Short trip to Bangkok via Dubai

Mar 12th, 2014, 12:02 PM
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Woah an upgrade nice one!
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Mar 12th, 2014, 12:07 PM
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Waiting to hear about Dubai. Have a great time. Nice way to start a trip with a free upgrade!
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Mar 12th, 2014, 12:18 PM
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You won't want to ride in economy ever again...
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Mar 12th, 2014, 06:00 PM
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Bob try the camel burger at McDonalds!
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Mar 12th, 2014, 06:46 PM
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Eager to hear more about Dubai. I think I may have misjudged it. Yea for Business Class!
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Mar 13th, 2014, 03:53 AM
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Biz is the best! Now you'll be spoiled.
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Mar 13th, 2014, 06:14 AM
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So far I only give it fair marks..

Hop on bus fair to poor IMO... 20 stops which is good and at highlights, but honestly I am not seeing that many highlights..

And yes many folks told me that
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Mar 13th, 2014, 06:15 AM
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Above from bob
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Mar 13th, 2014, 06:20 AM
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ho-hum???????? That's what I've heard. Still hoping for your opinion after you've been there a few days though.
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Mar 13th, 2014, 07:34 AM
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Pulled a Kimball for the upgrade I'll wager....

Hanuman lol

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Mar 13th, 2014, 10:09 AM
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Upgrade happened without a word
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Mar 13th, 2014, 09:08 PM
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So let's talk emerites..

The boston experience was a bit chaotic... It took forever to check in... Way too many chiefs and the Indians had just arrived on the reservation for training... It was only day 2 for emerites in Boston, as they liked telling everyone.

Boarding was likewise chaotic.... Lack of signage for the 2 lines... Announcing and then postponing boarding... 30+ wheelchairs???many families with kids... Again too many chiefs and the chief chief was a short lady who looked very stern and reminded me of my junior high assistant principal in here severe grey man's suit.

45 minutes was spent rearranging the ropes for boarding...haven't they done this thousands of time in hundreds of airports???

Anyways we got on board eventually.

We were in the first row of business with fully lie flat seats which even had a massage feature. We were served drinks and warm mixed nuts. Then they brought a cotton covered "mattress". To each seat which made for a nice found adaption for sleeping.

Take off was right on time at 11:15 PM.

Eventually the crew from 10 different nations took orders for more drinks -- like 1 1/2 hours after takeoff.
Menues were presented and were very extensive.. I had an array of middle. Eastern mezze with humas and the like with breads... I made a poor choice and ordered the prime filet which had a lovely charcoal exterior and nearly the same inside (I like med. rare) accompanied by nice grilled veggies and mashed pots. I did not eat the salad. For dessert I chose the cheese board which was very nice. Red and white wines were served along with VQ champagne. Additional warm rolls were passed twice. Lastly a small box of Godiva chocolates was handed out.

I think dinner must have taken almost 3 hours.... Fine in a restaurant but not fine at 35000 feet at after midnight, IMO.

The entertainment system was extensive and was available on a 23" wall mounted TV or on a handheld 9" TV. I listened to my music on my Bose headset and iPhone. I did not sleep... The couple next to me kept their shades up most of the flight which was more than annoying.

We arrived right on time at Dubai. Each bus. And 1st class customer was a fast track thru immigration and customs.

Our friend anoop was waiting for us and his car was nearby. The drive was 20 minutes to our brand new marriott hotel/serviced apartment. It is in the middle of a sand patch with nothing other than a gas station within walking distance... Soon it will be surrounded by international hospitals.

We were upgraded to club based on my platinum status. Our room is nice and looks out across the "desert" to the tall city buildings, including the tallest and most sleek bldg in dubai.

We had a drink and nibbles in the club and then turned in at perhaps 10PM.

More later

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Mar 13th, 2014, 10:28 PM
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Bed is excellent and we slept well with some aid from a sleeping pill..

The club is large and very nice.. Excellent food offerings.. Best croissants and eggs are exceptional... Veal bacon is good too... The mushrooms are good and the smoked salmon...fruits.. Cheeses.. Etc, etc..

Anoop came for us a 9 and drove us to the city mall where we started the red line tour of the big red bus...

It was a long day on the two bus routes only broken by a change over at Wifi Mall where we had a nice lunch at Paul, a country French place. This is the changeover location for the bus routes...

The narrative is in many different languages and the English one is excellent, although I thought it could have been more inclusive.. 2 day pass about $70 day 2/3 of that. Includes many extras too, like Dubai museum entrance and boat ride on creek.

We finished up after 4 and took a taxi back to our hotel from Mall of the Emerites. We did not look at the ski slope.

We had drinks and dinner in the club (chicken, lamb kabob, veggie on a stick, flow wine and adult beverages).

After dinner I slept for a couple of hours... Got up, and then slept most of the night...

Today, Friday, it is much clearer outside as there is less sand in the air... Btw, it was very breezy yesterday which made it very nice to sit outside on the bus... The bus is 1/2 a/c and 1/2 open, some with a cloth top.

We enjoyed another nice breakfast this AM, and now K has gone up to 8 to the pool.

Anoop called and said he wants to come for us at 1PM... Not sure what his plan is. We are so fortunate that he is looking after us so well.
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Mar 13th, 2014, 10:42 PM
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I forgot to mention that 2 highlights for K was our drive out onto "the palm"', a man made lux resort island--it is huge with town homes, high rises and 35 lux hotels... Plus she got to see the sail like shaped 7* lux hotel Burj Al Arab... You cannot visit it without paying a fee which starts about $84. I think..

Thus far I have to say I was far more impresses with Shanghai's skyline than I am with Dubai's.

Btw, taxi prices start at about $.75 and rides are generally very cheap---maybe gas is cheap here?? Duh..

We have never visited a place where resident foreigners make up so much of the population. The ones we have spoken with are universally happy, make a good living and have health insurance. Housing also seems to be of good quality... Have yet to see a tent or camel.. Haha.

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Mar 13th, 2014, 11:56 PM
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A lot of resident foreigners in Dubai are also impoverished, and virtually prisoners!
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Mar 14th, 2014, 12:00 AM
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Bob - if you dine at the Burj Al Arab they will forgo the visitation fee. However, a meal there is quite expensive!

If the visibility is good then a trip up the Burj Khalifa will be nice but note that the "tour" doesn't take you up all the way to the top, only to the 100th floor I think.

Looking forward to your continuing journey to Bangkok!
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Mar 14th, 2014, 12:51 AM
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Oh, did I mention delicious dates and nuts of all kinds...
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Mar 14th, 2014, 01:56 AM
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The dates served on Emirates along with a cup of Arabic coffee is really good! Buy me some and bring em to Bangkok with you

Ps. just joking, we will be in Dubai in 2 week's time for a transit stop.
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Mar 14th, 2014, 03:18 AM
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Enjoying this adventure! Thanks for posting while traveling!
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Mar 14th, 2014, 04:50 AM
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Following along... Agreed on the dates and nuts. Picked up a bunch when I was in Dubai and Abu Dhabi several years ago; remember finding more varieties than I could sample and choose from at one of the souqs by the creek in the old section of town.
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