HongKong transport from airport?

Aug 13th, 1999, 07:38 AM
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HongKong transport from airport?

What is now the best way into HK from the airport. Would it be cost effective for a family of 4 to take a taxi or better to take the train?

Aug 13th, 1999, 07:26 PM
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It depends on where you are going. Taxi will cost you around HK$300-350. However, the airport express costs HK$60-70 / adult (with free shuttle bus to major hotels). So, there is not much difference for a family of 4. Check the site for Airport Express : http://www.mtrc.com.hk/home2ie3.html
Aug 15th, 1999, 12:45 PM
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Try this site:
Aug 17th, 1999, 07:49 PM
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Hi Nadine -

I wouldn't bother with the taxi. Just take the Airport Express. It's all setup with access directly from the airport. Cost is about $12 each person for roundtrip. Just save your ticket for the return trip after you are done traveling. It works great. We've done this twice.

After you leave customs and whatnot, you come into the main are of the airport and see the information desk. Just look around. There you can buy the Airport Express ticket and the Octopus Card for travel on the MTR (subway system). The Octopus Card is like a credit card but you charge it up before you use it. You pay them say $20 and then you have $20 worth of subway travel. I think we used about $5 per day each but we used it alot. Very easy. The only way to go.

On the Airport Express, you will be let off at Kowloon station or Hong Kong station. You would get off on whichever one is closer to the hotel. Where are you staying? I have an HK map and could tell you how best to get to the hotel from the station.

We love HK! Any other questions, let me know. I like talking about HK.
Aug 19th, 1999, 06:17 AM
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Hi Lynn,

Thanks for the great info on the Airport Express. Can You look up the Salsibury YMCA of Hong Kong, is that near the two drop points of the AE? I'd hate to have to carry our luggage too far.

Aug 20th, 1999, 08:32 PM
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Hi again -

What do ya know? We stayed at the Salisbury when we were there in July.

When you get to the Kowloon Station, find the pickup point for the free shuttle buses. I can't remember which way. Just look around and ask someone it's not hard at all.

Then, catch the shuttle that goes to the Kowloon Hotel. Like I said, the shuttles are free. They have around 4 or 5 different routes. The Kowloon Hotel is behind and barely a block down from the YMCA. It is very close. One time, we tried to take a taxi but he said it wasn't far enough and told us to take the shuttle.

However, don't think it's close enough to walk because it's not! Especially in the humidity.

Any other questions please let me know.

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