Japan Itinerary Comments?

Apr 19th, 2007, 10:41 PM
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Japan Itinerary Comments?

I lived in Japan for many years long ago, and am still fluent in Japanese.

Does anyone think this itinerary is too aggressive? Lots of travel, but I want to visit many places I know.

I would love to have your comments!

Japan Itinerary -- 5/15-26/2007
Where / Travel / Hotel
Day 1 / to Shinjuku / lv NRT ~ 1700 / Shinjuku
Day 2 / Hakone Round Tour / lv 0730 (1.5 hrs) / Hakone-Yumoto
Day 3 / to Kyoto / lv 0849 (4 hrs) / Kyoto
Day 4 / to Takayama / lv 1339 (4 hrs) / Takayama
Day 5 / to Kanazawa / lv 1301 (3.6 hrs) / Kanazawa
Day 6 / to Kurashiki / lv 1602 (4 hrs) / Kurashiki
Day 7 / to Hiroshima / lv 1510 (1.25 hrs) / Hiroshima
Day 8 / Hiroshima / / Hiroshima
Day 9 / to Tokyo / lv 1710 (5 hrs) / Tokyo
Day 10 / Tokyo / / Tokyo
Day 11 / Tokyo / / Tokyo
Day 12 / to NRT / lv 1700 /
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Apr 19th, 2007, 11:56 PM
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Yes, I think your gut feeling is right, too aggressive. You wouldn't be asking if you didn't think so yourself. I don't know where you are coming from, but likely you need to consider jet lag as well.

You haven't given yourself time to explore Kyoto, Takayama, Kanazawa, or Kurashiki at all. You are arriving in the afternoon or evening in all of these placing and leaving the next day. Kyoto is worth at least 3 days. The other 3 need at least a full day, 2 would be better. As it is now, you are doing a tour of train stations and hotels. A few hours for sightseeing is not enough. In Kanazawa, where I live, a few hours will get you a walk through Kenrokuen and the Higashi Chaya, with maybe time for lunch. You need time to see things and take them in. You need time to get lost. You need time to feel free to sit and have tea and relax, rather than move on to the next place.

I know with the JR Pass it's tempting to move around as much as possible to get your money's worth. But will you really enjoy yourself with such a fast moving schedule? I didn't travel at this pace even as a university student on a Eurail pass.

Not that age really has a lot to do with it, but...Now I'm thinking that I'm 41, and wouldn't try to happily keep up with such an ambitious itinerary. You stated your age as 71 in your other post...slow down and enjoy the places you visit. You'll enjoy your trip a lot more, I'm sure.

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Apr 20th, 2007, 06:49 AM
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Thanks for your input. I think you are right on! It is just hard when I want to see so many places in a short time.

I am right now trying to decide what to cut to give more time in a given place.

Any thoughts from your perspective?

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Apr 20th, 2007, 08:51 AM
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I received some very good advice on this board regarding the number of places to stay. I have a low tolerance for constant travling.
We spent 14 days in Japan and stayed in 3 cities.
Is it possible to do any of these as day trips?
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Apr 20th, 2007, 09:11 AM
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Don't know where you flight originates but try flying into KIX and out of NRT. That way at least you save some time in transit.

You have lived there so you know the distances you need to travel. I would definitely cut Kanazawa(sorry Kim), just too far away and so much travel for just 3 hours.

Do Hakone as a day trip from Tokyo.

Doesn't seem your interest is in Kyoto as you only plan a few hours there, why not skip it?

From you original itinerary it seems your interests are in Hiroshima and Tokyo. I would try and fly into NRT or KIX and connect directly to Hiroshima then start from there. Good luck!

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Apr 23rd, 2007, 02:01 AM
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Thanks for your help. Revised the itinerary as follows. It is still aggressive, but I feel better about it.

Where Lv Ar
Day 1 NRT to Shinjuku
Day 2 Hakone Round Tour 7:30 9:00
Day 3 to Kyoto 8:00 12:40
Day 4 Kyoto
Day 5 to Kanazawa 14:10 16:24
Day 6 Kanazawa
Day 7 to Hiroshima 13:57 18:33
Day 8 Hiroshima
Day 9 to Tokyo 17:10 22:25
Day 10 Tokyo
Day 11 Tokyo
Day 12 to NRT 12:00 15:00

Would you share your contact info in Kanazawa? Perhaps lunch! Is there a private way? I can send my email address.
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Apr 23rd, 2007, 02:05 AM
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You can contact me at teaghanmackenzie at mac dot com.

Your new schedule looks MUCH better.
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