Summary of 3 week trip to NZ- both Islands

Jun 14th, 2005, 07:28 PM
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Summary of 3 week trip to NZ- both Islands

Well, I have finally written a brief report on our trip to NZ in Feb- I will post it in a few parts up here, so those of you who read long posts (like me) can do so, but others can justskip through it....

Here goes...

General observations:

We went to NZ for our honeymoon- however we decided that we would stick to a budget. In order to do this, we decided to spend our ‘single night’ stopovers in cheaper more budget accommodation, and spend the longer multiple night stays in nicer, classier accommodation. With this in mind, we decided to use the ‘chain’ hotels for the budget nights, and try and find independent places for the ‘nicer’ nights.

We averaged about $135 a night for accommodation, and about $30 a day for food. This $30 included snacks and drinks, along with the meals. We ate at fairly cheap restaurants, and were happy overall with the quality of the food. In the smaller towns, the food at the supermarkets was ridiculously priced, and it often ended up being cheaper to eat out, or get take away, than to shop at the supermarkets and make a ‘real’ meal.

Our accommodation was 2 B7B’s, and a mix of hotels and motels. Overall the accommodation was satisfactory for the price that we paid- We certainly weren’t expecting luxury on our budget. However there were 3 places we stayed at that were particularly disappointing, and I will mention these as they come up in the report.

Visitors Centres- These were ALL AROUND in NZ- Generally the staff were helpful, and more then happy to give advice on the options available. The only problem is, they are not allowed to recommend certain attractions over others- so try and talk to other tourists around to get their opinions of what is around, and what is worth visiting. However, they can get REALLY busy during the lunchtime period, so I would suggest trying to get to a visitors centre either earlier or later on in the day, otherwise you may have to wait quite some time in a queue.

We actually planned our trip so we would only have to do minimal driving each day- However, the roads in NZ certainly aren’t as notorious as we expected, and in hindsight, if we were to do it again, we would skip some of the one night stopovers, do the longer drives, and spend the extra time in the places we were REALLY keen on.

Arrival in NZ – Flew from Melbourne to Auckland. Arrived in Auckland about 3:30pm. We had to wait 1 ½ hrs to pick up our luggage at the airport due to a chemical spill IN THE PLANE which had affected the mechanisms in the baggage compartment.

Picked up Hertz rental car- They were going to charge us an extra $14 a day than the quote and the booking we had made. Took us ages to sort the issue out, and were not happy- The first of multiple problems with Hertz.

Auckland was raining, and the weather was pretty dismal, so we drove straight to the Bay of Islands. Took about 4 hrs- This time includes stopping for tea, and getting lost once or twice.

Stayed at Paheke B&B for 3 nights- Absolutely HIGHLY recommended. The host Juen is lovely, the breakfasts were WONDERFUL, and the room we had booked was spacious, airy and CLEAN.

While staying here we visited: Haruru Falls (small, nice quick detour), the Bakehouse in KeriKeri- good food, recommended, and drove around the Tourist Scenic Route which covers Otoroa, Matauri Bay, Te Ngaire, Whangaroa, Kaeo. Matauri Bay is BEAUTIFUL!! We also dropped into Rainbow Falls- Fantastic to see- VERY quick walk from the carpark.

Day 2- Relaxed, and went on a cruise to the Hole in the Rock- Nice cruise- we went with one of the smaller operators, called Dolphin Discovery $60 per person- a lot of fun- we had gorgeous weather (I got badly burnt), and saw plenty of dolphins. We didn’t get to go through the Hole in the Rock- the weather conditions weren’t right- We actually heard that one of the larger operators had (twice) gone through, and they had to abandon ship. After hearing that, we were glad that the captain had been safe, rather than sorry.

Day 3- Long Drive from Paheke to Pauani. Drove to Auckland via Highway 1, then via Waipu Cove, Lang Beach, and Wellsford. Stopped at Orawa for lunch. Nice scenic drive. We then drove from Auckland to Pauani via Orere, Kaiaua and Thames.

Stayed at Pauani Pines Lodge for 2 nights. Self contained units, with pool and tennis court - Not in a style that I like (e.g. wooden panelled walls), but clean and the bathroom was fairly modern (something a lot of places did not have). A very small, quiet town- To be honest, if we went again, we would stay at another town in the same region- There was not a lot happening, and activities were fairly limited. But a nice place to stay if you want peace and quiet, and the beach area is very safe for children to play in as it is sheltered. The little shops there are outrageously overpriced- clearly for the many holiday makers who must utilise the many Million dollar holidays homes in the area.

Day 4- Drove up to Cathedral Cove- TEENY TINY carpark that was FULL- but the 40 minute walk to the cove is BEAUTIFUL and worth it (downhill on the way down, and uphill, coming back up to the carpark). We then visited the Hot Water Beach- BUSY and fun, as we haven’t seen anything like it before – Then a drive back to Paunui, and a quick stop at the Bar & Grill in Tairu- Fairly decent pub meals.

Day 5- Drove to Taupo via Rotorua. We took the costal drive to Rotorua- Waste of time- horrible beaches, not much to see. We got to Rotorua early afternoon, so decided to do some activities, and then drive to Taupo and arrive there in the evening. Visited Hells Gate ($20)- A thermal reserve. This was pretty exciting for us, and we enjoyed it, but upon going to visit the Wai-O-Tapu Reserve the next day, we decided that Hells Gate wasn’t that good after all, when comparing the two. This of course, was our opinion.

The local park in Rotorua (Kuari Park, near the hospital) was my favourite. Surrounded by trees and flowers, were the steaming ponds- we certainly didn’t see the fish and ducks that one usually sees at a local park!

We had plenty of time, so decided to do the Maori concert and feast that night, and then travel onto Taupo. This was something that my husband was particularly keen to do. I was not so interested, but was willing to attend. We considered a few of the options. Many of them were booked out, so we ended up going for the concert put on by Tamiki brothers ($89 per person). Well, I have heard good and bad things about these types of concerts….so here is my opinion in the hope it helps others.

Firstly we were ushered onto one of multiple buses for the trip to the location. Along the way we were taught a few basic Maori words, and told about the importance of what we were about to see. We were encouraged to ‘pretend’ we were all part of a tribe, and that our bus was a canoe, and that we were paddling it to meet the ‘other’ tribe. This was meant to be fun, and lighten up the mood, but I found it a little ‘touristy; and a bit silly.

We were also warned not to laugh or snicker, or make fun of the movements of facial expressions that we would see performed. Apparently it is an insult if we should do this. Most people would know what is involved in these sorts of concerts, so I won’t go into too much detail. They do the traditional greeting, then you are ushered into the concert hall, and you are then moved to an eating hall (looked like a school canteen) for the meal. My opinion- I think that the approach you take to start with will determine what you will get out of this experience. I was cynical to start off with, however my husband was really interested and keen to learn about the cultural side of things, so we both got something different out of it.

I thought it was very touristy. While I learnt something about the culture and the traditions of the Maori people, it all just came across as a bit fake to me. I think that this thought was emphasised by the appearance of another ‘lot’ of people walking out of the performance house as we finished off our meal. There were a couple of hundred in the ‘group’ we were in, and it was incredible to see another few hundred pouring out of the performance venue on their way to the meal (in the second meal hall). It all seemed to run like a well oiled machine- I’m in awe of the amount of money they must be making at $89 per person!

We drove onto Taupo- Stayed at the Millennium Hotel. Very nice hotel. The room we were given was clean, and the décor was fairly modern (for a hotel)- The receptionist was going to upgrade us, but couldn’t do so- apparently they were totally booked at as they had a few conferences happening.

We ended up having a problem with the air conditioning in our room that night, and got practically no sleep. I rang them about 1am to ask for another room- They said again that they couldn’t move us. That morning however, we were upgraded to a Lake view room at no charge which was nice.

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Jun 14th, 2005, 07:29 PM
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NZ trip con't ....

Day 6 - Decided to go back to Rotorua, where we visited Wai-O-Tapu Reserve ($20 per person) - Very impressive, and lots to see. We spent about 2 ½ hrs wondering around, and got some amazing photos. Also drove and visited the Blue and Green lakes- Not amazing, but very pretty area. We went further to the Buried Village, and Waimangu Volcanic Valley, but decided not to go in. We also visited the Rotorua Museum (we received free admission with our tickets to the Hangi). The museum was not to our likeing- A few little exhibits, but we were not permitted to take our cameras in, which was rather disappointing. Had dinner at Tastebuds Mexican Cantina on Haupapa St- recommended in a guidebook we had- looks rather dodgy, but had large plates of food at a decent price.

Day 7- Day around Taupo. This morning we had our first bad weather of the trip- We decided to visit Huka Falls, and despite the terrible rain, we are glad we did- well worth the short drive out of Taupo. Artaratia Rapids was also a short drive- and was interesting to see. They open the dam gates a few times a day. Also visited Craters of the Moon- a fairly desolate patch of land with a few interesting thermal areas- Certainly not a WOW place to visit, but a good walk around. Had dinner at Mr India in Taupo- Great meal.

Day 8- Drove from Taupo to Mt Ruapehu. Stopped and had lunch at Turangi at a little bakery- decent food. Also stopped at a few little reserves along the way- very pretty area. Stayed at the Grand Chateau (now known as the Bayview Chateau Tongario)for one night- Very grand looking hotel- quite old, and the stye of the hotel reflected its’ age. The rooms were adequate (we stayed in a Premium Double Room), however the bathroom was OLD and dingy. We received a complimentary fruit basket which was a nice gesture. Good location, and nice quiet place to stay. Very limited attractions here in the warmer months when there is no snow- very rocky, ugly terrain. We ate tea at the restaurant at the Skotel, and were pleasantly surprised with the meals- Great meals, and a good price!

Day 9 - The National Park was simply ROCKS- In the snow season, I am sure that the mountains must look amazing, however in Feb, it is not that great. We did a few little walks around the place that were very pretty, and drove to Masterton.

In Masterton we checked in at the Masterton Motor Lodge for one night- Fairly large, self contained room- Quite old furnishings, but well set back off the main road, so was very quiet. Masterton was a nice little town- there were not many activities there that interested us, but the Local Park is WELL WORTH a visit- We went up there for a quick walk around, and ended up being there for 2 hrs- VERY pretty gardens, and an aviary to visit etc.

Day 10- The next day, on to Wellington. If we were to go again, we would have driven straight from Mt Ruapehu to Wellington, and stayed there- The roads are not nearly as bad as people make them out to be, and we could have seen more of Wellington.

We were really only in Wellington for ½ day, as the ferry trip was early afternoon. I decided we should confirm our booking at the ferry dock before going into town, and it is lucky that we did, because we were informed that we had been transferred to another boat, to depart at a later time (the original vessel we had been booked on had had ‘issues’). We were a little annoyed we hadn’t been contacted, as they had our mobile phone numbers.
We went to Te Pupa (the main museum in Wellington)- were only there for about an hr, but is was FANTASTIC- I recommend that you at least drop in- there is plenty to see and do, and we both enjoyed out time there- And we are not usually museum lovers! Had lunch at the Friendly Bakery in the Cuba Mall- which is connected to Cuba St in the main area of Wellington- BUSY café, appears to be VERY POPULAR. Great food. Also visited the Cable Car and associated museum- rather small museum, but that are currently planning on expansion.

Ferry ride to Picton was fairly uneventful. Upon arriving in Picton, we discovered that Hertz did not have the car we requested. The town of Picton is fairly pretty- Lots of little cafes. We stayed at the Aldan Motor Lodge for one night- Budget accommodation, and not very nice- It was old, and it smelled! However, the room was large (although the bathroom was horrible) and the lady at the reception was very helpful. Dinner was at the Frog & Dog café- very nice light meals and mains- $21 for the two of us.

Day 11 - Drive to Hamner Springs via Kaikora (ask at info centre for free map. Great walk to see the seals. Fairly easy walk (a few steep bits, and not suitable for anyone with a physical disability due to having to jump over fences (parts of the track are on private land). Definitely take a camera- amazing views, and we had GORGEOUS weather. Drove on to Hanmer Springs- Very windy road, and heaps of one-way bridges- take it easy around here. Stayed here at the Green Acre Motel for one night. Once again, budget accommodation, but roomy with a nice view. And close to the centre of town. Nice little town- the thermal pools are just like a local swimming pool- We went in the evening, which was good, it was not so busy. I wouldn’t stay at Hanmer Springs again- Pretty little town, but not a lot to do (for us anyway).

Day 12- Drive from Hanmer Springs to Ashburton- Stopped at Christchurch to visit the visitor centre and for lunch. Visitor centre was PACKED, so we just collected some brochures and left. This was designed as a one night stopover between Hanmer Springs and Dunedin. In Ashburton we stayed at a place called Taylors Lodge. This was a nice cheap hotel- very clean and spacious. We went to the info centre, and found out about a few walks etc to do in the area- very pretty parks around. If we were to do the trip again, we would not stop in Ashburton. Drove to the Rakaia River Gorge- about 35 minutes drive from Ashburton. Did an 8- min walk (round trip) around the Gorge. Lovely walk, and fairly wasy with a few steep bits. Back to Ashburton for tea (have some decent supermarkets here).

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Part 3-

Day 13- Drove to Dunedin. Up early, and gone by 9am. On the way we visited the Boulders (I think they are called the Devils Marbles???) - Fascinating to see- plenty of tourists around though, and people climbing all over them despite the signs asking them NOT to do so. Arrived in Dunedin- VERY pretty city- lots of lovely old buildings etc. Here we visited Lanarch Castle, and used the self guided map that they provide. We had actually considered staying at the accomdation that they have at the castle, and walking past, and seeing the pictures, were glad that we hadn’t. The gardens were nice- but not as large as I had thought- It looks as if they are still developing large parts of the gardens.
Stayed at a dodgy looking motel called Adrian Motel for one night - They had no fan in the kitchen area, but ALSO had a notice informing us that should we make the unit ‘smell’ with food odours, we would be charged an extra cleaning fee- kind of ridiculous, considering we had no fan, and very small windows.
Day 14- The next day- Went on a Cadbury factory tour that was worth the few $. Got quite a few samples, and bought a few items from the sale shop. Visited Baldwin St- the steepest street in the world. We also walked around the city for a bit, and looked at the old buildings etc. Also visited the look out – great views of the city on a nice day!

Travelled to Te Anau- here we stayed at Antler Lodge B&B for three nights - VERY nice little B&B, that looks terrible on their webpage, but MUCH nicer in real life- Very helpful hosts, and brekky is provided. We wondered around, and visited the visitors centre. The visitors centre that is RIGHT NEXT TO the Real Journeys office were particularly rude and unhelpful. We instead went to one across the road (painted blue and green), and dealt with the staff there who were GREAT. We had pre-booked our Doubtful Sound cruise, and confirmed the details with them. Ate dinner at Mings’ chinese restaurant in the main street- highly recommended by our host as the place where the locals go- and we were not let down- Some of the best Chinese food I have ever had, at very reasonable prices. They also do takeaway for about $10 a dish, and deliver free to local accommodation.

Day 15 – We went on an all day cruise on Doubtful Sound- FANTASTIC!!! Well worth the money if you have the $$. We went with a smaller independent company called Fiordland Explorer Charters- They have a max of about 20 people each cruise ($160 per person)- Very informative, and cheaper than the other company ( Real Journeys). Real Journeys also has much larger boats and carry 100's of people. It was really nice to be on a smaller boat- And the guide was really good. The website for Fiordland Explorer Cruises is not that great- ignore it, and book with them! The tour did the usual thing- boat ride across Lake Manapouri to quickly visit the Poser Station, a bus ride over the Wilmont Pass, and a cruise on Doubtful Sound- the skipper (Mark) was helpful and informative. He was happy to slow done when something interesting appeared, and also took the boat to see the seal colony which is just out of Doubtful Sound in the ocean. Arrived home about 6:45 (this company can pick you up and drop you home at your accommodation).

Day 16- Drove to Milford Sound. We decided to just leave whenever we were ready in the morning, rather than leave at a ridiculously early hour to avoid the tourists, We left about 10am, and arrived at Milford about 12pm. The drive to Milford was amazing- and not as difficult as people make out- Just be careful, as there are virtually NO overtaking lanes, so you are almost guaranteed to get stuck behind a couple of buses. Fantastic beautiful drive! Quite a bit of farmland at first, but once it turns into National Park, it is beautiful! Well worth the drive! There are quite a few places to stop along the way- I definitely recommend getting the map of the road from the visitors centre, and going on the short walks that are on the way- VERY PRETTY!!!. Upon arriving- It was disappointing- Heaps of cars competing for limited parking- and the visitors centre- Well; this centre was just a huge building that acted as a venue for the cruise operators to peddle their wares to the masses. What was interedting were the numerous bus and van parking spots – right outside the centre, and undercover- it looked to us, as if this little area had really been developed purely for the benefit of the tour operators and their bus loads of tourists, rather than those of us making our own way around! It was also interesting to note the difference in prices for the cruises, depending on the operator, and the Time of day that the cruise departed- the exact same cruise was $50 cheaper if you went at 3pm, rather than 12:30pm.

We didn't go on a cruise (it was really cloudy, so you couldn't see much) and the place was PACKED with busloads of tourists. The place was VERY touristy, and the only walk in the area, which we had planned to take, had been closed for the last 8 months or so due to a land slide- a bit disappointing. Milford Sound was very pretty, but they really only appear to cater to ‘touristy’ visitors, rather than nature lovers. What also ruined the beautiful area were the ‘voiceovers’ from the ships, in all different languages, that you could hear from the shore- If you want to walk around the area, I would suggest the Milford Track- apparently very beautiful!

The drive back from Milford took about 1 ½ hours, excluding stops along the way- we stopped at ‘The Chasm’ walk (15mins return) which was well worth it- definitely stop and do this walk- even in bad weather it was fantastic!

Day 17 - Drive from Te Anau to Queenstown. Visited the Deer Farm - Great place to visit! Where some of the Lord of the Rings was shot, and you can feed the farm animals and deer etc. Great views as well- some of the best we saw in the entire trip! Just be aware of some of the wilder animal (i.e. goats) around the top end of the park- They can get a bit aggressive. We were a bit disappointed that there were no maps left at the front gate- so were unable to follow the directions to where certain movies scenes were shot. Stayed at Rydges Hotel for one night - Nice clean lake view room - If you go to Queenstown, definitely stay somewhere within walking distance of the town centre- it is a BUSY town, for something that size, and parking is IMPOSSIBLE. Queenstown- Absolute Choas! Too many people in too small an area! Had dinner at the World Pub- dim lighting, loudish music, but decent sized pub meals.

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Lucky Last.....last part of Trip to NZ- My apologies, I mucked up my posting, and now it is all in one big chunk. Sorry.

Day 18 - Drive to Haast today. Walked around Queenstown and had breakfast. Visited the bungy jumping bridge. Stopped at Arrowtown and visited the Chinese Goldfield Village- interesting quick stop. Very pretty town! Well worth the drive through. Also stopped at Wanaka- pretty area, not much to see. On the drive to Haast, we also stopped at the Thundering Falls, Fantail Falls, and the Roaring Billy Falls- all a short walk from the roadside car parks- worth it! Very pretty. And the remainder of the drive to Haast was also really pretty!!!! Stayed at the Aspiring Court Motel for one night. This was a one night stopover to break up the drive between Queenstown and Franz Josef, but if we did it again, we would have done the full drive, and not stopped. It POURED down rain the entire time we were in Haast, so we didn¡¦t get to see very much. There is also not much choice for food or entertainment, and we ended up with Fish ¡¥n Chips for tea. Leaving Haast the next day, we had a quick look at the beaches- Lots of driftwood, and very pretty in a ¡¥wild¡¦ type of way.

Day 19- Drive from Haast to Franz Josef. Stopped at Fox Glacier on the way and did the walk- Very easy walk for us- approx 1 hr. We loved it, as we hadn¡¦t seen anything like it before. Cute little town. When we got to Franz, we also did the walk to the glacier- VERY easy walk. But we were told that the walking paths can change very quickly because of weather conditions, and safety concerns etc, so make sure you check out any warning signs etc.

Stayed at Franz Josef for two nights- At a place called Glenfern Villas- Quite new, very clean and spacious- We were really happy with this place.

Day 20 - Didn¡¦t do much at all. Went on a few shorter walks near the Glaciers- these are easy to find, and well worth it- they are fairly short, or you can take the longer ones- maps at the visitor centre. We also saw some glow worms in the evening- there is a short walk near the centre of the town where they can be seen in the evening. Make sure you take a torch with you!

Day 21- Last day in Franz Josef- We had actually thought about walking to the front of the glacier again, but the path had been affected by bad weather, and they had signs saying that only guided groups should be out there- so we gave it a miss. Apparently it is not uncommon to have bad weather- so if a hike or helicopter ride on the glaciers is particularly important, then I would suggest allowing quite a few days in the area- that way you maximise your chances of doing the activity.

Drove to Christchurch- Went through Arthurs Pass. Pretty scenery, but to be honest, not as nice as other places we had visited. We stopped a few times for short breaks, but the drive went ok. Hd lunch at Hokitiki- plenty of jewellery shops- in particular Jade shops. Fairly windy roads in parts.

Arrived in Christchurch- here for 2 nights. Stayed at the Country Glen Lodge in the Honeymoon Suite (which was NOT worth the extra money!) The lady host was nice, but her husband wasn¡¦t very pleasant, or nice to deal with. The smoke alarm in the room is actually linked up to the fire alarm for the building- and a little notice says that once the smoke detector goes off, the fire brigade is called- A little silly if you ask me- I think EVERYONE has accidently set off their smoke alarms at home.
Had dinner at Sampan House the first night, and ate there for every meal afterwards- Quality food, and cheap prices. And it was a busy place, obviously popular with the locals- Not very ¡¥classy¡¦ looking, but the food was devine!

Day 22 - First day in Christchurch- visited the Orana Wildlife Park (an open range zoo). Absolutely Fantastic! Highly recommended. Heaps of animal feedin and talks give you the chance to see the animals up close. We went in the truck when they fed the lions- amazing to see them up so close!! We got to the zoo about 10:30, and left around 5pm- A lot of fun ļ Had dinner at Sampan House again.

Day 23- Wondered around Christchurch- very pretty city. Drove to Akaroa. Took the scenic route- the roads were fairly decent. Arrived in Akaroa- beautiful day, sunny weather, and the town looked gorgeous. Wondered around. Not much to do in Akaroa if you are an action junkie- But certainly worth a day trip, or a one night stop-over. Akoroa - Stayed at an average B&B here for one night - Lovely little town- very pretty with crafty shops and some restaurants. Quite a few little walks as well- Defiantly worth spending a night at (well, we thought it was).

Day 24- Back to Christchurch the next day- We went back via a different route, and the views were amazing! The weather was perfect, so we could see for miles!

Checked in at Casino Park Motel very early, about 12pm. Dingy looking, VERY budget accommodation- Certainly would not recommend it- the bathroom was old and TEENY TINY. The lady there was rude, unhelpful, but let us check in although the rooms weren¡¦t fully ready. We left our things in the car, and wondered into Christchurch. Wondered around the city, an visited the Botanic Gardens- Well worth a visit, even if you aren¡¦t a garden fan. We also visited the Art Centre area, which was made up of galleries and specialty, and touristy shops- a lot of fun to wonder through. Ate at Sampan House again.

Our trip ended suddenly when I received a phone call telling me my mums health had gone downhill- and we caught a 6am flight home the next morning.


Places we could have driven through, and not stayed at overnight include:
Hanmer Springs
Mt Ruapehu
(as you can see there are quite a few, but at least we had a relaxing trip, and got to see heaps of NZ!)

Places we would have liked more time at:

Dunedin- gorgeous buildings
Wellington- Definitely could have spent all day at the museum!
Christchurch- very pretty, and lovely gardens
(as you can see- all the major cities that we underated).

Highlights of the trip for us:

Pretty much everything in the Rotorua/Taupo region
Bay of Islands- Perfect for the start to a honeymoon!
Te Anua- very pretty town
Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers
Queenstown- very pretty town
Walking the track at Kaikoura to see the seals- It was a gorgeous day, and the views and the seals were just amazing!
Zoo at Christchurch!- Fantastic!
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Rarmalb -

Enjoyed your report, particularly your observations about Milford Sound, as I feel the same way about the place.

Thanks for sharing!
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Jun 16th, 2005, 05:18 AM
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People's experiences of Milford Sound may be seasonal in their degree of enjoyment. I was there last July and in Aug 1986. On both occasions, it was very quiet with few tourists. The weather was clear and crisp, snow covered the mountains, and we had a wonderful time, including a cruise.

Perhaps it's a good thing that tour busses are accommodated so well at Milford Sound. If everyone was to go there on his/her own, not sure the beautiful drive to Milford from Te Anau would be so enjoyable.
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Jun 16th, 2005, 08:02 AM
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Thanks for this great report, and keeping it together.

Did you reserve your accommodations beforehand?
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Jun 16th, 2005, 06:31 PM
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Hi jed,

Yep, we booked all our accomodation except the last few days in Christchurch- and we glad that we had.

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