Alan-what did you decide for New Years Eve?

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Alan-what did you decide for New Years Eve?

Hi all,
When last we left Alan (Mucky's savior) he was deciding where to go for viewing the fireworks for New Years Eve. I think he was going to some remote parkland recommended by someone else on the board. What did you find out about that area and where have you decided to go.
I have my plans (Proclaim Cruises) but others may be interested in your (always wonderful) advice.
36 hours to departure.
Happy Holidays to all.
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hi Pat!

I'll be looking for your Proclaim Charter while we are in the harbor New Year's Eve! I'll be on the Fiesta Cruise. I hope you have a great time!
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Hi, patw and smchrissy and others!

Well, that's TWO cruise ships I will have to look out for from our vantage point. I think most of the eager-takers on the original thread have, like you two, now made other arrangements, but, for what it's worth, here is what I finally (only this morning, as at last the Transit people are willing to share with us what their New Year arrangements will be)worked out for our family and any other Fodorites who would care to join us.

Early afternoon, we plan to take a ferry to Cremorne Point. As we get off the ferry we will head to the right, towards the actual "point". About a quarter of the way down -- no more than two minutes' walk --is a children's playground, and from various spots around the edges of this area a good view is to be had of Sydney and the Bridge. We will hope that there is at least one place left to spread a double blanket and set out some nibbles and drinks. Then the kids can play in the playground (there are public toilets here too, which is another "plus") while the adults sit and take in the view, and try to stop the rapidly-descending hordes of people from encroaching on our blanket space.

The ferries will stop running several hours before the fireworks start; for latecomers, one can travel here from Sydney by taking a bus to Neutral Bay Junction from Wynyard, and then either walk straight down Murdoch Road, which becomes Milson Road as you get closer to the Point (but that's a long walk, easily two kilometres) or catch the regular Bus 225. This is the bus that is going to get us back to civilisation after the show is over.

There are two fireworks displays scheduled: one at 9 p.m. and another at midnight. Anyone who wants to leave after the first show will find buses leaving the wharf bus stop -- right near the playground -- at 9:27, 10:12, 10:57, and 11:42. Those who stay for the second show might be wise to start moving back towards the bus stop and watching the fireworks from the queue, as there is one single bus after midnight, at 12:22. These buses do NOT go right to the city, only the 2 km to Neutral Bay Junction, but from there there are frequent buses for hours after midnight, and it's only ten minutes across the Bridge.

As a worst-case scenario, if the bus is impossibly-full and the Transit people won't send a back-up, it's a 2 km, steadily-but-gently-uphill walk to Neutral Bay.

If any Fodorites want to join this group -- which at present is just four people, two adults and two kids -- then I can make a sign saying "Fodor's" to identify the blanket. If we get to the playground and there is NO space, we will just move further along or back until we find a space of some sort, maybe on the slope between the playground and the water (never having watched the fireworks from here before, I am unable to estimate what the crowd density will be by mid-afternoon). The area is full of trees, but the shadiest spots will go first, and anyway, as the sun travels, you're bound to be in direct sunlight part of the time, so bring a hat. If, however, it's a rainy day (not likely at that time of year, but it has been quite a wet summer so far) or there's an afternoon storm, then forget it -- I love fireworks, but not if I end up with pneumonia. And, also, it's worth remembering that last year they called off the fireworks at the last moment, ostensibly because of windy conditions (but they wouldn't be likely to tell us if there were another more suspicious reason in these post 9-11 days).

Well, that's my suggestion for New Year's Eve, and I hope that at least SOMEBODY can join us, as it would be great to sit and chat with some old "Fodor's friends"! I feel a real cameraderie between the regulars on this board -- something I didn't find when I used to follow the threads on some of the other boards -- and this would seem to be a pleasant, if small, step towards adding a new dimension to Fodor's. If it works, NEXT year we'll ask the Fodor's administrators for some

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Happy New Year to Alan, family and all of you who make the reunion.
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Alan, it sounds like a lovely time. I can't imagine coming down to Oz and not meeting some of the classiest fodorites, but right now it doesn't seem like I will have time!

However, I will have access to a computer when I'm down there so I will check in from time to time. I'll be staying in Elizabeth Bay and probably won't stray too far from there on New Year's...although we are going to attempt to go to the main harbour for fireworks. My friend is doing all the planning (or lack thereof!)

Happy holidays everyone. Thanks as always for making this forum a great resource and heaps of fun!
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Alan, thanks for the great information. For a first time traveller to Australia it has been extremely helpful and I am sure we are going to have a wonderful time in your beautiful country. I have written down the details as to where you will be on New Year's Eve. We are staying by Hyde Park and will try to find the area. If we are unsuccessful, than I hope you have a great time and I'll be toasting you at midnight! Mina, I hope you have a safe trip and have fun with your friends. I am very excited that I am going to be meeting one of the Fodorites for dinner on the 29th at Forty One, so I know I'll be meeting at least one of you! Have a great holiday season and I'll check in when I return and see how many of you I may have passed on the street, or sat next to on a ferry! Cheers!
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