Length of Australian Visit ?

Old Oct 5th, 1996, 02:47 AM
Peter Lissgarde
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Length of Australian Visit ?


I've only been to Australia once and I spent 6 days
in Sydney and that felt as a very short period
of time. In Australia there are so many things to
see and to do, so my feeling is that if you want to
get the overall feeling for Au 1 month is the least
you should spend there! Probably 2 months will give
you a chance to take it more relaxed and to see
more than the big cities. Hope this helps your

Best regards
Old Oct 6th, 1996, 06:54 AM
Hagood Hardy
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Thanks for he response. It sounds like good advice.

Old Oct 13th, 1996, 04:18 AM
Kylie Healey
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Around a month will give you an all over feel - but there is so much to see and do.

Apart for the major capital cities, try to get to Tasmania, Ayers Rock (NT), and the Great Barrier Reef.

The Northern Territory, "the outback" will take a week by itself to see, minimum, and the same with Tassie. The Barrier Reef is spectacular. Also worth looking at is the Great Ocean Road between Melbourne and Adelaide. It takes around 3 days to do.

I live in Sydney, and have travelled virtually all of Australia. Feel free to email me if you want further info.

Cheers, Kylie

Old Oct 29th, 1996, 11:33 AM
Denise Gilroy
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I am also planning an extended trip to Oz and my research tells me that 3 months would allow you to tour all of Australia in a fairly quick pace, but you would see most of the major attractions. A month might not be long enough if you want to take in most of the sights but I'm sure you could get a good feel for the country in a month if that is your only goal. Best of luck!
Old Nov 11th, 1996, 04:40 AM
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Australia offers a lot to tourists, but it is a very big country so don't try to see EVERYTHING in one short visit. Domestic airfares here are quite expensive so that may prove a problem for limited budgets. I would recommend at least two months and select an area and really do it well. It's a lot of money to spend just for a few weeks! The East coast and country (outback!) areas will give you the feel. Just remember that there is alot of ground between towns. Don't rely on hitching though..save up for a bus pass or something!
Ayers Rock is a long way from anywhere too, so don't fret if you don't get there...it looks just like the pictures, albeit amazing!!! Happy planning and travel safe! Cheers!

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