Safest destination, Fiji, Tahiti??

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Safest destination, Fiji, Tahiti??

Hi guys,<BR>I am tring to plan this Honeymoon for next Feb and my fiance is worried about safety...She has her eyes on Bora Bora abd in all my research, I just don't ant to be around 1000's of people on my Honeymoon...Fiji seems to be less crowded and aren't there some nice resorts there? Has anyone been there and is it SAFE???
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Having been to French Poly and Fiji, in most cases I would pick Fiji every time. There are MANY remote resorts and locations on outer islands (we really liked Kadavu and Taveuni). The people tend to be friendlier, and the prices for everything are much lower. It is true that there is a simmering Indian/Fijian racial problem that periodically threatens to break out into open hostility. It seems to me that the only chance that you would have to encounter these problems is on the main island of Viti Levu. Since I think the best honeymoon destinations would be off Viti Levu anyway, I would just use that island as an airline connection point.
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In response to the specific question of safety, there is NO doubt that Tahiti is far safer than Fiji - it has a stable/democratic government, no racial tension, no Muslims, a high standard of living.<BR>Fiji is a powder keg with racial tensions between the Indians and the Fijian. The government was overthrown 2 years ago and there was some problems at some resorts. There is a Muslim Indian minority who is getting the raw end of the deal, and not happy about it. Any riots or problems may only take place in Nadi, but you could be stuck there for days if it happens <BR>Furthermore, Fiji is far more populated than Tahiti, and the Fiji resorts do not offer the wonderful over water bungalows found in French Polynesia's lagoons (there are NO lagoons in Fiji). The scenery of islands such as Moorea or Bora Bora is unmatched anywhere, and as pretty as Taveuni maybe, it isn't in the same league.<BR>Fijians are very friendly, the snorkeling/diving is wonderful and many resorts are first class. But, I'll take French Polynesia any day.... (also, 2 1/2 hours less flying..).
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I have been to Fiji 4 times and would choose it over Tahiti anyday. Fiji DOES have some of the most beautiful lagoons. Have you ever seen the movie &quot;The Blue Lagoon&quot; with Brooke Shields? Well, it was filmed in Fiji on Turtle Island which is now the location of Turtle Island Resorts which is the top resort in the South Pacific. Fiji may not have the over-water bungalows, but who cares. I don't want to step out of my bure and have everyone else at the resort be able to watch my every move. I like being completely surrounded by trees and foliage to have the ultimate privacy. Turtle Island has 14 private beaches, so if you want your sex on the beach it is the place to be!
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Julie -<BR><BR>There are several mis-statements in your message. You make a particular point of mentioning Muslims of which there are naturally a few in Tahiti, and in Fiji it is not that common. The Fijian Indian population is basically Hindu. (only about 10% of the total population of Fiji is Muslim) And whether the Indians are minority or not is a matter of time. There have been times where Indians outnumber Fijians.<BR><BR>The issues about race have everything to do with economics and little to do with religion. The Indians are generally prohibited from owning the vast majority of land but much of the non-agricultural business is Indian owned. So you have the tension of land vs. commerce. You make is sound as if the Indian population is ready to strike and yet it's Fijian's who started both coups. The last George Speight was more about a failed business where he thought he had been wronged.<BR><BR>There are real issues there but other than a transportation strike outsiders like tourists don't have alot to fear. You have more of a fear of a pick pocket than anything else. The resort issue (singular) was actually a matter of a previous land squabble between Fijians that used the coup as an excuse.<BR><BR>You have a mis-statement about Tahiti as well. There is racial tension there as well amongst the natives and the French. Many of the French feel very bitter about what they see as having to &quot;support the uneducated foreigners&quot; through their colonial efforts.<BR>
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Well,<BR>Thank you for all your information...I was leaning towards Fiji but there were some interesting points brought up....I liked the point about the Over water bungalows in Tahiti and I DO NOT want to be on display...I think we will go with Fiji...Anybody have any resorts preferences? Or a good knowledgable agent? Thanks again in advance
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Volcanoes in Fiji... Tidal waves in Tahiti.... Snipers in Washington.... Antharax spores in the mail... no where is safe!
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For our money just look at You could not ask for anything better for your money. This is a small and family owned island for two generations. <BR><BR> It is the most friendly place we have ever visited in our lives and we have been married over 50 years. We will still go back just to love nature and snorkel. <BR><BR>If you are interested in Matangi I would deal directly with their hotel rep. Also with others you will find at I would deal direct. This is a very easy country to visit.
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Well, I have to say that I am taken aback by some of these comments above. I have been to Tahiti and Fiji several times and loved BOTH. They are very different places and should not be missed.We did the Bora Bora, Moorea thing in Tahiti and did a more upscale resort in Fiji. We stayed at Yasawa in 1999. We booked through a tour operator we found on the Fiji Visitors Bureau that one of the posters above mentioned , the www, was very helpful in decidin hat we were looking for and we linked up with a great tour operator, Fiji Vacations. When we traveled to Tahiti we booked direct with the Sofitel and Pearl Beach resorts and that was nice also but not as stress free as a tour operator. I have photos of our trips if anyone is interested.
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Frank, I would love to see your photos. We are trying to decide whether to go to FP (Sofitel Motu and some Pearl resorts on other islands) or Fiji next year and Yasawa resort is the place where I would love to stay.<BR>My e-mail is [email protected].<BR>Thanks in advance.
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To Frank:<BR><BR>Would very much like to see them too!<BR><BR>Ken<BR>[email protected]
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