Sydney Explorer Bus/Airport?

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Sydney Explorer Bus/Airport?

Does anyone know if we can purchase Explorer Bus Tickets at the Airport when we arrive which will include Airport transport to Circular Quay?
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I don't think the explorer bus goes to the airport.

Here is a link for train and bus passes. If you were to say choose the green travel pass for return airport trip it costs $52.50. This includes unlimited travel on trains, ferries, buses within a reasonable area for a week. The explorer bus goes to the same places and you can go on regular buses with this pass but is $36 only for one day! The difference with the explorer bus is that you get some sort of commentary (i think).

Anyway here is the links]


Whatever you do, do not buy one way rail tickets to circular quay for two or more people. It is not much more for a cab (unless peak hour, you may get stuck in traffic)
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I think I have purchased that pass at airport downstairs, but it only includes the return trip to airport (on any day, even after card expires) and not your trip FROM airport. Just jump on one of the frequent busses; the train is overpriced.

The green weekly travelpass is an outstanding bargain/alternative (esp for ferries, and covers busses on similar routes as explorer), but I don't think it includes airport train or busses (maybe an obscure bus making many stops and not allowing luggage).

My experiences date back a bit, so things may have changed. I have found even gov't web sites there also out of date, so don't be surprised.
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The explorer bus does not go to the airport.

The airport express bus no longer operates.The governement is trying to encourage ppl to use the airport train which is relatively expensive.

For a group the best value airport-city method is the hotel shuttle buses which operate.

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Or find a friend who is afraid you'll get lost , end up in Woop Woopand have him pick you up at the airport!


PS thanks, friend
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Trust me, you do NOT want to end up in Woop Woop (the "oo" is pronounced like the "u" in "put", by the way). Nobody has ever found it, so the chances of rescue are minimal. It's usually preceded by the adjective "bloody".

Other problematical places in Australia are Back of Bourke, the Never-Never and Behind the Black Stump. Like The Outback, they have never been satisfactorily identified, and most Australians avoid the risk of discovering them by huddling close to the coast.

Fortunately, you would have to go a long way from Sydney Airport to end up in Woop Woop. Wherever it is. Me, I'd rather not know.
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Thats right, the airport bus has been cut out, and they want everyone to use the train. The airport shuttle bus would be the way to go.
If you only want to use the Sydney buses/trains or ferries for "one" Day, then purchase a "Daytripper" ticket, from the little ticket officer under the Cahill Expressway, down at the Quay, this ticket allows you to use the trains/buses/ferries (except the jet cat) for a 24 hr period. I used it sometime ago, and travelled by train to the city, then visited about 4 different ferry locations (sometimes I got off, and other times I stayed on the ferry for the return trip..just sightseeing), then I used the ticket to get a ferry to Meadowbank Wharf, then a bus to West Ryde Station, then a train home to Beecroft.
A weekly ticket would be the way to go, if you staying for an extended period in Sydney.
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