, and we would make her sheets smell smoky. Needless to say, my boyfriend hung up the telephone on this extreme lunatic. We have since found alternate accomadations, but I felt compelled to file a complaint, given that this woman operates a business which affects Toronto tourism and certainly affected my initial impression of the city.
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WELL DONE,JOANNA.When you're not treated well, put a message on the net, that is the worst punishment for lunatics like that.Somebody should open a site on this!!
WORST INN'S IN ../?????????
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Actually, she sounds very pleasant by Toronto standards! Seriously, you should not be surprised.

Toronto is the rudest unfriendliest place I've even been, and I live there. My wife, who is a local, is always amazed when we travel outide Ontario, especially to the US, how much nicer and more pleasant everyone is.

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Reply to Sal:
I have lived in Toronto for 30 years and overall I find it one of the nicest places to live in. The visitors I have encountered have all commented on the friendliness and helpfulness of people. Except for the occasional rude TTC driver (and I have also seen TTC drivers go out of their way to be helpful to tourists), most inter-actions I have observed between Torontonians and out-of-towners have seemed pretty pleasant. By the way I work in the Down town core - so I DO get to observe a lot tourists.
Re: Joanna' post - thank you for identifying this horrid person who should certainly NOT be running a B&B with that attitude.
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I may get seriously flamed for this, but I don't feel it's fair to totally castigate this establishment without ever having stayed or visited there.

Sure, there is no way that I would book there, being in your shoes, and I agree that the behavior of the person on the phone was outlandishly inappropriate. I also would certainly have very strong reservations in booking any place after receiving such shoddy telephone service.

I do not, however, feel it is fair to the establishment to make a statement on this forum urging others not to stay there because of your experience. Were you treated with poor customer service? Definitely. Did you lose money or services? No, because you chose not to book there.

Surely your warning to use caution along with your reasons stated is of value to this forum, but I would have just moved on from there.

I have been a recipient of both excellent as well as poor customer service, and I try to use my best judgement in responding to such. Small businesses rely heavily on word-of mouth recommendation. Let's hope that the unfortunate interactions you experienced are the exception rather than the rule for that establishment.

Just my opinion here.
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If you read Fodors "Rants & Raves" for the Palmerston you will note that others have been treated rudely and some have been treated well.
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The last poster prompted me to go look up the ratings and I am now wondering about something.
According to the review, the owners' name is Judy. Interestingly, the first (or last, I mean oldest) 2 reviews are not good, then a review comes from a "Judy" in Toronto complaining about the "old reviews" that should be removed, then the next reviews are all glowing, yet all are in the form of notes left to the owner. Not in the form of reviews for other readers on a review board.
I'm just curious, and am only posting my observation, I have no knowledge or comment on the Palmerston House.
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I also forgot to mention that all five wonderful reviews are posted on the same date, October 17, 2001, I think it was. Personally, I find it hard to believe that "coincidence". I think it should be for Fodors to verify these "reviews". Just seems a little fishy to me.
Again, I have no comments either way on the establishment, but as I look at this it certainly appears to me that this is a business trying to influence/or change their rating by posting fake reviews, and that alone, to me, speaks volumes.
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Re: Sal

You must be a shut in! Toronto is one of the friendliest cities in North America, and our tourism numbers over the last ten years proves as much!
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I am convinced that some of the glowing reviews are posted by employees, friends or owners. I always carefully consider patronizing any establishment with negative reviews. However, I have been very disappointed in some with great reviews. I also read reviews posted on other sites before deciding.
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