need help! wedding reception in Bangkok

Oct 24th, 2007, 11:12 PM
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need help! wedding reception in Bangkok

Need tips/advice/insight for first time visit to Bangkok. Mid 50's female going to nephew's wedding reception (to a lovely Thai young lady) mid-Nov. What would be appropriate/practical to wear considering weather? Gifts for family? I've traveled lots to Europe, this is a new area for me.
Thanks for any help.
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Oct 25th, 2007, 12:21 AM
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Find out where the reception will be, as it may well be in a freezing air con hotel ballroom and you will wish you had a sweater or jacket with you..... Also the location will give a clue to what you should wear, if it is in a five star hotel, you will want to dress up, if in an outdoor restaurant, then more casual will probably work. Number of guests will also be a clue, if a big wedding, you would want to dress up a bit more as it will most likely be more formal, time of day is another consideration. Are they having a church ceremony as well? They may not do so and my have a civil ceremony to which guests are not invited and you may just be going to the wedding dinner, in which case again you may dress up more. Ask some more questions about the wedding and the reception as that will help direct your wardrobe selection. Generally in my experience in a few Thai-expat weddings, people tend to dress up, but it really will depend on the time and place of the wedding and the wedding dinner/reception.

Generally money is very OK to give to the couple as a gift, in even amounts for good luck. Otherwise, you can give any type of gift you would "normally" give. I would not think that the Aunt is expected to give gifts to the family, but that certainly a nice gesture. For gift ideas and what to expect with regard to the wedding, I would get a hold of a copy of
"Culture Shock" Thailand! There is a section on weddings and also gifts. Some items are bad luck and should be avoided (can't recall offhand for Thailand, in China it is clocks and books for example). The book is are part of the Culture Shock series of books published by Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company. You can buy them on line from Amazon or your local bookstore can order it for you.
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Oct 25th, 2007, 06:58 AM
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Cicerone has give you some good advice.

If the reception will be a dressy one, I'd take along a wrap or pashima to keep the chill off. Outside it will be both hot and humid. Also, once you can tell us where the reception will be we can make suggestion for places to stay that are both lovely and convenient.

Also, do make sure you have plenty of space in your suitcase (or bring an empty one, as I do) for the fabulous shopping finds in Bangkok.
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Oct 25th, 2007, 09:08 AM
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OK...I agree with Cicerone,too about a lot. Now, if it's a dressy affair, it can be a headache to pack heavy dressy clothes in a limited amount of space. I go to quite a few dressy affairs in different countries/states/cities etc and this is how I handle the situation....pack a long silk sarong. Now, I buy my silk sarong/shawl combinations usually while on vacation in Singapore. But, since you won't be able to do that then with a little imagination, you can still have a sarong.

The average sarong is made from 2 meters of fabric. So if you go to a garment district quality fabric store where you live, you can buy some heavy weight, FLOWING silk, and then just have it hemmed and at a tailor. Then wrap it. Pack a very lightweight, long-sleeved silk blouse to go with your sarong. The air conditioning is usually at artic frost level. Then accesorize yourself to death. Smiles. Bring out the good jewelry. Throw in a pair of either low heeled pumps or low heeled, dressy sandals and BAM you'll look fabulous.

When I get back to Bangkok in December, I am supposed to be representing my Thai friend's family at a Buddhist Temple. She lives here in L.A. and one of her best friend's sons is being ordained as a Buddhist Priest which is a BIG deal. She can't be home in Bankok then since she goes to Bangkok in September, so I have offered to go and represent. She's thrilled that I will go. I'm in Bangkok then for 3 weeks anyway. So, I will sarong it. I'll wrap my sarong in tissue paper and then toss it into a large, freezer size ziplock bag and toss it into my suitcase. I do it this way all the time. Hope this has helped. Happy Travels!
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Oct 25th, 2007, 09:09 AM
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I forgot to add that I'm in my early 50s so the above type of attire is very age appropriate. Happy Travels!
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Nov 10th, 2007, 08:06 AM
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Thanks to Cicerone, Kathie, and Guenmai for your tips! So appreciated! Happy travels!
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