Taking Dog into Canada

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Taking Dog into Canada

In May, we will be traveling with RV to Canada to visit Banff area for a couple of weeks. What do we need to bring to get our companion dog into Canada. Thank, JO
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As a dog owner myself I understand where you're coming from. So, I did a little searching, and up here customs issues are handled by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. Please check out their website about bringing dogs in: http://www.cfia-acia.agr.ca/english/...rt/dogse.shtml .

Essentially, however, it looks like bringing your dog into Canada won't be a problem.

Hope this helps,

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Canine Chef
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"What do we need to bring"?
Garlic, red wine, extra virgin olive oil, a copper pot and a sharp knife.
Of course the smaller and younger the dog the more flavouful it'll be!
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thanks for the website but seems all ag info. Just need to know what papers for proof of "shots" I need to bring in for a visit with the dog. Jo
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All you need are the actual vet records regarding all shots being current. Most vets provide you with a pamphlet with records - I have found that this is all I need to return to Canada with my pets. Your pet should have his vet licence and city license as well so customs can compare the records with the tags.
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Bob Basset
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Maura you need to lighten up!!!
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