Tonga, Tonga, Tonga!

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Tonga, Tonga, Tonga!

Hello all! An old coworker of mine raved about her trip to Tonga about a year or so ago, and these days, the more I think about it, the more I want to go! It sounds so relaxing and laid back. What has been the experience of others visting this island-state? I'm partial to scuba-diving, but topside scenery, safety, expense, etc. would come into play as well. Thanks for your help!
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Diane Larkin
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Feb. 20/98

Greetings from the Yukon in northern Canada. I don't have a lot of information for you, but since no one had responded to your posting, I thought I might be able to assist.

My daughter has been in Tonga for about a month. She is doing volunteer work and just completed a four month stay in Samoa. We just got a letter from her today. She says the cost of living there is higher than Samoa $50US %3D$63.30 Tonga. The island is completely flat with rows and rows of cocunut plantations with fish and coconut as the main exports. It is more westernized than Samoa - all of the streets are paved. Compared to Samoa the trees are shorter and smaller and the air is cooler and dryer.

If you have a specific question, perhaps I could forward that to my daughter for you. She might know some good sources of information. Sorry I can't help you more, but this is a start. Hope you do get to visit Tonga.

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Malo e lelei! (hello),
My husband and I lived in Am. Samoa in the early '80's and keep up with friends and info regarding the islands in the pacific. He was a pilot and flew to the Tongan islands. Tonga has 170 islands where only about 45 are inhabited and it is divided into four main groups. Most people fly into either Neiafu, Vava'u (the northern most group) or Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu (at the southern end). Tonga is an independent nation, the King of Tonga lives in the capital Nuku'alofa. Things to do include scuba diving/snorkeling in the turquoise and clear blue waters, visibility is wonderful- 20 - 35 meters.
Charter a yacht and check out the uninhabited islands. On land, you can check out the flora and fauna, the flying foxes in Nuku., the white sandy beaches full of interesting shells to look at, clear lagoons, blowholes, the beautiful handicrafts, visit historic sites, eat great food, relax...Remember, this is ancient Polynesia, where time begins.
You can get there from Honolulu on Hawaiian Airlines to Pago Pago, Am. Samoa. From there you can fly on a local Samoan airline to Tonga(the airline has changed since my husband flew from there). Air Pacific from Fiji. Polysesian Airlines and Air New Zealand fly to Tonga from Apia, Western Samoa and Auckland. Write to Tonga Visitors Bureau, P.O. Box 37, Nuku'alofa, Kingdom of Tonga. FAif current)(676)22 1129.
Or the Tonga Consulate, 360 Post Street Ste.604, San Francisco, CA 94108. FAX 781 3964.
Tonga is a very safe place, the people are extremely religious, Sunday is a day of rest...I believe no flights in or out and the island is quiet. Not sure what specific questions you had, but this is a start. Also, many cruise ships go here.
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David Stanley
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Helen, you'll find all you need to know about Tonga in my new Tonga-Samoa Handbook which is introduced at
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Check out the Sandy Beach Resort! owned by a german couple. Great beach, fantastic food!!

Also enjoyed the Fafa Island Resort - but go for the "honeymoon villa"
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Hi all,
David, can you review Fodor's guidelines on using the forums for advertising?

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