Toronto travel warning

Apr 28th, 2003, 08:50 AM
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I think some people missed my point in posting those stats. I was actually comparing AIDS to Heart Disease and Cancer since as one poster pointed out - SARS has not been around for a year yet - so no truly valid deaths per annum comparison can be made. Although of course duke was doing this when he compared SARS to AIDS.
For Lucy:
So Lucy how are things in Singapore ? It's pretty normal here (I did see one person with a mask on on the subway last week - 1st time I have seen that).
Also to Lucy - are you glad your politicians took this seriously? Ours are a complete bunch of idiots - the only good thing the WHO announcement did was wake them up to the fact that being perceived as disease infested is just as bad as being disease infested. They are FINALLY saying that they will add some additional serious OBVIOUS screening at the airports. Although so far most political efforts seem to be directed towards PR (what a crock !) Quite frankly one thing this whole matter has shown is that reality does not matter as much as perception. Perception is everything. I personally expected our politicians to do MUCH more - like what was done in Singapore. I hope next election time people will remember how our Prime Minister and Premier could not be bothered coming back from vacation early and how our mayor is such a complete moron that he does not know the difference between the WHO and CDC.
We REALLY could have used a political figure of the stature of Rudy Giuliani (sp ?). In Singapore have people been satisfied with the performance of your politicians when it comes to SARS ? I am quite curious about that. As far as how people here are feeling, I cannot think of anyone I know who is actually frightened - most people are just going about their usual routine. I go to a Health Club that has lots of elderly members. Because of my hours I tend to work out at the same time as they do - so I have asked them how they feel about it and if they are limiting their activities. The only thing everyone seems to be doing is extra hand washing. We are all of course furious with our politicians. One newspaper has dedicated a section where people can show their appreciation for front line health care workers who are attending SARS patients. Personally I admire their efforts and the efforts of Public Health workers and researchers. Going to a hospital for anything is a pain but a necessary one. A friend of mine had an appointment recently at a hospital. On entry she had her temp. taken and was gowned and masked up and her reason for being there was double confirmed. Overall being in or having to go to a hospital sucks and will continue to do so until this is over.
Well good luck to all and I hope your city or town is never in this situation.
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Apr 28th, 2003, 09:26 AM
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JMM.....04/24/13 and I quote you "One last post on the subject" You are obsessed with the subject!Give it a rest now.
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Apr 28th, 2003, 10:01 AM
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Sorry duke but the thought of disappointing you just got me all started up again. I have re-thought my comment and have decided to continue posting for the purpose of annoying you.
When I said I was going to quit before it was out of frustration but now I am beginning to enjoy myself.
The facts are just soooo irritating when they contradict your hysterical posts aren't they.
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Apr 28th, 2003, 11:37 AM
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Not at all!
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