Tokyo C or C

Nov 13th, 2000, 10:30 PM
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Tokyo C or C

Hi guyz,making a tokyo trip from 23rd to 29th November.
1)l know the weather is turnig cold now,but have the crimnson yellow and fiery red autumn foliage arrive in Tokyo
city now?What are the best spots for momijigari besides
Meiji shrine,shinjuku garden?
2)l heard about how tough to locate yen dispensing ATM machine in Tokyo,usage of credit card etc.l call my credit card
company but they can't tell me where to locate these machines(can you believe that!).Please somebody tell me
a)where exactly to find yen dispensing ATM machines in Shinjuku,Harajuku,Shibuya,Ueno,Odaiba using
foreign ATM/Debit card(eg.UOB ,OCBC ATM card) with a PLUS logo(NOT cirrus system).Can l use my ATM card on JCB,Citibank,DC,Million ATM machines?
My friend told me one at Shinjuku,My city 7 floor.
b)which bank to go to get credit advance using my Visa card.

Thanx for yor help and have a nice day
Nov 14th, 2000, 02:42 AM
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At Citibank and some other special ATMs you can use your credit card. Unfortunately, there are only a few of those special ATMs. I do believe the MyCity dept. store does have one of these as you mentioned.

Some of the Citibanks in Tokyo:

There's one Citibank in Shibuya just before you get to Tokyu Department store (not the station branch but the one about 10 mins from the station--next to Bunkamura store).

((((There's also a special ATM corner in Shibuya that accepts MC and I also think
Visa...This one is next to Tokyo-Mistubishi Bank near the station--across from the station's bus area.---There are two areas for buses so if you don't see the Tokyo-Mitsubishi bank (red sign) then you'll have to go to the other side of the station.))))

There's a Citibank in Shinjuku which is not far from the train station (east side). If I remember correctly it is on the otherside of Mitsubishi Department store, but probably closer to the station. Ask at the koban (police box-outside) at the station or someone on the street.

For Harajuku you'll have to be on Aoyama Street to get to Citibank. You can walk there from Harajuku or Omote-Sando station. If you get off a Harajuku just walk up to Omote-Sando subway station. Once you're there you'll be at the Omote-sando---Aoyama street intersection. You'll see a Fuji bank on one corner--follow Aoyama street past the Fuji Bank for approx. 5-10 minutes. The Citibank will be just a little past the Kinokuniya supermarket. If you get lost just ask someone for Kinokuniya supermarket or even Max Mara clothing store which is across from Kinokuniya.

****You might find it better to bring traveler's checks rather worrying about the ATM charges--or take off the money on your card at home and get traveler's checks in your currency then exchange them at any bank in Tokyo.... In Japan traveler's check rates are very good and there's no worry about getting a bad rate.****

Going to Tokyo at this time is nice since the weather is generally sunny although a bit cool. I prefer the fall to any other month in Japan. The places you're going to for foliage is probably quite good. Kyoto, in my opinion, is better for that. However, even Omote-Sando in Tokyo is a nice place for walking. It's one of Tokyo's best streets--lots of trees.
Nov 14th, 2000, 05:14 AM
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ATM in Ueno: look for a small passage in a restaurant building connecting the main street to Ameya Yokocho, about 2 minutes on foot from Yodobashi camera shop.

In Jimbocho (books mecca of Tokyo), there's one on the ground floor of one of the main bookstore.

the center for MC card is located in Marunouchi, opposite Tokyo station.

The TIC in Yurakucho (Forum center) usually has a list of ATMs accepting international cards in Tokyo.

The most convenient way of obtaining yen is by postal cheques at the main post office in front of Tokyo station and in most of the main post offices.
Nov 14th, 2000, 05:44 AM
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Here's the MC and Visa ATM locators. I expect you'll find happiness somewhere in there ...:

"Matches 1 to 10 of 85"

Nov 14th, 2000, 08:14 AM
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This make me worried. I somehow thought if I had PLUS or CIRRUS ATM, card, I can get cash at most of the ATM around the world. But it appears by reading the posting that most ATMs in Japan do not belong to either network?

Looking at PLUS ATM locator, they seem to be concentrated on mostly chic shopping, business, transportation centers most likely visited by foreign visitors. Does it means at as one goes away from these places, it become harder to find an ATM accepting PLUS/CIRRUS card?

Then what network should the card belong to be able to use most ATM in Japan?
Nov 14th, 2000, 12:53 PM
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You must remember that Japan is a very safe country, where everybody is used to carry a lot of cash and credit card use is almost restricted to the main cities. You should therefore plan to have cash ahead should you want to go outside of the main touristy places (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nara, ...).
Nov 15th, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Hi guyz,thanx for your reply.To clarify,
l planned to use my ATM/Debit card(NOT
my VISA card) to withdraw yen from ATM machines.Does all those ATM machines mentioned above accept an international
ATM/Debit card with plus system (eg.UOB ATM card/OCBC ATM card)or only
Visa card??
Thanx and have a nice day1
Nov 15th, 2000, 02:19 AM
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In my experience, only Visa and MC cards will work on those machines. Despite the commission, the rate is still better than exchanging cash.

I'd be really surprised if a ATM debit card from Europe or the US was working on a Japanese machine, unless your bank has an agreement with a Japanese bank. You don't say where you live but you might check with a local Sumitomo bank ?
Nov 15th, 2000, 04:37 AM
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I used my ATM card with the plus system at Citibank so don't worry about that. And it's true you CANNOT use this card at Japanese banks--they're not connected with international banks in that way.

Those special ATMs around as I do recall do take PLUS and Cirrus. I mentioned the one in Shibuya --noted above in my reply.

Basically every major area will have a Citibank....The ones I mentiomed in Shibuya, Shinjuku and Aoyama are probably the easiest to find.

And it's true the further you get out of these major areas it becomes extremely hard to use your ATM card. There's no point in trying to locate the only ATM that accepts foreign cards in smaller cities due to the frustration of finding it..So, if you're going outside these areas prepare enough cash and if possible bring a credit card to pay for certain purchases.

So, if I were you I'd just go to the Citibanks since those will be the easiest places to use your ATM card.


It may seem as most branches do not offer 24 hour service, but actually they do....If you click "ATM CORNER" on the left side of the web page it will display all the 24 hour ATMs at Citibank branches.

***There are maps you can print to help you find your way.....***
Nov 17th, 2000, 04:46 PM
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I'm from Britain & couldn't get any of my 'plastic' to work in Japan. If you take travellers cheques be prepared to spend a LONG time cashing them ( photocopying of passport, taking paperwork to a superior to check etc. etc. ). Still loved the place though....
Nov 22nd, 2000, 09:10 AM
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Just returned from Tokyo. Loved it! Wanted to return advice since so much of the advice given here helped us. Onto the question...

Although it's close to your departure date, Cozaar, I hope we can help. We also found it difficult to use our American ATM cards in Japan to obtain cash. Our biggest problem though was having to find an ATM with an ENGLISH option. This was more difficult than finding an ATM where our card would work. Our hotel staff (Ginza Tobu) and the Tourist Info Center Staff (at Narita airport and the Tokyo Int'l Forum) were VERY helpful though.

One I remember visiting was a CITIBANK on Chuo-dori in Ginza (a couple of blocks down from Harumi-dori) near Matsumaya Dept. Store, I think.

Hope this helps.
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