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Goran Kozuvarov
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Hi,my cousins and i are planning a trip next summer
to Yugoslavia but we decided to take a trip to Egypt
for two weeks.I realize it is in Africa and the Middle East but i thought i might get a few extra
responses on this site.I would like any tips possible i also would like to know where the pyramids are?Does it cost anything to see them?Should i dress like a tourist?Are there things
we should look out for like pan handlers or any
dangers.If anybody can help me with any of these
questions i would be greatly appreciated!
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courtney campbell
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The pyramids are only a few minutes from downtown Cairo. You can take a taxi to them for less than $10. There is an entrance fee - I can't remember exactly but it wasn't much (probably around $5). There is an extra charge to go inside the biggest pyramid but it is worth it. You can go all the way to the center of it. Also, there is a separate museum with a huge Egyptian barge that was discovered completely intact in a secret chamber near the biggest pyramid - that is definitely worth the price! Regarding safety, people are constantly trying to sell you stuff and camel rides but we never felt in danger. Just use the normal precautions and you'll be fine. There is a sound and light show at night but it's kind of corny. I've travelled a lot and my trip to Egypt was the best trip I ever had. I don't think I will ever find any place so incredible. Will you be able to go to the Luxor and the Valley of the Kings? You should if at all possible. Oh! One more thing - don't forget to go to the Egyptian Museum which has the King Tut exhibit in addition to many other wonders. I would suggest reading up on Egyptian history to understand the impact of what you will see.
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Goran, I agree completely with Courtney. But I had another experience. I booked all trip from Cairo to Aswan, Abu Simbel, Luxor with a well known travel agency in Cairo. I had to pay cash in USD when I arrived at the airport all my trip. I was provided a small car where we made all visits in Cairo. Pyramids where fast seen but we had the chance to enter Mykerinos. "The huge Egyptian barge" was closed for renovation - what was not true. And we 'visited' the Coptic Churches at mess hours when you should not disturb prayers! We discovered later on that we didn't "baksheesh-ed" enough in order to "open" all closed doors... And make our visit more "available" Baksheesh is an institution and you had to cope with it. We flew from Cairo to Abu Simbel. Incredible! In Aswan we stayed in the Old Cataract Hotel and from aour room we had the most relaxing view over the Elephantine and the Nile with feloukas passing gently under our balcony. We took a cruise from there to Luxor. Sheraton boats have only the name of "Sheraton". The rest was very poor. If there was not so much to see and the company of friends, we will call it a truly tourist trap. Kom Ombo, Edfu and Esna worth the visit. Luxor and the Kings Valley where absolutely astonishing. We found local people very kind except in shops and in administration. After visiting Egypt we experienced a feeling of "fullness" and "emptiness" at the same time : people like you and me, thousands years ago, had a perfect sense and vision of beauty and harmony. They legate us just a thin surface of their all philisophy which we can hardly understand today. After Egypt your perception and the meaning of life and death will never be the same again.
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1. avoid bright clothing. no sense looking like a touris-target if you don't have to. my (blond) wife and i (tanned) were in egypt a couple years ago. i was not uncomfortable at all even walking in the tightest corner of the bazzars. my wife, seemed to elicit a lot of stares -- light hair, complexion and bright clothes.

2. try to find a taxi to hire for the day. should be well under $75 for the day including gas. drive to siani and down the suez one day. drive to alexandria the next. a really relaxing way to travel; but be sure you get an english speaking driver

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Fernando MS
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Hi Goran
I hope this will reach you before you go. Me and some friends use to travel on non-organized tours. We plan the trip at home and just buy the air tickets. Last summer (20th September to October 6th) we went to Egypt from Cairo to Asswan, Luxor, Abu Simbel and Sinai. It was was just a fine hollyday and cheap. If you still need info reply me and I will mail to you a resume of our trip including hotels, tranportations, etc.
Fernando MS
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Rajeev R. Tadas
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I vacationed in Egypt two years ago in November. Had a great time. You must Alexandria, Wonderful city with great views of the Med. Sea. I was fortunate enough to take a cruise up the Nile with my family. The most enjoyable part was the excursion to the Valley of the Kings where we visited the Tutankuman's tomb and tombs of other Kings. Also enjoyed the visits to Luxor and Karmac.
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I would appreciate some information on negotiating a price for a Nile cruise. Thanks for tour help.

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You'll have a great time and I agree with all the previous messages. I would only add that you MUST drink lots of bottled water as you see the sights in the summer. I spent 10 days (Cairo, Luxor, Abu Simbel, etc.) there in May and became dehydrated the first few days. Because it is so dry, persperation evaporates and I didn't get the uncomfortable feeling that I get in Florida. So I was caught unawares. Don't wait until you feel thirsty. everything you can get your hands on before you go!
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My wife and I were part of an organized company tour of Cairo. Athough I agree with what most of the responses have been, I would like to add my 2 cents worth. My blond fair skinned wife was the centre of attention at the pyramids with many African tourists wanting to take her picture and have her pose with them. Be carefull as some tried to get her to see the other side of the pyramids. A couple from our group took the camel ride and were susequently taken behind the pyramid and robbed. Other than that the valley of the kings is spectacular and mind boggling no matter what the cost. I would not go back into the pyramids however as I seem to be a bit claustifobic and there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Just a big empty room. Roal egyptian museum, defineately!! Prepare to spend a great deal of time. Tut exibhibit was 1 day alone. Stay off the backstreets at night and enjoy a wonderfull holiday in egypt

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