Jul 26th, 2004, 02:10 PM
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After reading a lot of information in this forum I finally finished the S.E. itinerary but of course it is open to any suggestion. I live in Argentina and we are travelling with two boys in their teens at the end of this year and for about 4 weeks.
The itinerary is as follows:
12/26 Buenos Aires- Johannesburg
12/27-12/30 Kruger Park (I don't know yet which is the best reserve to stay in).(3 nights)
12/31 Johnnburg-Kuala Lumpur
1/1-1/3 Kuala Lumpur(3 nights)
1/4-1/7 Bangkok (5 nights)
1/8-1/11 Siem Riep(4 nights)
1/12-Siem Riep-Bangkok-Phuket
1/13-1/16 Phuket (5 nights)
1/17 Phuket-Singapore
1/18 Singapore (2 nights)
1/19 Singapore-Bali
1/20 -1/22 Bali (4 nights)
1/23 Bali-Kuala Lumpur-B.Aires

It is a long trip but from this country it is not easy to travel to this area so often.
The option 2 is staying more time in Thailand and forget about Singapore and Bali.
What do you think?? Thanks.Haydee
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Jul 27th, 2004, 02:22 AM
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I would skip Kuala Lumpur and definitely keep Bali. I fail to see the attraction of Kuala Lumpur as a tourist destination. Skipping Singapore is a toss up, I lived there 5 years and loved it, but can see that it does not have a lot of attraction for a visitor over the other places on your itinerary. However, I would defiantly choose Singapore over Kuala Lumpur as it has more to see and is much easier to get around to the sights.

You have quite a bit of time on this trip, which is a nice luxury. Toss up for me whether to include both Phuket and Bali. They are very different, but still resort destinations. As long as you have planned time in the inland areas of Bali as opposed to just spending beach time, I think you could stick with the two. Otherwise, you could consider going to Vietnam rather than maybe Phuket. Bali has a lot more to offer culturally than Phuket, so if that is your interest then do go to Bali. However, if you prime interest is to relax on a beach, then go to Phuket, as the beaches of Bali are very pretty but not spectacular like the areas around Phuket (you really need to take a boat day trip or overnight to see the outlying islands around Phuket where the really gorgeous water and beaches are found.) You could also consider going to Koh Samui rather than Phuket (or do both as you have time) if you want great beaches.

Singapore may be a good first stopping point after South Africa, as it kind of "Asia Lite" and will give you a chance t adjust to your jet lag. English is one of the main languages, it is easy to get around, so might be a good transition to the other parts of Asia.

You might consider adding one more night in South Africa to adjust to the time change and see more wildlife/
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Jul 27th, 2004, 05:21 AM
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We stayed a week in Kaula Lumpur and liked it. We also did 3 days in Singapore. Shopping is great in both towns. If you are a big city person that likes what the big cities have to offer then I say KL and Sing are great and Bali- while beautiful is more rural- so it depends on what really excites you.
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Jul 27th, 2004, 06:06 AM
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Hi Cicerone and BillT
I appreciate your prompt response. I have to stop in Kuala Lumpur because from here we have to fly through Malayasian Airlines.
Thanks to all of you. Haydee
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Jul 27th, 2004, 06:36 AM
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Sing. for 2 days is enought time as its a small city.

KL- don't miss the Central market- good shopping and do bargain. The Peronas (spelling?) towers- great shopping mall there. Also do the old railway station- great architecture.
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Jul 27th, 2004, 07:09 AM
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ya I kind of figuered you were using malaysian. that rout is verry populer for RTW routs. (round the world) hopefuly you got a good deal. I see it discounted regularly.. pluss i serioulsly hope you are collecting freequent flyer miles.

then again you may be using your miles too take this trip..

this is one of the few times a Colombian will help an Argentine
if ya are
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Jul 27th, 2004, 07:11 AM
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I would focus on Thailand and Bali and skip Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. If you extend in Thailand you can do northern Thailand which is very interesting. Bali is fabulous and I could easily see spending more time there -- it is MUCH more interesting and much more beautiful than Phuket in my opinion. I'd also spend
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Jul 27th, 2004, 10:44 AM
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I'd keep Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in...why might as well see as much as possible while you're out in that part of the world.Then if you decide to go back, you'll know where you'd like to return to and spend more time the second time around. If you go to KL, hire my private driver...posted today...and that'll cut your getting-around time down quite a bit. Happy Travels! Oh,Do you know of a great hotel in the Patagonia region of Argentina and what area is very interesting and beautiful? I think I'll plan a trip down there. Happy Travels!
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Jul 27th, 2004, 02:32 PM
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Hi Guenmai
Thanks for your advice. Patagonia is a great way to know Argentina. The best places to visit are San Martin de los Andes, Bariloche (Both have ski resorts and if your are fond of fishing there are lots of trouts and different technics of doing it. Then you have to visit (it is a must!!!) Perito Moreno Glacier and Ushuaia.
The best itinerary for foreign tourists in my opinion is Buenos Aires-Iguazu Falls in the north, and Bariloche, San Martin de los Andes and Perito Moreno in the south. You only need 20 days to enjoy it. Here in Argentina the food is excellent, people very friendly and the prices are really cheap if you bring U$S or Euros. When you decide which places are you planning to visit I can recommend you hotels and restaurants. Good luck.
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Jul 27th, 2004, 03:14 PM
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I have travelled in Kruger, Bangkok, Phuket and Bali...
Kruger is amazing. Check out for deals. We stayed at Motswari and Simbambili and really enjoyed it (Simbambili is MUCH nicer). Are you flying or driving from JNB to Kruger?

5 nights in Bangkok is too long.

I spent 3 weeks in Bali and loved every minute of it. It is very similar to Phuket in that it is a beach w/ partying and not much culture; although you will have the option to visit the Phi Phi islands from Phuket. I suggest that you not go to Phuket and spend more time in Bali instead. You will be shortchanging yourself if you do not spend significantly more time in Bali. Perhaps spend 2 days in the Legian or Nusa Dua area (depending on your preference) and then 3 days in Ubud. Do not miss Ubud if you go to Bali. Wasn't so thrilled with Lovina or Candi Dasa.

In the Ubud area, I suggest to center yourself at Puri Bunga That is, unless you can afford the truly exquisite properties (we could not). Take some daytrips from there; make sure you get into town to go to the dances.
Singapore is interesting, but I'd skip it in favor of more time in Bali, Northern Thailand or Phuket -- or, Cape Town or Sossusvlei in Namibia, if that is an option from JNB.
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Jul 27th, 2004, 05:48 PM
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Dot, everyone has different preferences. I spent nine days in Bangkok my first trip there many years ago and make sure I spend at least four or five days there each time since (over 20).

But what I don't understand is your statement that "It [Bali} is very similar to Phuket in that it is a beach w/ partying and not much culture." The main reason to visit Bali is the culture. As the only island in Indonesia that is primarily Hindu, the culture is what attracts people. The beaches in Bali aren't as nice as those in Phuket or other parts of Thailand. You went on to say how much you loved Bali, so I really don'y understand your comment.

By the way, Haydee, I think your itinerary looks pretty good. Have a wonderful trip!
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Jul 28th, 2004, 09:12 AM
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What I meant to say is that popular BEACHES in Bali are very much like the beaches in Phuket -- partying and not much culture. Yes, the water is much more beautiful in Phuket, once you go out on a boat.
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Jul 28th, 2004, 09:20 AM
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We spent 3 nights on a crewed boat out of Phuket and had a great time. There were three couples aboard, although I believe there was room for a couple more people. See for details of the boat we were on.
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Jul 28th, 2004, 10:44 AM
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Thanks Haydee for the information on Patagonia...unfortunately I will not have 20 days to spare. If I go, it will be Dec 2005 for a maximum of 12-14 days.This coming Dec 2004, I'll be going back to Ghana for vacation so that's why I'll have to put off Argentina until 2005. Plus, I detest cold weather, so I figured that December in Argentina would be the warm weather season. Thanks for the info. I have your E-mail address and will keep in touch. Happy Travels!...Oh, pull up my previous post on...Great shopping guides for Southeast Asia...where I've listed the best shopping books for the area.Take care.
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Jul 29th, 2004, 07:49 AM
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I'd say five full days in Bangkok is just right. There's a lot to do there and it's not a place to rush through. Happy Travels!
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