Perth 14 day itinerary, need comments

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Perth 14 day itinerary, need comments

Here is our 14 day itinerary in Perth planned for last two weeks in March 2007.

Day 1, Arrive in Perth from Adelaide
Day 2, Perth
Day 3, Perth
Day 4, Perth
Day 5, drive south to Augusta, do some hiking in Yalgorup and Leeuwin National Parks.
Day 6, Drive to Walpole via Bridgetown and Shannon. Do some hiking along the way.
Day 7, Drive to Albany along the coast.
Day 8, Drive to Esperance
Day 9, Drive north to Kalgoorlie
Day 10, Drive to Merredin and stop at Hayden wave rock.
Day 11, Drive north to Badgingarra, stop at Cervantes.
Day 12, Continue to drive north to Kalbari
Day 13, Return to Perth and stay in Midland.
Day 14, Drive to airport and fly to Sydney

Comments and suggestions would be most welcome.
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Dear ZfromWinnipeg. I don't mean to be rude but have you actually looked at a map of the State? I don't think you have! All you will be doing with this itinerary is driving, driving, driving. Perth to Augusta is around 350km. Another 300km to Walpole. Then 110km to Albany. about 500km to Esperance. Then 413km to Kalgoorlie. Its around 500km from Kalbarri to Perth. Are you getting my drift? Plus some of these roads are country roads (sealed but not major highways).

Obviously I think you are trying to fit too much into the time. I don't know if there is some specific reason you want to go to all these places (relatives???) but you might want to cut it back and really have a good look at these places rather than do a flying visit through.

Have a few days in Perth and Fremantle. Then drive down south to Dunsborough/Margaret River/Augusta for three days (it's beautiful country as well as wine country). Then drive to Bridgetown for a day or two then onto Walpole and Albany for a couple of days and head back to Perth. Just a suggestion.

Also, just for your info, the weather will be warm to hot at that time of the year.

Cheers Mac123
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You have an interesting point, I will review the itinerary and possibly reduce some of the driving. I might want to eliminate the Kalgoorlie loop and thus allow a few more days at the other locations. I suspect that Kalgoorlie area is likely to be on the hot side at that time of the year. Generally on our vacations we do some hiking and sightseeing and then move on , this usually means more driving but we enjoy driving with short stops along the way. That's not unusual for us. Obviously the trick is to get the right balance between the lenght of stops along the way and the ammount of driving.

Thank you for your comments Mac123
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Be sure to catch the ferry out to Rotness Island. If you catch it downtown, you won't need to take the harbour tour since the boat goes that route.
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Spent 5 days in perth in april 2005 I concur you really are underestimating the distances. Western Australia is huge, you are going to be spending to much time in your car. try to cut back.
Here's what happened to me, the country roads can be harrowing. i almost ran out of petrol a couple of times. lots a roos on the roads also and you don't want to come into contact with them! i prayed for petrol stops in some really remote areas... i did get to see some real ourback though!I was exciting! But also alittle scary too!
Try just a couple day trips or drive down to the margaret river area not forget Fremantle and of course Rottnest Island. i loved Perth!
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Apart from the Perth R&R, the trip is pretty ambitious but dooable. Would suggest you do not miss the Valley of the Giants nr Walpole. Also, do not see why you are staying in Midland? If you want a good stopover, consider somewhere in the Swan Valley where they there are wineries with acccommodation and other B&Bs. If you cannot extend your time, I would reduce the time in Perth by a day, but defintely do the Rottness trip by Hydrofoil boat. Good place for lunch is Indiana's Tearoom at Cottesloe

Have fun
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Hi Z, I just got back from a fantastic 30 days in Europe/UK and this forum has been so much help so I thought I'd join in now and then to give something back to it.

Like the rest, I too suggest you either go south or north only and not both. I notice you're arriving from Adelaide and flying out to Sydney. If that means you're covering those places as well, then Adelaide and South-West WA are both wine regions (which is maybe why you've left out Dunsborough/Margaret River?) But of course it's not just about wineries, the forrests and beaches at sunset are amazing.

If you still want to do both, I'd suggest you go either north first, then spend a few days in Perth to break the monotony of driving long distance, then southwest.

If you like hiking, look at the Bibbulmun Track if you haven't already done so. Lots of lovely stretches between Perth and Albany.

Around Pemberton and Walpole, the Tree Top Walk and Valley of the Giants are lovely. And try to climb the Gloucester Tree as well, abit scary but heaps of fun.

If you like Indiana's for lunch (I'm sure you would), go back for dinner during sunset it's even better.

Have fun with the rest of the planning.
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When is the best time to visit Perth? I would love to visit Margaret River and how much time should one spend there?

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Beautiful one day - perfect the next.

Seriously though, March - May or September - November will see mostly warm weather with a good chance of fine conditions. we had our first taste of winter weather today. But if you are looking for beach activities, summer is obviously best.
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Hi - there have been loads of posts already about how much distance you are trying to cover. Just chiming in to say that going all that way to Kalbarri to return the next day is not sensible!! But Kalbarri is definitely worth visiting if you are heading north.

Also - yes, there is a dearth of petrol stations, and many roads in the SW are one lane each way. And you don't see a lot of traffic - when you do come across another vehicle, it's likely to be a roadtrain. I guess if you hire a big chunky motor with a 2 litre + engine, you will breeze it - but a challenge in a small hatchback!!!

One of the maddest things I ever tried to do was drive from Esperance back to Perth in aforementioned hatchback.

I left really early - and, OK, I was alone, but by mid afternoon, having negotiated the roadtrain (who slowed to let me pass after I had been following for a long, long time!!!), I found I was wandering all over the road.

Had to stop.

I will always remember the B&B I stayed at (and how I found it) - the lovely lady who ran it was in the garden when I just pitched up. When I left next day she gave me a a 50c piece commemorating Weary Dunlop.

Sadly I didn't keep a travel diary that trip so can't give you details, should you be interested.

But - hey - don't try and do too much.

And another vote for Rottnest Island - magnifique!!
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You might find this link useful for calculating distances, times etc.
There's a better one, but I can't remember it at the moment.

Agree with the others and would add - don't drive at dawn/dusk in the country areas if you can avoid it. Kangaroos might be cute but not as a mascot on your vehicle!
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Thank you for all your comments and suggestions. I have fine tuned my itinerary and reduced some of the driving distances. I must add that we are used to and enjoy driving vacations and the distances selected are moderate by our standards. Here is the final itinerary:
Days 1-4 Perth, Rotnest Island, Freemantle
Day 5 to Augusta Yalgorup NP and Leeuwin NP
Day 6 to Walpole
Day 7 to Albany
Day 8 to Hayden
Day 9 to Midland
Day 10 to Geraldton
Day 11-12 Kalbari
Day 13 to Perth
Day 14 to Sydney

I basically cut out the Esperance and Kalgoorlie out of the itinerary and this has helped to easy up on the driving.

Thanks again,

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I've done days 5 to 8 of your revised itinerary at about the same pace and it was fine. I assume Hayden is meant to be Hyden (Wave Rock). I found Albany surprisingly interesting and pleasant.

I've not been as far north as you, but I very much enjoyed the Pinnacles and the stromatolite pool near Cervantes.
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Yes, Hayden is Wave Rock. I will do one final itinerary review after I have booked the flights and I know exactly how many days I have. Tentatively I have planned for 60 days to do North Island NZ and Australia.

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