Electric Wheelchair vs. Uluhru

Old Jun 15th, 2002, 10:31 PM
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Electric Wheelchair vs. Uluhru

Double amputee (ak and bk) looking to tride some trike in the area. soak up some sun resting against the rock.

Looking to travel around april of 2003 with 10 days to spend.

Currently in US, Arizona area, wondering on any places to rent a trike? Will I need to bring a converter (for recharging my 'chair)
Thumbnail estimates on costs?

Thank you,

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You know I've read your message a couple times now and I've almost not answered it.
I just came back from Uluru (Ayers Rock) so I can well understand your desire to go there. But it is not an easy place to maneuver with all parts working.

I found that it did not have as special a uniqueness as I think I was looking for. I'm not certain if I was looking for something like Zion Natl or Bryce but for me, what I found, was more commercial. Each trip is was a separate tour and cost. The special dinner was a buffet and you had to climb a slight incline in sand and the bugs were biting like crazy.
I honestly think you could enjoy Sydney, Perth, the barrier Reef a lot more. If I've disappointed you, I'm sorry.
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I agree with the above poster. The centre is not an easy place to be if you are not fully 100% fit because of the rough services. It was bad enough for me with 2 artificial knees let alone someone like yourself. Also quite frankly I think that it would not come anywhere close to the fantastic sites you have in Arizona i.e. Grand Canyon, Sedona, Painted Desert etc etc.
The Barrier Reef on the other hand would be wonderful for you as it does not require much effort to have a great time in water anyway. Sydney too, perhaps around the Gold Coast and/or Melbourne.
Have a great time in Oz and yes you will need a transformer for your chair.
Old Jun 21st, 2002, 06:22 AM
Paul S
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Hi MD,

I live in Alice Springs and I can tell you that there is no place here that rents Tikes. The best you could hope for would be a Quad Bike tour but I do not think they cater for people with disabilities, sorry.

You will find that the accomodation at Ayres Rock varies from camp ground to 5 star but it is quite a ways from the Rock itself. I think you will find getting around a bit tedious, it can be done but a lot of the outdoor activities are not wheelchair friendly.
You will need to bring a converter for your chair.


Old Jun 21st, 2002, 06:23 AM
Paul S
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Sorry I should also say that the Quad Bike tours are not at the Rock they are done just out of Alice Springs.
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I just had a disabled client return from a trip to Oz, including Uluru. She's in a wheelchair too, and had a wonderful time. It took a bit of planning but we did it. Post email address here and I will reply to you.
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It would be great for you to have a marvelous time.

But then I'd like to know how they got that client all around Uluru. Don't think it was easy.
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I have a contact in Oz that deals with travel for the disabled. He is in a wheelchair too. Australia is a fine destination for the physically challanged.
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m draves
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Indeed, converter seems to be a common thread, and semi anticipated.

Yes, Arizona is nice, but sunning myself at Uluhru has been a fantasy long before a drunk took my legs.

I want to traipse around as much as I can, and have thought of purchasing a Ural with sidecar or some-such...jury still out on that though.

Please email me directly at '[email protected]' if you wish,just put something in the subject jfield that I can relate to this inquiry as I delete/block any messages from senders that I do not recognize.

Other destinations in OZ are quite attractive too .... like getting soggy, and groggy wherever,however,whenever.

'till then, keeping the rubber-side down,

Old Jul 2nd, 2002, 01:41 AM
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As I was looking up some info in my Australia travel guide (Fodor's, natch!)I noticed that they listed a variety of travel agents, several of which that market themselves for individuals w/disabilities. Perhaps, these companies may be helpful to you

Good luck, I'm off to Oz in 2 days!!
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