Taiwan--Group tour or go single

Feb 8th, 1998, 08:29 PM
Robert Potter
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Taiwan--Group tour or go single

I have traveled extensively in Asia and found that both methods have advantages.I would appreciate informed suggestions concerning this subject. I am a middle aged male in good health and physical condition.
Feb 27th, 1998, 01:27 AM
Jennie Chou
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Robert, travelling in Taiwan will be better if you are by yourself. I'm not sure the tour cost for you buying from oversea, but it's quiet expensive for local people. There are some buses going to the most papular destinations everyday in Taipei and nearby counties, as well as flights. If you drive, there are road sign with English translation under Chinese. And also, it's still safe to hitchhike in country side. Taiwan is just like any countries in Asia, but our food is better and people (not including big cities) is nicer. Don't miss the east part of Taiwan, the scenery is excellent.
Mar 23rd, 1998, 12:25 AM
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Apr 6th, 1998, 12:07 AM
Jen Tu Jr
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Jennie is right. But NEVER drive in Taiwan untill you 've drived in Rome and Bangkok. The traffice is terrible. Come to Taiwan by yourself and you still can find local tours for foreigners from some booklets in your hotel.
Jun 26th, 1998, 01:50 AM
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Since you have travelled extensively in Asia before, travelling alone in Taiwan should be easy for you!

Opium Den Disco Pub is most popular one in Taipei city right now, if you like crowded place. Friday and Saturday nights are the nights to be there.

Have fun and be safe!
Nov 15th, 1998, 05:45 AM
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I'm working in Taiwan now. I think if you don't speak any Chinese you'd be better off with a tour. When I first got here I found it really difficult to get around. Not that many people in the north can speak English very well, down south English speakers are even rarer. My thoughts outside of an afternoon at the national palace museum in Taipei and maybe the hot springs, get out of the north. Kenting is nice, but if you've been to any touristy beach town, you've been to Kenting. The only place in my mind worth going to is the East coast. Much friendlier people then in Taipei, and Taroko Gorge is incredible. Spend your time there. Maybe go to green Island. Just get out of the north, and be prepared for some serious pollution. Trust me you don't want to spend time on a beach in northren Taiwan. Yuk!
Nov 16th, 1998, 02:09 PM
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I agree with the earlier comments about driving!!! I spent 5 weeks in Taiwan last year and was VERY happy to be driven everywhere rather than being forced to drive myself. Traffic rules, even in large cities such as Taipei and Taoyuan, are flexible to say the least. While I believe the drivers on the whole are much more curtious than those in Rome, the density of auto trafffic, combined with the massive number of scooters makes travel by private car very difficult. (Taiwan has 21 million people and 7 million scooters.) Parking is difficult nearly everywhere and the Taiwanese idea of an appropriately sized parking space is very different from U.S.

I agree also that the eastern coast has some beautiful areas, don't miss Tokarok (sp?) Gorge. I was there in on a rainy day, but still found it breath taking. Hua Lien is also a pleasant stop in that area.

Try also to enjoy the south as well, it is much more arrid than the north. Also consider a side trip to the Pescadores (Pengu) Islands just off the western shore. I believe flights from the airport in Taipei are about $100 US round trip if you shop for price.

If you've travelled much in Asia, you'll know about all of the precautions about the water. As with some of the other countries in the region, the air quality, particularly in Taipei leaves much to be desired. I always worry when I can see what I breathe.

As a side note, although many people do not speak English well, many of the newer generation have studied English in school. If you encounter someone who is having problems, print your question for them to see. I did this frequently when my poor Mandarin skills could not meet the challenge.

I would also agree that the people are the best thing about Taiwan. They are generally a very friendly, fun loving bunch who will be anxious for you to enjoy their country. Hope this helps you!! Enjoy your trip.

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