rash from asia

Jan 2nd, 2002, 12:42 PM
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rash from asia

i just returned from a trip to HK, Singapore, KL, Bangkok, and tokyo.

in addition to all the nice stuff i bought and all the amazing memories my girl friend and i came home with some sort of rash.

I was also hanging out with a friend who had just returned from cambodia.

just to give you some backgroung about us --we stayed at 5 star hotels and all have very good personal hygiene.

We hung out with my friend in Bangkok and he noticed these bumps all over his feet (like misquito bites) but they could not of been cause there were none and then there were like 20 or so on each foot around his ankles. His father whio is an american business man and has lived in asia for 7 or 8 years said he had it once and it went away in a week of so. so no big deal
They also have a golden retriver and we thought maybe is was from the dogs fur against his legs.
So we leave Thailand and the next day my girlfriend and i get it. All over our feet and ankles at first and then our legs and i have say 2 on my arm and 2 on my shoulder. They itch like hell but they seem to be drying up. I just got back on the 1st (yesterday) and i'm going to be going to infectious disease doctor at yale tomorrow (the 3rd hopefully)
i just figured if anyone might of also had something similar or know someone who did it would be in here????
i think for sure either we got it in thailand or my friend got it in cambodia and we got it from him. Any thought would be great!!!
Jan 2nd, 2002, 12:53 PM
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Let us know what the doctor says. (I'm leaving for Vietnam/Cambodia in two weeks.) You might want to find a doctor who specializes in travel medicine. That would cover both infectious diseases and other crud one can pick up. I go to the Travel Medicine Center in LA (310-360-1331). Maybe they can give you a referral to someone in your area. Good luck.
Jan 2nd, 2002, 01:05 PM
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I just wanted to add some more information-------------------

we did not swim or wade at all ( we did take several boat rides-just misted not soaked) nor did we drink any local water - we were very careful and drank only bottled water.

we did not eat anything from any of the street vendors - all of our meals were in the nice hotels or at my firend house

confused and itchy all replies welcome !!! for future travels don't forget the hydrocortisone!!!!
Jan 2nd, 2002, 03:14 PM
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I have had a similar experience and suspect that I am allergic to monosodium glutamate, often used in cooking in SE Asia. Mine went away in a month after my return.
Jan 2nd, 2002, 06:27 PM
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Sounds like bedmites to me. I got it once from Tioman island in Malaysia but we were staying in a $10 a nite hut...It went away after a week but boy, do they itch like hell. I feel itchy thinking about it now.
Jan 2nd, 2002, 11:44 PM
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i live in indonesia so you'd think i'd be adjusted, but everytime i travel within asia i get the same kind of "rash" that you describe. bumps like mosquito bites, sometimes blisters, itch like all get out, on ankles, backs of legs, inside of arms. i've talked to dermatologists but no suggestions for prevention. thought is that it's dermatitus related to humidity. i use cortisone cream to control itching. it does go away in about a week.

please let me know if you get any info from the doc at yale.
Jan 5th, 2002, 03:53 AM
Bali Lama
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Here's my guess. . . it's getting towards the tail end of mango season in Asia and the islands; and mango sap, mango skins, and mango bark (not the edible mango flesh) carry a highly toxic oil which irritates the skin much like poison oak and poison ivy.

If you and your friends walked without socks on, along any sandy or grassy area which may have been subject to mango drippings, you could have picked up enough of the sap on your ankles to have created the rash you're speaking of. Without scratching, it can look like anything from one or two bug bites to a cluster. After scratching, it becomes unforgivingly itchy.

The red, puffy rash usually lasts for a couple of weeks and responds well to calomine lotion. Believe me, it's enough to rival anyone's hankering for mangos; but, like I said, the flesh of the mango itself doesn't carry the allergen.

It'll be interesting to see what the doctors say. If I were you, I'd do a search on the Internet for "mango rash." You're apt to be surprised at how similiar the signs and symtoms sound in comparison to what you describe.


Bali Lama

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