Help! Tasmania or Sunshine Coast?

Feb 5th, 2003, 12:24 PM
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Help! Tasmania or Sunshine Coast?

Help! My husband just found out that he earned a trip through his company to Australia. We will be in Sydney for 5 days doing tours with other people in his company. After Sydney, we can extend for 6 days, March 30- April 5. Where should we go? We like to hike, and are in fairly good shape, but we aren't survivalists or anything. We don't want to be on a tour bus, but like small guided hikes if interesting. We like to snorkel, and are also interested in seeing rain forest. I have heard varied things about the rain forests on the Sunshine Coast (near Mapleton, etc. and Lamington) and wonder if they are okay or not. Also, what's the weather? Can we snorkel without going to the GBR? What about the box jellyfish and such? Also interested in seeing wildlife. We have also heard that Tasmania is nice. However, some reports say it rains constantly and is cold. We are interested in the Cradle Mountain area and Freycinet Bay. Any feedback? Hiking in chilly downpours for 5 days doesn't sound as fun. Is it only the Cradle Mountain area that is like this or are Freycinet Bay and Hobart overcast and rainy too?
Should we try to combine these two places, or do you have any other ideas of places to go? Oh, for the touristy bit, anybody been to Australia zoo? We watch Steve Irwin on tv with our kids all the time and might want to stop by!
We have to finalize in the next 2 days! Thanks for any help!
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Feb 5th, 2003, 12:46 PM
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Ok firstly Tasmania is not cold, rainy and chilly all of the time and March/April is a lovely time to go. However you will only find temperate rain forest in Tasmania but the rain forest around Cradle Mountain and Mt Field is just beautiful. I live in Queenland, in the Hinterland of the Gold Coast near 10s of National Parks and rain forest areas and this is lovely too. However the Sunshine Coast has very little rain forest around Mapleton compared with the around I live near the NSW border ranges. Lamington is not near the Sunshine Coast -s its near the Gold Coast. The diving is OK off both the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast but nothing like the GBR and there are no box jelly fish this far south. In March on the GBR they are out of season with jelly fish too. The Cairns/PD/Daintree rainforest area is second to none though and nothing further south is really any comparison unless you count that there are Antarctic Beach trees on Springbrook National Park which are 3,000 years old, of particular interest.
Australia zoo is about 3/4 hour drive north of Brisbane and is a very small zoo so its hard to say if you would find it interesting or not. Probably worth a couple of hours.
Getting back to Tasmania - I don't know who told you its rainy all the time because its the second driest state in Australia after South Australia with very little rainfall. Cradle Mountain is World Heritage Listed and Freycinet is just beautiful. I would be choosing between the GBR or Tassie myself.
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Feb 5th, 2003, 01:46 PM
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TASSIE without a doubt. We did GBR, Sydney and Hobart.....

wish we had spent more time in Tassie...especially for HIKING. We didn't make it to Cradle which is a huge disappointment for me now but LOVED every MINUTE walking thru MT FIELD and it was chilly and rainy but it made it even more BEAUTIFUL IMHO!! PLUS those wonderfully magnificient tall trees blocked sooo much of the rain we weren't soaked and miserable. AND managed to not get sick.

I will take the rain dampened Tassie days I had compared to the DRY DRY dusty, lifeless looking landscape of DROUGHT on the mainland we saw in the Blue Mtns and GBR.

We were there in the beginning of October. SAW tons of real wildlife in Tassie. IT was easy to get around...friendly... OUR favorite place of our entire HONEYMOON!

I also recommend the drive out to Port Arthur...some of the places along the way were AMAZING! Tasman Arch etc....
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Feb 5th, 2003, 03:21 PM
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Hi, Kaysa!
I can't do any more than second (or is it "third"?) the two suggestions above -- Tassie! Lots of places to hike, and a nice time of year. Have a great time!
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Feb 5th, 2003, 04:53 PM
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I think you would achieve your stated objectives significantly better by doing a 5-6 day drive out of brisbane.

Get a cheap flight sydney-brissy and pick up a car. Do a warning ..byron...sunshine coast...fraser...lady elliot island.

walk the lightning falls walk at o'reillys...climb mt warning...walk to the lightnouse at byron...walk in the rainforest on fraser...

see the crocs at steve irwins..sea kayak with the dolphins at byron..go to the bangalow markets om march 30.

snorkel julian rocks,lady elliot.

the world heritage rainforests of lamington are every bit as good as tassie. take the day flight out to Lady elliot and snorkel on the coral reef.
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Feb 9th, 2003, 05:40 PM
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I'll have to agree with the other posters and recommend Tasmania, further April is an ideal time to go. I was there April, 2002 and again in December, and the weather was sooo much nicer in April! Cradle is beautiful, mysterious and can be foggy (but who cares)? Freycinet has those postcard perfect views, and you can enjoy the beach as well as some great hikes.

Certified Tassie Specialist
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