Australia or China

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Australia or China

My husband and I have a two week vacation coming up in April. We're trying to decide between China and Australia.

Can we get some input from those of you that have been to both countries? We're American's and have been to neither. And don't know that we'll get the chance to do a trip like this again. We're in our late 30's, like outdoor actvities as well as seeing the city sites. Been to several European countries and Middle East.

Appreciate any comments,
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Lori -

I went on a one week trip to Beijing last November and loved it. China wasn't really a country I had ever dreamed about going to (like Australia) but the country was really fascinating. I loved seeing the Great Wall (at Badaling and Simatai) and Beijing was really interesting as well. I'm just now planning a trip to Australia for this September, so I can't compare the two. China would definitely be the "different" of the two trips. Have fun wherever you end up going.
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We went to China for 2 weeks with China Focus in October and to Australia & NZ in January independently. We were in Sydney for 5 nights and the Great Barrier Reed for 5 nights. Australia is so huge, and in some ways not too different from Los Angeles, where we live. In 2 weeks, I think you can see more of China. And, to us, it was really different. We're in our 60's and
are active. For us, the choice would be China. For our kids, who are all in their 30s, it would be Australia.
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If you're into the outdoors - pick Australia. We're living in Hong Kong, China is the 3rd most polluted city in the world & you'll do your lungs more harm than good if you engage in outdoor activities. Since the Olympic bids are underway, you'll probably get a "clean" view of Beijing. Unspeakable things were done to prepare for the last bid. Though they have been pushing outdoor stuff lately, biking trips, hiking etc. Most people we know who tour China do it on a package deal, as English isn't prominent & if you get off the beaten track it's nill. It does have some beautiful scenic areas & alot have opened up especially for local tourists (in the mountainous areas, river boat tours etc. into areas with people who until previously had no contact with the outside world).

I've recently been to Shenzen (a special economic zone just across the boarder from Hong Kong). It's not worth a trip if you're coming from abroad. A big concrete shopping mall selling fake designer purses & they'll grab at you if you don't take it. It's better outside the mall!

I'd full on recommend Australia for the outdoors activities. We're going in April for 3 weeks also. A lot of our friends are Aussie & the outdoors is where it's at there.

We're probably going on a package tour of China for 5 days, it's a good cultural experience, but if you have the choice you can do China at any age. The more time that passes, the more chance China will open up & improve (hopefully). Do Australia while you're young & you can do all of the outdoors activities instead of seeing them through a coach window. In China you won't be exploring it without the aid of a guide, local, or self researched & frustrated.
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My wife and I also live in Hong Kong (she's Chinese; I'm american) and we've travelled to both countries several times.

It's interesting you've chosen these two destinations to pick from--they really couldn't be much different.

It sounds as if you're experienced travellers, so you shouldn't experience too much shock at visiting China. It's hard, though, as someone above mentioned, to get around outside China's major cities and their tourist tracks without either being on a guided tour or being with a Chinese reader/speaker. There are real language and cultural issues, and unless you're extraordinarly easygoing and patient, in a two-week trip these are going to wear on you. Having said that, China's high points are really, really high--the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Xian, and of course Hong Kong! Spectacular sights all, and with the real 'otherness' that makes travel exciting.

Travelling in Australia, on the other hand, is almost too easy. You can arrange hotels and other trip details over the web, the food is great, getting around is a breeze, and it's really cheap right now for US dollar types. It's loaded with amazing natural wonders, and Sydney and Melbourne are also relentlessly attractive, if not likely to inspire that kind of 'otherness' experience. There are indeed a lot of similarities between coastal Oz and west coast USA--although I'd give Syndey the nod over either LA or SF.

One other factor to consider: if you're really looking for a 'vacation' (i.e. to relax) there's no question: travel in China is not restful.

Bon voyage whichever you choose!

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I have been to both. China is a great experience. The wall - Tieneman Sq. the history, the pearls and cheap knockoffs. I also got out about 5 hours from Beijing, interesting countryside. I only went to Sydney - big city like any in the US. It is a relatively new city, so to really understand the country you need to explore past the city limits.

Either one will consists of the long flight.


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