Traveling on low budget ,Japan

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Traveling on low budget ,Japan

It's my first time traveling alone. I think my budget is way too low. And it's unrealistic. Just want to get ideas.
Sorry if it's a mess. I never traveled alone and I lack so much knowledge. Even the basics.
I can speak English and Japanese pretty well so I don't think I'd have any communication problem.
Might not understand some words quite often though.

770.9 U.S Dollar / 77239.865 Japanese Yen

is the amount I'm gonna spend. I searched on google for exchange rate.
Exchange rate could be different by dates and locations of bank etc though.

I'm thinking of booking up by peach airlines for cheapest ticket.
But seems like the price for the ticket goes 2 to 4 times higher than it is by date.
For example . 4th will be only 66.33 u.s dollars. while 6th will be 198.22 u.s dollars.

I was thinking of if I could go to Japan, Tokyo at August 28th and come back at September 2nd.

August 28th , I'd stay at tokyo just roaming. Go to karaoke and net cafe to experience, and check the city.
August 29th , I want to go to the Japan's best beach. Was thinking if I could sleep at a little better place
this day since it's my birthday and it's my main purpose of visiting besides that I can also get to visit Japan.

August 30th, I want to go to the best water park. Water slides , aritificial water waves, and stuff like great wolf lodge.

August 31st. Would just go to Tokyo Akihabara for sight seeing for anime stuff, eating dessert at shops. I know they
have nice desserts.

September 1st Check out Shinjuku or other nice places. I don't think I can but visiting osaka while I visit Japan would be good too.

September 2nd. Pack up and go back home.

I'd prefer to ride the plane at night and arrive at night since I don't wake up early and don't like that feeling when
I get on the plane at morning and arrive at another country and feel like, "wait I'm already here and it doesn't have
that traveling feeling." It's only 30 minutes or 1 hour to Japan from my country.

I love getting on a big cruise ship (not those luxury expensive ones with shops,pools,movie theater,like freedom of the seas but huge ship with less luxury. like 1 room for 8 people to sleep on floor.
I did some research and those were actually more expensive and complicated.

The hotels though..
I searched and found out that hotels insanely expensive. I thought 100$ is probably enough for most hotel
that are huge but I found hotels that cost 600$ per night, that sounds like dubai's best hotel.
I know it looks cool but 600 $ for just one night stay there ? I'd rather spend on actually having fun.

Then I found some places at 100$ that looks not worthy enough for it's cost.
50$ hotels looked like the best. It was not too bad. There was a bedroom (some are really small to even walk around.), bathroom (that looked like a normal house bathroom). The view outside was terrible when I searched
on youtube. Smile hotel okinawa I think. I'm not even sure if that place was near the beach of okinawa.

I think it all differs by the place. Even cheap hostels are so much luxury than these cheap hotels.
Maybe okinawa area is all expensive than Tokyo with a worse facility.
I remember sleeping in Tokyo hostel with 2 beds that have another bed on top so 4 single beds. (Sorry I don't know what these are called.) and the place was so beautiful. The view and the window was like the hotel.

I'm thinking of sleeping at the cheapest since my budget is too low.
Net cafe (probably the cheapest, some call it manga cafe instead of internet cafe but I think Japanese call it neto cafe) Can I go out whenever I want to after buying the 7 hour sleep room ?
16$ a night ?

Capsule hotels clean and nice. The only difference from cheap hotels would be you are sleeping in a small capsule.
I wonder if I can get outside after checking in if I need to or want to go out when I want to when feeling like it.
Could feel like I want some fresh air. 20$ a night ?

Hostels , there are good ones like the one I've visited before but some are bad.
Ryokan they say Tokyo don't have good Ryokan so probably I'll pass.

Love hotel, could be just a beautiful luxury place to stay with cheap price is what I think. 50$?

Then there is tax that I don't how to count.
Mobile renting ? Those are cheaper than making my own phone work by changing chips ?
It's not like I really need to use a phone though.
Visa and master card will be enough to buy everything ? I never use cash in my life.
Only need passport since I don't need visa ?
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Japan can be quite expensive - but doesn't have to be, if you know where to find a good deal.
You can see Japan and be quite satisfied and comfortable if your expectations are not exorbitant. There are also special deals that people living in Japan cannot take advantage of, and can save you a lot of money.

First - the legalities: do you need a visa? What's your citizenship? See if your country is part of the visa waiver agreement:

Second - itinerary - if you're only in Japan for less than 5 full days, then forget about Osaka, or any other distant place. But I'd say 3-4 days in Tokyo is enough - you might consider a day trip to someplace like Nikko, Kamakura, Hakone, the Fuji 5 Lakes area, Kusatsu, Yokohama, or Karuizawa. There are some good regional rail passes you can use. Peach is indeed a good low cost carrier. Fares vary widely according to demand. Choose which you like.

Third - money - Do NOT solely depend on credit cards. You will need cash. The best way is through your ATM car at a Japanese post office or 7-11.
You can also see what Japanese money looks like at
Note that you can not use
1 or 5 yen coins in vending machines and phones.

Four - transport - look into a subway day pass for 2-3 days. Very worthwhile.
There are also good regional rail passes on:

There are many budget accommodations - try some business hotels - they are cheap, conveniently located, clean, quiet, offer free wi-fi in the rooms and even throw in breakfast for free. Some chains are Toyoko Inn, Superhotel, Comfort Inn, Route Inn, Dormy Inn, Oak Hotel, etc. You can find a good place for less than US$70 a night.

Still want cheaper? No problem - there is that too.
And there *are* cheap ryokan as well. Like the Kimi Ryokan, Taito Ryokan, Tokyo Ryokan, and try a bunch here:
If you want beaches, try Kamakura & Enoshima for a day. For water parks, there is Tokyo Summerland, but it not cheap.

For what to see, try browsing through:
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Wow thank you so much. Very useful information all at once. =D
I think why my plan isn't gonna work is because
of transportation fee and time from tokyo to okinawa and coming back ?

I don't know. In other websites they say my budget is never gonna work and there is no cheap in a budget in Tokyo.

200$ seems enough for plane tickets round trip.
Only if peach airlines has a cheap ticket at that date.
I think it's too late now. Seems like the price is going higher. But still on some dates it's really cheap as 80$.

Maybe I can make the stay shorter.

say 3 nights 4 days ?

30$ x9 = 270$ (capsule or cheap dorm types you suggested have 2200 yen and others 3200yen,seems could get low as 25$ ?)


11 meals ?



The beach is free on some okinawa but some needs to be payed. Also transportation is like 100$.
So if I were to go to close beach.. Nah
I guess I should just give up and go to a water park instead close to Tokyo and stay only at Tokyo.

Water park fee 100$ (It says 4500 yen without any discount,
maybe I could go for 3500yen. I'm scared of slides anyways unless there is something that is not scary and fun. lol
and I know water park foods are expensive and there maybe
additional stuff to spend on.)


100$ on days when I'm gonna pay more for food or others.
(Dessert or few times I'd want some good meal about 22$.
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>>Only need passport since I don't need visa ?

That would be true if, for example, you have a valid ordinary Korean passport, or other country for which no visa is required.


Visitors are required to hold proof of sufficient funds to
cover their stay and documents required for their next
destination .

How easily can you show proof of "sufficient funds"? In addition to your credit and atm cards and some cash, I suggest that you print and carry your itinerary. Your itinerary should show the names and addresses and costs of your lodging (hostel or other).

That would at least show that you understand what your costs will be and that you probably know that you have sufficient funds (i.e. available credit or cash).
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>>documents required for their next destination

For you, your next destination is probably to return home. In any case, you will need to show that you have a ticket to leave Japan. They want proof that you will leave within the temporary visitor time period of 90 days.
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