3 weeks honeymoon in Oz - where to go?

Mar 2nd, 2009, 01:10 PM
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3 weeks honeymoon in Oz - where to go?

We have just booked flights to spend our honeymoon in Oz over Christmas and New year this year. We have never been before and would like some sugestions on how best to spend our time to make the most of the sites. We are there for just less than 3 weeks and fly into Sydney on the 23rd December. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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Mar 2nd, 2009, 01:40 PM
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Well get some accommodation booked for Sydney right now as it gets rather packed between Xmas and NY especially and you might as well spend there until NYE+ to see the fireworks that ought to be on still unless the economy really has a depression installed.

Heading well north or inland you're likely to run into pretty warm weather and humid in coastal areas so yo may want to take that into consideration in thinking of heading to places like the http://www.whitsundays.com.au/ or Cairns region - http://www.thetourspecialists.com/tours-reef.html

I'd suggest if you fly up to either or both you then fly back to Brisbane and do a bit of touring between Brisbane and Sydney, only issue being that it'll be most popular beach holiday season as main Xmas school holidays co-incide.

The other alternative would be to consider a tour south from Sydney, there being some delightful smaller less touristy villages along the south coast before a couple of hundred kilometres of state forest with little else before getting back to civilisation at a place called Lakes Entrance, about 350 km. east of Melbourne.

www.parksweb.vic.gov.au for locations about Victoria, though this years bushfires will have had a blackening effect in some regions.

And a week or so on Tasmania would provide some great scenery, bush walks and touring. http://www.parks.tas.gov.au/index.aspx?base=1315
www.underdownunder.com.au will provide an insight to some of Tasmania.
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Mar 3rd, 2009, 08:21 AM
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Thanks for the information Bushranger. It has certainly given us something to think about.

Are hotels in Sydney expensive? Do you know anything about the little touring vehicles that are for hire that have beds etc in them?
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Mar 3rd, 2009, 04:08 PM
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Yep, hotels in Sydney can be expensive, stratospherically so for the more top range ones and then costs can launch into outer space for the Xmas to NY period when it seems that just about anyone travelling to Sydnery or into Australia is heading to Sydney.

All the accommodation houses know that and not only charge accordingly but can have a minimum stay requirement of seven days for Xmas to NYE and so if you're arriving a few days before it could be a ten day booking.

If you have a look at www.wotif.com or any of those hotel booking type sites and see what their standard rate is [not any discounted rates showing] you could increase that by 50-100% to give you some idea of what a lot if not most would be charging.
You may get a few that have lesser peak time increases but they'll be hard to come by.

Those little touring vehicles come in all sizes too, latest one on the market being http://www.jucy.com.au/weboffer/webo...FZgtpAodWWqHmQ and you plug in dates of say 24 Dec to 12 Jan and you'll get a daily hire rate of $72.
There are similar sized budget style vans that'll likely be not much less and quite probably an older model vehicle and then there are the larger more fully equipped campervans with toilets and showers on board that can be double that rate and more, particularly around December/January as it is considered peak hire time for them too - check out sites like www.britz.com , www.apollo.com.au and www.kea.com.au hopefully will be correct for main Australian hire companies.

Check the hire details re what is covered on insurance and what it will cost to minimise excess payable in the event of a claim.

If you want to travel on a lesser budget, a smaller camper and staying at holiday parks is one way of doing it, many being well equipped with outdoor BBQ kitchens and some with pools but locations are generally river/lake or seaside but again Xmas holidays can make getting a booking difficult in some places and you may have to resort to just camping up somewhere for the night - done regularly in Australia amd quite a few locations where it is legal to do so and most places if done dicreetly, you'll be OK even if not totally legal.

I've used http://www.standbyrelocations.com/default.aspx for city to city trips on a few occasions and they can work out even cheaper, but difficult to plan into something like a honeymoon unless you wanted to be a bit adventurous.

In keeping with the camper style travel, I'd consider a flight into Brisbane and out of Melbourne and head south from Brisbane as you'll find that in summer time a small van will be a beast for sleeping in on warmer evenings whereas heading south the evenings should be a bit cooler, particularly if you want to go a little inland along routes like http://www.waterfallway.info/ New England Highway and then http://www.thunderboltsway.com.au/ which would have you missing a heap of coastal traffic but still have you able to get to some nice coastal locations.

If you planned for arrival in Sydney the day or so before NYE you could book early into http://www.lcrtp.com.au/ or http://www.sydneylakeside.com.au/ and still catch the fireworks before heading off down the coast to Melbourne or whatever.
I posted following on thread by ZfromWinnipeg re their proposed touring and it gives some description of south coast:

" The drive south from Sydney is fortunately for those who love the area one of the less visited by tourists regions of the east coast and they do not know what they're missing.

It should start in leaving Sydney and taking a turn off into the Royal National Park[great views from visitor info centre] and then the Lawrence Hargreaves [ocean side] Drive that'll join you back to the main southern motorway near Wollongong. There's many smaller and larger towns that make great cuppa or overnighting stops - Berry, Jervis Bay/Sussex Inlet area Milton/Mollymook/Ulladulla, Batemans Bay and Coastal Drive, Mogo [back on highway] Narooma, Central Tilba/Tilba and there's a Tilba Valley Vineyard [nice drop] and about only vineyard down that way I think though could be some around Berry area/hinterland. You take a back roads scenic drive from just past Narooma out to the Vineyard and then on to Central Tilba.

There are a number of hinterland side trips worth doing too, for instance just past Wollongong you can head up to Robertson [site of movie Babe] and have a look about some of the southern tablelands - Bowral, Berrima and Mittagong - bit of history, some great residential gardens often having open days and a rich dairying/orchard food producing area, and then head back over to Fitzroy Falls before descending down to Kangaroo Valley and there is a back road across to Berry.

Down at Batemans Bay, you may want to do a drive up through the escarpment forests to Braidwood, another lovely old village full of crafty shops - ask around and you may even be directed to a small creek where you may spot some of the elusive Platypus - only problem is you may have to consider coming back down - it's a scary steep drive in places so needs to be taken easy as does the road down to Kangaroo Valley - and the road up to Robertson is very twisty too.

There is an option that could appeal though, and that is head on from Braidwood to Canberra and then down to Cooma for a look about the Snowy Mountains - great hiking areas in summer and then you can head on back to the coast to come out between Bega and Cobargo with not too great a double back for Central Tilba - http://www.tilba.com.au/tilbafarmcabins.htm and could be about the best value accommodation you'll find in all of Oz - maybe a spot to recharge batteries after first week or so going via Canberra and the Snowy. Or there's http://www.greengables.com.au/ just down the road.

[I know! - you have Canberra scheduled on way back but bear with me] ,

So from Tilba, you can head across to Bermaguii [fishing shack kind of place] and Wallaga Lake on way in is a lovely spot and then along the coast road to Tathra - nice beach and lovely small coastal village before Merimbula, a larger more touristy town of Batemans Bay size, lovely estuary and ocean beaches.

After Merimbula you have Eden and then after some forested driving you can turn off for Mallacoota, a retirees dream place except for the very twisty in places drive in - used to be a Gypsy Point Hotel right on Genoa River with lovely garden cottages but I've seen a report on it having burnt down.

Between Mallacoota turn-off and Bairnsdale you do not have much other than forest, Cann River whistle stop place and a few side tracks down to various relatively isolated spots on the coast until you get to Lakes Entrance a kind of Merimbula style place which is about 30 km. before Bairnsdale.

This is where your potential problem starts for you're thinking of heading Bairnsdale to Canberra and though there is one reasonably direct route via Buchan Caves and along our unamed road/track through to Jindabyne in the Snowy [ and a great great drive it is too except for if you are prone to car sickness or having weak arms/shoulders/wrists for there is an enormously long section [once past the caves from memory] where you do not have a straight section of road much longer than 50 -100 metres, just curve after curve after curve and some of that is on a sealed surface before you get off onto the unsealed section which is great countryside winding along beside the Snowy River, but the majority of the road is unsealed and I doubt that there is one hire company that allows for other than 4WD hire vehicles to go off sealed surfaces - that's the main issue to consider [other than how many curves - 1000s you want to drive around - the drive into Mallacoota or any around Kangaroo Valley are not even a picnic by comparison].
The other routes to Canberra are to backtrack to Cann River and head up that way or to take the Great Alpine Road[think it is all just about sealed now] across to Bright/Mt Beauty Kiewa Valley, Murray Valley Highway and Alpine Way through Thredbo to Jindabyne and on to Cooma and Canberra - a very scenic route too and you could side track off to Northern Victoria Wine Country.

I will not bother to comment in detail on the rest of your proposed trip at this stage [it being relatively straightforward] but will give you a few things to contemplate:

1. February/March is our hottest time of the year and aside from the inland country being dry and hot, if next year is to be anything like this one, bushfires, especially through the alpine area and then inland NSW is something to be considered.

2. For food/wine you're missing some of Australias best - a bit further down towards Melbourne you have a Gippsland Gourmet Trail, Fruit Orchards south of the Yarra Valley and the Yarra Valley Vineyards not to mention also Vineyards and Produce area of Mornington Peninsula.

3. If you have not done Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills, Barossa and Clare Valleys, McClaren Vale and Coonawarra districts you're also missing some of the best wine/food area of Australia.

I'd suggest that whether or not you look at exploring those more southern areas and you can bypass Melbourne to do so, that you consider giving the hotter inland a miss and fly Melbourne or Adelaide to Brisbane and then start your touring south from there again.

In general terms. the coastal strips as you've no doubt seen from earlier trips has National Parks nearly endless from Melbourne through to Brisbane."

Another cool place to give you a break from a Camper would be http://www.murramarangresort.com.au/ and you'll find heaps of great B&Bs all over and with $70/d for a camper you're not paying much more than what a hire car would cost.
If heading to Melbourne, a detour on to South Gippsland Highway from Sale will get you in direction of Wilsons Promontory - usually so beautiful but been a bushfire raging there for over a week and a lot of it will be in recovery mode. At Traralgon, for a look at a big hole, there's a lookout over Loy Yang Open Cut just a few kilometres south and then a later detour from Morwell up through Mirboo North, Leongatha, Inverloch and Wonthaggi will get you to Phillip Island for Koalas and Fairy Penguins body surfing of an evening - http://www.phillipisland.net.au/ and if you decide on a detour via the high country - Great Alpine Road etc. there's plenty of tours out of Melbourne or just a day trip for you.

If you have another day or two to kill and do go via Gippsland, a drive from Traralgon out to Tyers and then back way through to Rawson, Whalhalla and Thompson Reservoir is quite lovely [ hopefully Bushfires will not have got that far]

If going that way, on way back from the reservoir, stick with main road but keep an eye out for a small sign on right that might say something like Mt Erica track or whatever - can't remember name but though it's on an unsealed surface [ hire companies do not want to know about that] you'll be OK taking it easy and there's a fork in track - off to right from memory and finally after about half an hour you'll come to a car parking area and you follow a boardwalk/trail for about 45 minutes [take some water/nibbles] and you'll reach an area I'll not ruin by description but it could have you hunting for fairies and elfs.

It's a location that very very few Australians even have ever probably been to let alone heard of.

And if you want to cuddle a Koala, you need to do that in Brisbane at http://www.koala.net/index.htm for regulations do not allow it in NSW or Vic.
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Mar 3rd, 2009, 04:29 PM
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For the larger Campers, Britz site is OK, but its http://www.apollocamper.com.au/campe...amper-car.aspx and they have relocations too and http://au.keacampers.com/PageTransfo...tid=24&lang=en
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