Muslim Malaysia

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Muslim Malaysia

Is anyone in Malaysia now finding any kind of tensions there due to recent events? Have you come across any hostility, being a westerner, or is this hype something to be ignored?
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john g
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Dear Mae: Back in June my friend, Nina, and I thought about going on a cheap trip to Bali. I told my friend, Debbie, about it. Debbie has traveled all over the world and just returned from New Zealand and Australia. She told me that her friend in the State Department told her that Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Phillipines were extremely dangerous. Now, this was way before all this crap happened in New York and DC. I can only imagine things might be worse. Another friend went to Indonesia. He told me that Bali was fine, but there was trouble in Jakarta. He was talking to an enthnic Chinese woman and two men threatened him not to talk to her. They said that all the Chinese should be shot or made to leave the country. They also made comments about him having "sympathy" for the Chinese and accused him of "taking their side." This made him very nervous. I don't know what the experience of others has been in this part of the world. JG
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John, I'm surprised that your friend said Malaysia was unsafe. Traditionally, it's been a very safe destination. I've traveled there a number of times and never had any difficulties. It's true that Indonesia has been having political instability for some time, and the Phillipines has some political extremists that have kidnapped tourists in the past year. I'm planning on returning to Malaysia in December.
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I am a Canadian living in Kuala Lumpur. A friend of mine just emailed and told me to be careful as she'd just seen a list of the top ten worst countries for Canadians to travel in right now and Malaysia was on the list.

However, I've seen ZERO evidence that this is a legit warning. I might not feel so comfortable travelling to the east coast where the Muslim population is more concentrated, but on the west coast (Johor, Melaka, KL, Penang, Langkawi...) I would not be worried at all. I haven't heard even one story of expats or travellers running into trouble like they are in the Middle East.

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hi there,
have done a tour arround Malay on our own and never run into any trouble. For me it seems to be one of the most nicest people in SEA. And even a little notice for Your freind Debbie: counted on the number of people Australia is that country on earth where You got the most chance to run into a murder or any other big crime.

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