Tell me about S. Korea

Jun 5th, 1997, 06:20 PM
Allison Duffy
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Tell me about S. Korea

I am thinking about teaching english in South Korea and would like to hear of other westerners take on the culture. Any info / tips would be appreciated as I've never been to Asia.
Thank you!
Jun 6th, 1997, 07:20 AM
nick lewis
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I do not know much about s.korea, but wish to give one advise regarding teaching english there: be very careful if you go to korea to teach english with private language academy (hagwong). these business are not regulated by s.korean government and a lot of abuses have been reported to us embassy. teachers complaints include contract violations, non-payment of salary for months at the time, even physical assault. you can get compehensive info by contacting us department of state or us embassy in koreatel.822-397-4114/fax. 822-738-8845.
Jun 9th, 1997, 11:24 PM
Annette Brown
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I can't give you any advise about working on the economy and teaching English, but I do live in Korea. If you have any specific questions I could answer, pls write to my e-mail address [email protected] and I'll try to answer any questions you might have.
Jul 2nd, 1997, 11:03 PM
David Rohlfs
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I have been living in Korea for the last three years. I spent one year as an English instructor and currently work with a consulting firm in Seoul. As you have been warned there do exist some pitfalls to teaching English in Korea. That does not mean there aren't legitimate schools (hogwans) and university department jobs here. Do your research before you go. You must have a four year degree in order to obtain a working visa. It is also helpful if you have a experience teaching as well as an education degree. If you do some more research on the net you should be able to pull up some more details. Korea is a fascinating place, the people are wonderful (if you return in kind) and it possesses a rich culture. However, unless you have experience travelling in Asia, Korea could present some challenges. Good luck and please feel free to contact me at any time.
Sep 3rd, 1997, 06:16 PM
Maye Musk
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How do you keep fit as a visitor to Seoul? If you're a woman, can you jog in the streets? Can you walk alone at night? Are there health clubs you can join for a few days?
Maye Musk
Sep 23rd, 1997, 06:35 AM
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Allison, I am currently in Changwon, South Korea fufilling my one year contract. I have been here for eight months and am enjoying my experience. There are many differences from hagwon to hagwon, vast differences. Just make sure the contract you sign is explicit and not dicotomous. There are many circumstances that I have heard where the institute has tried to take small advantages of a teacher. My experience on the other hand has been fantastic. No personal complaints except the 6 day work week is getting to me. I have not been able to visit many places here. I suggest calling a teacher at the job in Korea when you are serious about a contract. Trust your intuition. There are many positions available - you can afford to be choosey. If you have more questions please email me.

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