New Year's Eve?

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New Year's Eve?

First trip to Thailand. Will be there on NYE. Have option of spending it in Bangkok, Chang Mai or Krabi. Pictures I've googled or on youtube look like they all pretty crowded. Not in to the party scene (20 year old scene). Any suggestions? Pros and cons?
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Personally, I prefer to be in Bangkok for NYE. Note that if you are staying at a beach resort, they may have a mandatory "gala" that you'll have to pay for, so take a look at that. IME, the galas are expensive.
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I don't notice it as being crowded in Bangkok just because it's New Year's Eve. I've been there nearly annually, for 19 years, at that time of the year. I spend 3 weeks in Bangkok over that holiday season. A lot of folks come into Bangkok because it's the Christmas/New Year season. But, every inch of the city is not like that and if one doesn't want to be a part of it, then one doesn't have to.

There are lots of people out and about at night during the Christmas up to New Year's season as the Christmas decorations are beyond amazing especially outside of Central World Mall, Paragon Mall and also between Emporium and Emporium EM malls. But, it's a fun and festive time and I love being there then and then it all disappears a few days after New Year's Day.

As for actual New Year's Eve, I don't really go out on New Year's Eve night anymore, but when I did, I didn't find it crazy crowded in various areas of Bangkok. A lot of Thais are off on vacation then.

One of the big, Bangkok celebrations is outside of Central World Mall as there's the countdown and also usually some kind of concert as my Thai friends go to it. They drop by and stay with me all day and we go out in the day time and then they come back to my place and wait until it's time to walk up to the festivities at night. I stay a 10-minute walk from Central World Mall. I don't choose to go with them at night although during the day, we see staff setting up the area for the night festivities and there are a lot of police officers and security officers around getting ready.

This past Christmas/New Year's season, as far as I'm concerned the decorations situated between Emporium and Emporium EM malls were the winners. I can't wait to get back in December to see what the creative geniuses have come up with this year.

Happy Travels!

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My friend and I don't arrive until after Christmas....hopefully the decorations will still be up. I love fireworks, so maybe Bangkok would be the best place to see them?

Has anyone been in Chiang Mai? I wouldn't mind seeing the lanterns also. Video shows lanterns and fireworks.

Not in to any Gala parties as I'll be there w/ a friend. Is Krabi mostly a younger crowd? Looks like it from what I saw??
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The Christmas decorations are still up, in Bangkok, after Christmas as they don't take them down until some days after the New Year. The workers must work throughout the night as when one wakes up, suddenly they are gone. I don't remember exactly when they come down, but I'm still in Bangkok a good week and a half after New Year's Day and part of that time they are still up.

They start putting the Christmas decorations up in November, as I've also been in Bangkok in November and have seen Christmas decorations. The decorations stay up quite a long time.

There are fireworks down by the river, in Bangkok, and they also used to be to the north of Bangkok as I could see them from my serviced apartment balcony when I stayed in Sukhumvit.

As for Chiangmai, I've been there, but it was 19 years ago. I remember that the hotel wanted to charge me some ridiculous surcharge for New Year's Eve and I think New Year's Day, but I talked my way out of it. I have not had that happen in Bangkok.

I had no desire to be served a New Year's dinner and especially when I don't even eat meat/poultry and also have a few food allergies. So, I ended up exempt from the ridiculous charge, in Chiangmai, of which I didn't know about before I got to the hotel as I had just checked out of my guest house, that I wasn't pleased with, and found a Thai friend who came by and we threw my stuff into her truck and headed into town to search for a hotel in the heart of town. I walked in and negotiated a deal and brought the price way down from what they wanted for the room.

As for Krabi, I've never been there.

Happy Travels!
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You don't mention where you are coming from. And you don't mention how long you will be in Thailand. If flying in from a distant country such as N. America or Europe my advice is to stay for at least 2 weeks. If somewhere closer like Singapore, Philippines or India I suppose you can return again since the flight time is not that bad. Distance from Bangkok to Krabi or Bangkok to Chiang Mai is too great for bus travel if your time is short. (Bangkok has 2 airports if you need to fly to save time. So know which airport your connecting flight leaves from.)

If you are flying in from a distant location spend the first part of your trip in Bangkok. This way you don't have to spend hours at another airport waiting for a departing flight and more time flying and claiming luggage, etc.

If you arrive during the middle of the night or late at night definitely have a hotel to head for. This time period is high season for hotel prices and bookings. Although if you book early you can reserve a room in your price range.

When I was 20, in my off time, I was always in a party type mode but not crazy or criminal. Guess things have changed. Many younger tourists seem to choose the Khao San Road area of Bangkok for their hotels. There are hostels and some cheaper guest houses and small hotels with reasonable rates for high season. But get the reservation in early. My preference is a hotel in Bangkok is one where I can use the city rail service. (However, not all parts of Bangkok has city rail stops.)

I have been to Chiang Mai a few times. Like Bangkok, Chiang Mai is cheaper than some of the better beach areas down south. If you have time for several cities in Thailand depends on how long you are in the city.

Weather in Thailand:

Good luck.

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