Nova Scotia/Newfoundland trip

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Crawford Blakeman
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Nova Scotia/Newfoundland trip

We would like to take a trip to include Maine, Nova Scotia, & Newfoundland. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this in about a week & still hit some of the tourist highlights?
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Perhaps by helicopter?<BR><BR>Seriously, we had trouble seeing much of just Nova Scotia in 1 week. I don't think this is remotely possible.
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I agree! Leave Newfoundland for another trip. It's huge and you need at least 2 weeks here alone IMO.
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I agree, pick one of these destiantions. Even trying to do Maine-NS in one week would be very hard.<BR><BR>To give you some reference Newfoundland is the size of Texas, <BR><BR>Good Luck! If oyu try to do these all in one week let us know how the scenery looks from a car window at 100 mph.
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Ah, Newfoundland -- my favorite place!!! Sad to say, the others are right; you simply cannot manage such a trip in a week. We just came back from our second visit. This time, we even increased our trip to 17 days, saw virtually nothing of Maine, crammed in as much as we could of Nova Scotia, and spent 8 days in Newfoundland. On-the-go nearly every minute; covered nearly 4,000 miles, NOT including ferry trips. Whew!!!<BR><BR>IMHO, Newfoundland is the most wonderful place on earth; we cannot get enough of it. But one of the reasons it's so unspoiled is because it's so hard to get to. The ferry from North Sydney, NS (at the far-northeast tip of Nova Scotia) to NF takes either 5 1/2 or 14 hours, depending on your destination.<BR><BR>And it's well worth the trip -- we've seen icebergs, whales, moose, caribou, puffins, eagles; the place where Marconi received the first wireless message; fjords; lighthouses; the sites of hundreds of famous shipwrecks; the capital city, St. John's, which reputedly once had more pubs than people. Newfoundland, geologically, is half-North America and half-Europe; it is home to some of the oldest-known, pre-Cambrian fossils on earth. There are towns on the north coast that were isolated until the 1960's; some people still speak with Elizabethan accents.<BR><BR>Newfoundland town names are amazing: Random Sound; Seldom and Little Seldom; Come By Chance; Joe Batt's Arm; Tilting; Tickle Harbour; Heart's Content...<BR><BR>And the people are friendly, and funny, and altogether welcoming. Were it not for the winters (and the lack of jobs!), we would surely move there.<BR><BR>People do fly into St. John's and tour a bit -- but there's no way to see the major highlights of the east and west coasts (and all that's in between) in just a few days.<BR><BR>Of course, Nova Scotia is fantastic, too -- and, like NF, deserves a proper bit of time to see even the highlights. It's also a large province, to which we've done an injustice by using it as a "thruway" to NF.<BR><BR>If you're "bound-and-determined" to do more than just Maine, you can always try our "sampler-trip-style": map out a route that will get you through Maine and across Nova Scotia, hitting the highlights you most want to see, and figuring on returning to do those places in more depth later. It can be done in a week, in that fashion -- but just as a "sampler", and without adding NF.<BR><BR>Do make sure to get the gov't tourism guides for each place, they're invaluable -- and do use the gov'ts' websites and links. And, of course, the travel books -- not just because it's Fodor's website, but because Fodor's is excellent for that part of the world!
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