Gluten free Australia


Oct 21st, 2016, 11:05 AM
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Gluten free Australia

Hello fellow travelers. My wife and I are contemplating a trip to Australia. The big question is, how gluten-free friendly is Australia? My wife has celiac disease and must avoid even the tiniest amounts of gluten at all costs. Gluten is like a poison to her system. This is a very tall order that makes dining out--even in the U.S.--a rare event. We have traveled--successfully--to Italy and would highly recommend that celiac-conscious country as a destination for those with celiac and similar gluten-related diseases. But we would like to expand our travel horizons (!) and Australia is on the list, provided we can do so safely. All insights--especially personal travel experiences--welcome!
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Oct 21st, 2016, 06:18 PM
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You shouldn't have any problems. Gluten free food seems to be available everywhere. If you are eating in a restaurant, make sure you tell the waiter when you place your order.
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Oct 21st, 2016, 10:11 PM
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I agree, not all restaurants and cafes will have gluten free but it is very common these days to see gluten free things on menus. I did a quick search and found this - Zomato is a restaurant website similar to Yelp.

Also found this:

You shouldn't have any trouble in cities, it may be harder to get gluten free in country areas but I don't have any personal experience.

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Oct 21st, 2016, 11:11 PM
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Gluten free food is widely available in most places here. But if it is a serious health issue, I would always have some of my own food on hand just in case. If you are traveling by plane to Aus and then around Aus, domestically,always have some food that you are able to eat on you. You are able to order a GFML ,gluten free meal on QF flights. Even so,still carry extra.

You will both have a great time here in Aus.
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Oct 22nd, 2016, 02:40 AM
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In supermarkets foods are clearly labelled 'gluten free', and ingredients are listed on the packaging. Unfortunately not all food served in restaurants can be as confidently trusted.

As an example, recently a friend ordered gluten free from a menu. While the wheat ingredient probably was ok, the sauce used probably wasn't made from scratch by the chef- result was some severe suffering by him.

From my own experience with food allergies and restaurant staff, it's obvious that they often are not really clued up about the finer details.

To be really confident about what she's eating, I would advise your wife to avoid any dish that could possibly contain any wheat product. I know from bitter experience how inconvenient this can be, but it avoids ruining a good holiday! Di
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Oct 24th, 2016, 10:58 PM
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Gluten is not a obvious food in Australia. You can order food with no hesitation in mind, but if you have still doubt in your mind than you can check out before order or eat the meal.
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