Vancouver ...3 days w/ kids and $

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Vancouver ...3 days w/ kids and $

Would love to hear from people on what to do in and around Vancouver with a 7 and 9 year old.
What is a great hotel with scenery that doesn't cost a bundle?
These ferries really cost close to $100??? Yikes that is about as much as accomodations!
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Brian A. Kilgore
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Becasue Vancouver is a major tourist city, there are no real hotel bargains. And if you see low prices, check out what the neighborhood is like. Regardless of price, a trip on the ferryboat to Vancouver island would be a treat for thekids. Go over from Horseshoe Bay (north of Vancouver) and come back on theother ferry, south of Vancouver at Twassen. (which is not spelled right here)
They'll like Granville Island. If you go near mealtime,they can pick and choose food from many different vendors, and eat it outside watching boats. Take the SEabus from the old railway station across Burrard Inlet to North Vancouver, and back again. Cheapest harbour crusie in town. Walk around the outside of the Pan Pacific Hotel, which looks like a giant series of tents. Go to Stanley Park and see the totem pole. Go to any of several beaches, and watch the water. The marine Museum in Kitsalano will amuse and interst them for a while, too.

In Victoria, see if the Leonardo exhibit is on; regardless there's lots at the museum they would find very interesting. and an 80 year old frined of mine is just back, raving about Miniature Village in Victoria, for kids of all ages, even 80.
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We were in Vancouver in August and stayed at the Lord Stanley Hotel 1889 Alberni St.. It is 1 block from Stanley Park and has a terrific view of Vancouver and the park. I believe that they are now running a special for about $135CDN per night. This beat all other downtown hotels. It is right by a shopping/restaurant district on Robson. The hotel and staff are great! Each room has one or two bedrooms, a double sleeper couch, a full kitchen and an extra office- type room. I would suggest a room with a balcony if you are going during very warm weather because their "european style" floor air conditioners take awhile to cool the rooms down. Their web page is (I believe this is correct-email me if you have trouble)
Our ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo (with car) was $48 CDN (about $32 US). It was the same on the return from Schwartz bay to Tswassen.
We wnt to Gas Town and had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant with a monk ("brother's) theme. I think it was called The Brother's Restaurant. It was very reasonably priced.
We also ate at The Lookout Tower. This is similar to the Space Needle in Seattle. The restaurant at the top was quite pricey, but the ride up and the view was great. You can just take a ride to the viewing area if you want.
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Correction: The Lord Stanley is running a special for $115 CDN for a one bedroom and their web page is (drop the "the')

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I just went on the Tswassenn (wrong spelling) with 2 adults, 3 kids and a car for $55CDN. Two of the things we never miss doing with our kids (6,10,12) is go to Stanley Park. If you go in the kids petting zoo, the miniture railway or the aquarium it will cost you some money. But the rest of the Park doesn't cost anything other than parking. The exploring is great sometimes we buy a cheap kite and make a picnic lunch and spend the day there, there's lots to do. Remeber to bring some peanuts to feed the squirrells, they'll crawl right up your pants or on to your hands, also buy some bread or popcorn for all the birds. One thing that is on the pricey side but if you consider your time spent is not to bad is Science World.We've been going since my younges was a baby and the kids just love it there. The first time we went we thought we had spent 2-3 hours there and we were there for over 8. Bring some snacks because the food in there is pricey. You can get Hotels for a lot less money but shop around, usually we spend about $70, not as fancy as above, but clean. Here's an address for some hotels.
Also here is Tourism Vancouvers Home Page:
Also just wondering around Vancouver is neat.
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Tsawassen -- still, debate continues on the pronunciation! (Is the 't' silent', or the 's' or neither? even residents are unsure!)

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