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Jan 10th, 2013, 10:21 AM
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Thanks for your comments on the different forts. That is what I had read (between the lines) in the write ups and reviews of the four places. A crowd can ruin a place for I think I will stick with my original plan. If the touts are too bad at FS we will just move on...done that before too. Thanks

Humayan's Tomb is on our list....was told it was really interesting and good in the later afternoon for nice photos which DH likes. Sounds great.

Looks like Santushti Market needs to be added for food and shopping.

The Cottage Industeries is on my list for the first afternoon for just you comments!

Thanks for the suggestion on Hauz Khaz and Dilli Haat. I am having a hard time with narrowing down my shopping musts in Delhi while leaving time for some of the sites that appeal to us.

I do want to get some light cottons the first day for our time in India plus to enjoy during our muggy summer here at home. The whole trip plan requires that I have some cool weather clothes also...well that is a good excuse to shop!

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Jan 10th, 2013, 11:55 AM
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I Jaipur, for shopping, i LOVED Soma. Much nicer clothes at the one there (hAVE never been to the one in New Delhi) than either Fabindia which i also love or Anokhi. It was lcoated in a small house, but i thind they have since changed location, so check.

Haus Khaz in ND is not a market per se it is a small shopping are that is sort of built to look like a village street/ Great, small , non-chain shops. Also,at the end of the street an marvelous archaeological site overlooking a lake. You will love it for the shopping and the photos ops. MUCH more charing than Khan Market, which is just a sort of square busy outdoor mall type place.

Abhaneri village and stepwell, worth the side trip. Lovely countryside/village on the way. fascinating Escher-like stepwell, and a great old small palace that was undergoing archaelogical dig when i was there a yr ago .Dont RUSH out of there. This is a village which is a lot more authentic (for lack of better word) than a lot of what you will see in some of your other stops. I was the only tourist there. There was a local guide there and he was terrific, so dont be certain you wont use a guide. With ANY guide in INdia,.if you are short on time,just let them know! this is a poor village, so any income (tip) at all is appreciated

View on the new Del to Agra highway?? Dont expect any.

On outskirts of jaipur (as you enter coming from Agra direction)try to see Galta Ji, the Monkey Temple. Your driver should know how to get up the hill to the main entrance. YOu will pass a village going up to it. The walk up the hill is NOT bad (i noted that you have some trouble walking.) you will see, besides the monkeys of course, local people bathing in the holy pool
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Jan 10th, 2013, 12:06 PM
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sorry, just reread your original post--you said *via* not *view* on road Del to Agra.

Totally agree with Louise and was just about to say, SKIP Red Fort and go to Agra Fort instead. a GREAT guide is key. Ours painted word pictures of life at the time, the markets in the fort courtyard, the community mtgs, the hidden nooks for the ladies` jewelry, the shower, etc. One of the highlights of any trip i have made to India (loved it despite 110 F heat at the time)!

Have a great trip!!!!!
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Jan 10th, 2013, 12:24 PM
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FS is well worth a couple of hours bet. jaipur and agra...

we did not find the food that "hot"... its easy to pick things that are not.. avoid curries..

soups are fab.. chicken/beef korma or shrimp korma...

some chicken dishes cooked in the fast oven--

ask them to leave spices off..

kulfi ice cream is good..

stay away from buffets, except at breakfast...

dal is fab...

naan bread, esp ones with fruit and nuts..
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Jan 10th, 2013, 12:48 PM
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It all sounds so great! Our visas should arrive tomorrow. I, too, plan to buy clothes the first day. Cotton tunics so much better than tee shirts. Will take all these pages printed out from Fodors with us.

We are working with Legends and Palaces and Mr. VP Singh has been perfectly responsive to our needs. He has made recommendations which will made our trip so much better. He notes that flights have resumed between Varanisi and Agra saving us flying back to Delhi and then been driven to Agra. just hoping neither DH or I get the flu in these last few weeks.
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Jan 10th, 2013, 01:03 PM
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Thanks for your suggestions, especially on Abhaneri...the info I found made it sound like our kind of place. Will be on the lookout for a some one willing to show us around there. I understand what you are saying about guides. Good ones can really bring things to life.

Will add the Monkey Temple back as a possible....had read that it was a climb to get to so didn't think I could do it though it does sound interesting.

I have visions of a new summer wardrobe dancing in my head! May have to check an empty suitcase after all...wonder if Dick will notice!
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Jan 10th, 2013, 01:05 PM
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Thanks for the food suggestions rhkkmk. I will add them to my list.
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Jan 10th, 2013, 01:38 PM
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When are you leaving? Wish I could have talked my husband into a little longer stay...would have liked going to Shimla on the "toy train" for a few days.

That he is even going, is feat! I have been trying to get him to visit for 15 years. In 2009 we spent a month of our five month trip in Africa because he made me take India out of the around the world plans mid planning! Africa was great but....

Now the funny thing is since I bought the air tickets last fall, he is making some positive, well, there are some other historical places I would like to see.....if this works out...hmmmm no pressure for me!

We just started the visa process today. I talked with several tour providers and also worked with our regular travel agent who handles cruises for us...actually this trip was, at first part, of a set pre-cruise package on a month long cruise Mumbi to Rome, but with the unrest last fall, I canceled the cruise, but not before I already had the air we are India bound for a week then back to Europe for spring time.

After many emails and much thought, we went with a very well priced Oberoi hotel package and a car and driver for the six travel days. We are very independent travel types and like to be really flexible plus the cost of the trip going through a agent for the hotels I wanted was very much more expensive. Guess I will see how this goes.
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Jan 10th, 2013, 05:52 PM
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We are going Feb. 6 for 19 nights in India. No Shimla, not enough time. My DH will get a long trip to Italy in return for this trip.

I did the visa myself. The hard part for me was just basic computer stuff...where to put the photo I took so I could find it to upload to the form. But uploading the photo and signature is not required. It just takes an extra two days..not a big deal.

Who else will be in India our dates?
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Jan 10th, 2013, 06:31 PM
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Cwn, I've done Oberoi packages before. I think you will be very pleased. You really don't need an agent in India, though they can be helpful for first timers.

My third time to India, I was taking my husband for the first time and he was only going to make me happy. I wanted the trip to be as smooth as possible. I purchased an Oberoi adventure package at Wildflower Hall (with horseback riding, white water rafting, massage, etc), and there was a discount for Amarvilas in Agra as well.

On two other trips I used their "eight nights" packages that you can spread out among different Oberois. These included airport/rail transfers, various meals and spa treatments. They were very well priced, especially in relation to the regular room rates. I highly recommend them, even though I tend to stay in more off-beat spots now. Udaivilas is still my favorite hotel anywhere in the world.
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Jan 10th, 2013, 08:13 PM
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Thanks Icuy,

Your comments about the Obneroi packages and the agent really increase my comfort level with my plans. I know the Oberoi's are nice hotels and I have always wanted to stay at the Amarvilas! The Rajvilas also sounds very nice. I think my husband will like the more peaceful setting.

When I first got the package price I couldn't believe it was so heavily discounted for the multiple nights! I agree it is a good deal.

My contact for the car and driver has been very positive and easy to work with plus references have been very postive.

Funny, the Wildflower Hall was where I wanted to stay if I could have talked him into giving India a few more days. The hill stations sound really interesting. Oh well, at least I am going to India! The tulips for the Wildflower lodge is a fair trade since I want to see them too.
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