Banff Trip Report (long) Sep 5 - 12

Sep 16th, 2004, 04:46 AM
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Banff Trip Report (long) Sep 5 - 12

Banff Trip: Sep 5th to 12th

Hi everyone. Just wanted to post my trip report. Be forewarned. Itis long and detailed. I could not help myself! I gave a day by day itinerary of our hikes and meals. Thanks to this site and all the information, we were as well prepared as possible, for never having been here before. Especially thanks to Judy from Calgary, Bob Brown and Borealis for your great tips! We had a fantastic time and can not wait to go back and explore more. Ten days would have been about perfect. I feel like there is so much we did not get to do.

I am 44 and my husband is 50. We are pretty active and consider ourselves in fairly good shape. Our idea of a great vacation is to do something active all day like hiking, exploring, skiing, golfing, biking, swimming and snorkeling (in the islands), etc., then coming home and relaxing with good food and good wines, a perfect end to a perfect day.

Banff was our home base for this trip. We stayed at the Rocky Mountain Banff Resort using a friend?s time share option, so we payed only about half of what those rooms go for I believe. So that was great. The place was clean, but needed some long overdue updating of old carpets, wallpaper, etc. We had a two-bedroom unit so it was nice to spread out. Also had a complete kitchen which was nice for breakfasts and keeping cold drinks, wine and beer, etc. I also liked the close proximity of the town with all the fanatastic restaurants. We browsed a little and walked the town quite a bit, but we are not really shoppers.

Temperatures colder and rainier than usual from what I understand. We woke up to lows of 32 to 36 degrees F in the morning and temperatures rose to 55 to 60 degrees F in the afternoon. I know that probably sounds cold to most of you, especially for this time of year. But we did not mind. It was a little brisk getting started in the morning, but you warm up fast starting up those mountains! Just bring the right kind of layered clothing and do not forget a waterproof jacket and good boots! It will save your day!

Day 1 Sunday - travel day.
Flew on Air Canada from Philadelphia to Toronto, then connected to Calgary. Shuttled to Enterprise for rental vehicle and drove to the Banff Rocky Mountain Resort on corner of Tunnel Mountain Road / Banff Avenue. Arrived about 5:45 pm. Unpacked, settled in and went to Wild Bills Saloon for a casual dinner. Chicken Caesar salads and a few beers. Total bill was about $60 CDN with tax and tips.

Day 2 Monday - Lake Louise.
Awoke to sunny skies and about 32 degrees F, but the day proceeded to get cloudy and overcast. Temperatures reached about 60 degrees F that day. Drove to Lake Louise via the Bow Valley Parkway, a beautiful drive. Did the Lake Shore Walk then proceeded up to the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House. Saw mountain goats on the cliffs on our right but very far away. The lunch at the tea house was basic, but it hit the spot and was just what we needed. Plus we beat the crowds there (about 11:30 am). Had tuna sandwiches and hot chocolate (although it was very warm hiking up, because we were exerting ourselves, we became chilled when we sat down). Decided to use the cross over trail to Lake Agnes. (In retrospect, I wonder if it is better to do the complete hike by starting at Lake Agnes first, then going to the Plain of Six Glaciers???). I have to admit that we wimped out and cut out the Beehive Loop as we were already quite tired on our first day out. Someone behind us commented that the Beehive was quite a grunt. I kind of wished we had toughed it out and done it now. Oh well next time! Made it to Lake Agnes. The tea house was very crowded, but we were not hungry and just looked around a bit and took pictures. Proceeded down to Mirror Lake and then back to Lake Louise. I believe the entire round trip, with lunch and taking pictures and just looking around took us 5.5 hours. I have to admit this first day I was a little beat. I had thought I was in better shape as I jog and weight train at home. Maybe it is just because we were tired from traveling the day before and adjusting to the altitude? That was my excuse. But as I was to discover as the week went on, in general I think I just wasn?t used to using those muscles. We definitely toughened up as the week went on and we got in the groove so to speak. All in all I think the Plain of Six Glaciers/Lake Agnes hike was a great hike. I wish the lighting had been better. There were quite a few people on the trails, but usually we were able to distance ourselves. Dinner at Saltlik. Walked in with no reservations at 7pm. Everyone was very nice. I had the filet mignon and my husband had the ribs. Both meals were excellent. Total dinner bill was $128 CDN, including 3 drinks, 1 dessert, tax and tips.

Day 3 Tuesday Banff Townsite / Lake Minnewanka / Boom Lake
Rain in the am, but tapered off. Clouds and partial sunshine later.
Into town. Browsing and coffee. Drove up to Rimrock Hotel and then the Hot Springs (interesting, but I was not impressed). Then went down and walked around Cave and Basin, marshes. Next explored Vermillion Lakes. Then headed out to Lake Minnewanka. Stopped at Cascade Lake first on the way. By the time we got to Lake Minnewanka the weather was beautiful. Just explored and walked around briefly. Back to town and grabbed a lunch to take with us at the Subway and headed out to Johnston Canyon. Whoa! Way too busy! Come first thing next time. I know this is a popular area. Continued on and got on 93 towards Boom Lake. To us, the Boom Lake actual hike was boring and long. Lots of uphill in the beginning. It could have been any hike in the Pennsylvania Poconos. So I agree with Kathy Copelands opinion, but I did not have all my notes together ahead of time, so I did not realize this when we started out. However, that being said, we thought Boom Lake was quite beautiful. This rejuvenated us. We hung out there for quite awhile. Heard some pikas (I think), but couldn?t see them. Headed back to the trail head. Oh yeh. Did I mention this was a long boring hike. Oh well. Chalk it up to experience. I am still glad we got to see Boom Lake, but would not come back to do it again. Dinner at Coyote Grill that nite. We arrived with no reservation at around 6:45. No tables, but they seated us at the bar/grill. This was quite fun watching them cook and enjoying our wines/beers and dinner. Another excellent meal. I had the grilled salmon and my husband had the marinated/grilled flank steak. Everyone was very friendly and we enjoyed talking to them. Total dinner bill was $105 CDN including 3 drinks, 1 dessert, tax and tip.

Day 4 Wednesday Moraine Lake / Emerald Lake
Another rainy morning. So glad we had our Gortex waterproof jackets. Picked up sandwiches and cookies at Luggan?s Bakery at the Samson Mall in Lake Louise village on the way. This got to be a routine. Something to look forward to on the trail other than protein/carb bars and trail mix. Went to Moraine Lake and walked the shoreline. This Lake is truly beautiful and even though it was raining, the colors were beautiful and my photos turned out great. Next we wanted to hike to Eiffel Lake. Got our first lesson in grizzly country. We did not realize all trails from the Paradise Valley / Lake Annette region to Eiffel Lake, Sentinel Peak, Larch Valley and Consolation Lakes out of Lake Moraine were posted with bear warnings, so that you must go out with a group of 6. There was a group of 4 waiting at the Sentinel Pass trail head. We did not feel up for such a long hike that day and declined to go with them We instead drove over to the Paradise Valley trail head. Mistake. By then it was around 11 am. We waited for about 45 minutes for others to come and hike with us, but decided we could wait there indefinitely. Need to plan better next time. Left and headed over to Yoho. Stopped to view the Kicking Horse River and Natural Bridge (lots of people here). Then on to Emerald Lake. We walked the entire shoreline which is an easy, beautiful hike. I found it amazing, both here and at Moraine Lake, how many people and busloads come and just take pictures at the head of the lake, without venturing any further. What a waste to not experience just a small beautiful piece of the Rockies. However, great for us that we had the entire walk at both lakes practically to ourselves. We finished the walk at the Emerald Lake Lodge. Some of those rooms have the most awesome views. I would love to learn more about this place for future reference. Should have stopped at Takakkaw Falls while we were in the area. We never got back regrettably. Dinner at Giorgios Trattoria. Arrived around 7. No reservation. No problem. Very nice place. It was great to have a steaming plate of pasta. Dinner bill around $86 CDN including 4 drinks, tax and tip, no dessert tonight!

Day 5 Thursday Johnston Canyon and Ink Pots, Banff Spring Hotel
Another cloudy morning. Had been thinking about going to Columbia Icefields, but decide to wait and see if the weather clears because we don?t want to miss the sites along the way. Decide to go to Johnston Canyon. Arrive by 9am. Only a few cars, but people are coming in. Some buses have arrived at the restaurant / lodge area. Walk to Lower Falls. Everyone goes there, but we manage to separate ourselves from most people. Only a few people make the effort to walk the next mile to the Upper Falls. Amazing! But we do not mind. I enjoyed Johnston Canyon, it is very beautiful. But I will say it reminded me a lot of certain areas of the Laurel Highlands region / Ohio Pyle in Pennsylvania and also of Watkins Glen in the Finger Lakes region of New York. We continue on the the Ink Pots, another 2.9 K I believe. OK, I have to admit I am getting a little annoyed on this hike. Lots of uphill and I do not feel like Iam in the Rockies. We trudge on, convincing ourselves that we?ll soon be there. When we finally arrive and walk into the meadow where the Ink Pots are located I am amazed and so glad we came. Only 2 people here and they leave, 2 more come in a leave, and then we are alone! Itis like another world here that time forgot. The day we were here, it is really clouding up and the temperature has dropped in this valley. The clouds are low and we ca not see the mountain behind us. But the Ink Pots still show their amazing colors and we liked the feeling of being the only ones in the world here. Had lunch and walked up to the bridge over Johnston Creek. Headed back. Lots of people streaming in now. It is about noon to 1 pm. Once again, we are glad we got an early start. The walk back to Johnston Canyon seems much easier. By the time we get to the canyon it starts raining. No problem. We have our Gortex waterproof jackets. Just past the Lower Falls on the return the sun comes out! Back to town. Go up to inspect the Banff Springs Hotel shops, restaurants and grounds. I wonder what it is like to stay here. Check out the Bow Falls. Tonight is dinner at Buffalo Mountain Lodge. We had made a reservation the day before. We loved the Buffalo Mountain Lodge. It was probably the best meal and experience, atmosphere. I did not realize the Buffalo Mountain Lodge is the sister lodge of both Emerald Lodge and Deer Lodge. Interesting. Had cocktails at the bar first. The fire was lit. Very cozy mountain lodge feel. Dinner was caribou tenderloin for myself and pork tenderloin for my husband. I wanted to try game and was trying to decide between the elk and the caribou. Our waiter recommended the caribou and it was delicious. Outstanding gourmet dinner. Dinner was $150 CDN with 4 glasses of wine, taxes and tip. I would definitely recommend this place for a romantic dinner. I would be very interested in staying here as well. Like the location and mountain feel as compared to being in downtown Banff.

Day 6 Friday North on the Icefields Parkway and Wilcox Pass hike
Unfortunately another cloudy morning. Many of the mountainous views are not seen on our way north. But we did not want to save this for our last day, not knowing what the weather would really be like tomorrow anyways???However, occasionally the clouds lift and the sun does peak through, so not all is lost. Make our usual stop at Luggans Bakery in Lake Louise for sandwiches and cookies. Stop at Bow Lake to take pictures and walk around. Was interested in hiking back to the Bow Falls, but since we were not sure how long everything would take today, we passed for now. Stop at Peyto Lake overlook. Only one other couple is here! Once again, the motto is get up and out early. Even though it is overcast and the lighting is not good, we still can appreciate the beauty of this lake and get some great photos. Was interested in scrambling down to the lakeshore (notes from the Patton book sounded interesting), but again, we decided to wait. Maybe on the way home. Our goal is to get to Wilcox Pass. We go all the way to the Icefield Center. The Athabasca Glacier is amazing and it seems like such a barren area. I have to say though, in our opinion, we were not interested in doing the Snocoach ride. Although I am sure it could be interesting (let me know if we missed out), my personal feeling is that I did not feel like getting on a bus with a bunch of people just to walk around on a hunk of ice. Anyways, we drove back to the Wilcox Creek sign where the trailhead is. There is a bit of moderate uphill through a forested area, which warmed us up. As we started to enter the meadow area, the view of the mountains and glaciers were amazing. I really feel like I am in the Rockies here. The sun comes and goes. You keep traversing up higher and higher. We saw two groups of bighorn sheep on either side of us. As we passed around the gully it started getting much more windy and colder, with low clouds coming in. It actually starts snowing! Do not forget those hats, gloves and extra layers! It is an alpine tundra up here. We proceed all the way to the major rockpile and have lunch. No one is around. I ca not believe how barren, another world. Harsh and beautiful at the same time. This is far enough for us today, we do not want to scramble any further to try and find the trail out to Tangle Falls which I believe is another 12K. Turn around. As we?re coming down to lower elevations, the clouds lift and the sun comes out. It feels like summer now (ok, well maybe a warm spring day). Again, as we are coming down, more and more people are hiking up. Itis worth the effort to get there yearly?. Now since it was at least a 2.5 hr drive from Banff, plus all the stops we made along the way, it was already about 11 am when we started. We finished by 2 pm, so it seemed like lots of people were just starting up between 1 and 2pm. This was my favorite hike for the overall experience. Head back home. Can actually see the mountains on the way home! Tonight, casual dinner at Earls spaghetti and a burger, plus a couple of beers and wine. Total bill was $74 CDN.

Day 7 Saturday Last day Moraine Lake / Lower Consolation Lake
It is really raining this morning. Back to Lake Louise area and our usual stop at the bakery for cookies and sandwiches. Stop at the trailhead for Paradise Valley / Lake Annette. I was so determined to get this hike in. But again, we realize probably no one will come by with this weather and so early. We decide to head into Lake Moraine where there will be more traffic. Walked the rockpile, which we had not done on our previous visit. Beautiful views even in the rain. Waited by the Consolation Lakes trail head and then by the Sentinel Pass Trail head. It seems hopeless. Walk to the gift shop. Wait! It seems there is an organized group going out from the Lodge! I asked if we could join them. They were going to Consolation Lakes. Natalie was our guide and graciously said we could join them. She was wonderful. Lower Consolation Lake is not far and we took about a 2.5 hr round trip on the easy trail. Learned a lot about the parks in general and plant and wildlife issues. There were quite a few fresh piles of grizzly scat, so these bears really are roaming this area! I understand now the importance, not only for protecting yourself, but for protecting these wild creatures, of traveling in groups of 6, which is the law. It stops raining on our way out to the lake. Another beautiful area. Finally saw some pikas! This was a nice easy hike to wind up our trip. When we got back to town we drove walked the Fenland Trail. An ok walk. Too much noise from the highway. Also drove along Tunnel Mountain Road for more pictures, see the Hoodoos, etc. Tonight dinner at Maple Leaf Grill. Had made reservations 2 days prior. Had cocktails at the bar and met Samantha Rahn (sp?), the Wine Director! She was very nice and helped us choose our wine for dinner. I had already tried a Canadian Pinot Gris at the bar and thought is was very nice. In the spirit of being in Canada, we had a Canadian red meritage wine with our dinner called Legends. It was very good and went well with our dinners of elk tenderloin and beef tenderloin. Total dinner bill was $176 with drinks, tax and tip, 1 shared dessert. We like the Maple Grill for a gourmet treat. All in all though, I would choose the Buffalo Mountain Lodge for my top pick. Next would be Saltlik and Coyotes for something a little more casual, but still wonderful food and wines.

Day 8 Sunday Travel Day
A long boring day. Uneventful. Arrive back in Philadelphia at 11:10 pm

Overall impressions / wish list for next time:
I feel we got a good overview of the Candaian Rockies, but barely skimmed the surface. As much reading as I did ahead of time, until you get there, you don?t realize how vast everything is and how far apart everything is, and what is really best for your physical fitness level. I think we got a good feel for the Rockies and did most of the must dos (which of course everyone else is doing) Next time we will know the ropes and be able to dive right in and get going on some more remote hikes

Things we should have done and will save for next time:

Lake OHara. Next time I will have my reservations well in advance. I remember reading about this before we came, but did not really click till I got there. Several people told us this was a must do. Again, so much to do in just this area???. How do you decide? The Alpine Circuit, Lake Oesa, Lake Mac Arthur? I guess you have to try and plan several days here to fit it all in?

Stop at Takkakaw Falls and then Iceline Trail. Never seemed to make it there. Heard it was an awesome hike

Paradise Valle and Lake Annette

Sentinel Pass

Helen Lake. Was on my list. Again, I wish we had 2 -3 more days

Mt. Edith Cavell and Meadows. There was so much to do in Banff and Lake Louise and Yoho area that we never made the time to get quite this far. I did not want to spread myself too thin. I am glad that we made it at least as far as the Icefields

I am thinking next time out home base should be the Lake Louise area???
Or just stay in Jasper and concentrate on that area
For our first time though, Banff as our home base was great. Also loved having access to so many good restaurants and wines!
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Sep 16th, 2004, 07:40 AM
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Great trip report! Our family very much enjoyed our trip to the Rockies in August. Have to say that we are glad we did the Snocoach tour for a couple of reasons: first, lots of interesting information was given by the helpful and friendly bus tour guide, which made us appreciate the glacier all the more; and second, going by Snocoach enabled us to venture farther up the glacier, where we could enjoy the sensations of biting cold and wind and taste the melted glacial water, which was so invigorating!
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Sep 16th, 2004, 08:02 AM
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I am sitting here eating my cereal and thoroughly enjoying reading your report.
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Sep 16th, 2004, 08:08 AM
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All, glad you are enjoying the report. I had fun writing it. Also, I will now put the Snocoach ride on my list for next time - thanks for the info!
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Sep 16th, 2004, 08:58 AM
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Hey - great report!! Fun to read!! Glad you enjoyed your trip to the Rockies!! Hope that the weather will be better on your next trip - don't know what is going on with all the clouds and drizzle - not usual for September .

I'm not surprised that you were tired after your first day - it's the altitude - and it's something that I used to forget about too when I lived closer to sea level. Usually takes a day or two for your body to adjust and then you should be fine.

Also wanted to add that the Snocoach is worth it - for the information, and for the feeling of standing way up on the glacier with the cold wiind whipping down from the tops of the mountains. For all the years that we had been travelling to the mountains, we never thought about taking the Snocoach until we were showing some visitors from Europe the Rockies, signed up for the tour, and were glad we had!!

Come back soon!!!
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Sep 16th, 2004, 10:12 AM
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bleicher, what a wonderful trip report! Thanks so much for sharing. I am just now printing a copy and putting it in my "Banff 2005" trip folder. We went last year early September, but the wildfires really curtailed activities and obscured the views. So, we are already booked for next year. We will be staying (timeshare) at Banff Gate Mountain Resort, between Canmore and the entrance to the park. By chance did you see it? BTW, we stayed a night at Deer Lodge, sister to Buffalo Mountain Lodge, and just loved it. Food there was also great. We did take the Snocoach and were glad we did. But -- I don't know that I would do it every trip. Thanks again.
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Sep 16th, 2004, 10:16 AM
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Borealis, Thanks for your comments, we will definitely include Snocoach next time and we will definitely be back! This site has been invaluable. I started reading it last fall and will continue to read it for all the great stories and comments. I still go to the USVI travel forum to read about St. John, my favorite Carribean island and its been 2 years since we were there. If only there were more time and money!
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Sep 16th, 2004, 10:22 AM
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Sludick, No, sorry I did not see that resort. Hopefully you will have better luck with the views next year. I saved lots of print outs of information from this siteover this past year and kept detailed notes of what we wanted to do. It was very helpful.
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Sep 16th, 2004, 10:54 AM
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Loved your report! Especially all the details, thanks. We have been up there only twice and are itching to get back. Like the others said, the snocoach tour is worth it. Also, the Big Beehive. We did that with both teahouses and the Big Beehive...the tea houses were great fo keeping the kids going. We also did the ink pots...on a day with loads of rain. When we got to the pots our dd was not happy that we hiked in the downpour just to see "big puddles of water", lol! There is so much to do up there...would love to live there to experience it all!
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Sep 17th, 2004, 03:13 PM
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Thanks for your report. So glad that you were able to appreciate the beauty despite the weather. I've camped, hiked, driven those trails and highways for 50 years now. The are still awesome!

You might like to try starting your next trip in Peter Lougheed Provincial park. You passed the turnoff just before you got to Canmore. Kananaskis Lodge is a beautiful place to stay. There are all sorts of beautiful hikes nearby. I would suggest Ptarmigan trail, rated easy, or Mount Indefatigable rated moderate to difficult. But, as you discovered all depends on the bears! Ttrails are well maintained, and good information available from park information just as you enter the park.

The altitude will affect you. These are high enough to cause altitude tiredness, but you managed already to do it.

I do understand what you feel when you say that so many people drive up to a trailhead, take a picture and drive away. I felt the same way in Arches and Grand Canyon. Walk 15 minutes and one generally has the feeling of being the only ones there! What a rush!
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Sep 21st, 2004, 09:13 AM
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Thanks for the tips Everittp!
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Sep 23rd, 2004, 03:42 AM
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We visited the area the same week you were there and also really enjoyed the hikes. We really wanted to do some of the hikes at Moraine--I called the lodge and asked if we could pay to join one of the hikes they run for guests--they said no. We were going to ask to join a group just like you did, if we saw one. The day we were there was a really cloudy, foggy day though, so we bagged it.
We really enjoyed the Lake Agnes hike too---what a beautiful spot. We were there on one of our better days and were very grateful to see the blue sky peek out. My husband has already enlarged a photo we took and it is being framed for his wall of hiking photos that he has at his office.
I have posted a trip report, but I think I didn't post it under Alberta, just Canada--my first time posting on this board--will get it right next time. I lurked on this sight and got some good info before our visit. I have a more detailed report on AOL--there was probably some way I could have copied that and pasted it on this board.
I too still check the USVI board--we were there in May--loved it and the Ram Head hike on a full moon--watched sun set and moon rise---wow.
Enjoyed your report. Now we can both plan our return trips.
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Sep 23rd, 2004, 08:46 AM
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Hi LindainOhio. Just read your note. I can't seem to locate your trip report - you said you posted it just under general Canada? I'll keep checking. Or maybe you can tell us where it is posted on AOL. How nice you got to do St. John and Canadian Rockies in the same year! My problem right now is that everytime we go somewhere - I say I want to go back (especially to St. John and the Rockies now!), but then we keep trying new places..........and never seem to get back. But I swear, these are the top two places we've been to and we will definitelt try!
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Sep 23rd, 2004, 08:55 AM
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Sorry - never mind I just found it........good report
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Sep 25th, 2004, 06:44 PM
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loved your report. we did lots of the same things on our longer [sept7-23] trip to banff, lake louise and jasper, with several nites in calgary. for those who are inor near jasper [a real gem] don't miss the edith cavell mountain..actually an icefield with lake and glacier calving and hunks of ice to sit on and taste!!!! no busses because road won't take them. actually more beautiful and impressive than the columbia icefield. other highlights were many of those you describe. we were luckier with weather..only one really rainy day, some light snow at columbia and a bit of hail at one of the falls. no bears, but lots of elk, one moose and sheep/goats all over. i still get chills when i picture the awesome scope of the forests and mountains and ice and falls.....and the canadian park system [maintenance and information] is excellent.
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Sep 30th, 2004, 06:31 AM
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Thank you for all the wonderful information. We leave for Banff this Saturday for a week long vacation. Can't wait to see all these beautiful sites!
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Sep 30th, 2004, 10:30 AM
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Indian summer at its best right now! Forecast says big windy cold front appraching this afternoon. So leaves will fly. May even get some snow if temp drops far enough. So the mountain tops will wear brilliant white hats.
BUT then the Saturday forecast is for sun and temperatures in mid 15 C so 55 -60 F. You should have a great week under a high pressure system. Usually when one of these arctic highs lands here, it stays around. So, have a great week. Perfect fall weather. Ask about Larches site. It is a beautiful sight when they turn golden. Rangers will have up to date info.
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Sep 30th, 2004, 11:15 AM
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Thanks again. We've been a little concerned what the weather was going to do and have been watching daily. Some sun and upper 50's is perfect for us!
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