Hong Kong for a 7 hour layover?

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Hong Kong for a 7 hour layover?

I'm planning to head to Bali, and just found out I have a 7 hour layover. Is this enough time to see any of Hong Kong? Is there any kind of tour to take? Is the airport far from the downtown area?

Do tell.
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Erin -

Yes, please! Do go into town!

7 hours isn't a real long time but I would at least take the express into town and go up to Victoria Peak. You should at least see the view (hopefully it's not too cloudy!), it's amazing.

Here's what I would recommend to get a taste of Hong Kong:

Leave immigration and go to the info desk. It's a big circular desk. The Hong Kong airport is very, very modern. You won't have any trouble getting around. Tell them you want to buy a roundtrip ticket on the Airport Express. From there, they can tell you where to go. Get on the Airport Express and take it to the Kowloon stop. Get off at Kowloon and get a taxi. Tell the driver to take you to the Star Ferry. To get a great view of Hong Kong Island, take the Star Ferry to "Wanchai." This will give you the best angles of all the great buildings. Get off the ferry in Wanchai (you have to, it's only a one-way deal) and go out front to catch a taxi on the street.

Find where the taxi stand is and tell them to take you to the "Peak Tower." Believe me, they will know the way and taxi's are pretty cheap in HK. Much cheaper than say NY or LA, etc. There is another way to get there but it is too time consuming.

When you get to the tower, you will be on Victoria Peak. From this hill, up behind all the high-rises on Hong Island, you will (hopefully) be able to see what I consider the best skyline view in the world.

The Peak Tower itself is a cheesy, capitalist venture and I wouldn't waste my time with it except to take in the view. After you have seen the view, backtrack. Catch a taxi back to the Star Ferry at Wanchai and head back to Kowloon. Once back at the Star Ferry Terminal, I would recommend a walk down Nathan Road (famous for shopping although not all the deals are good) which is not far from there.

If after this, you still have some time left, you might consider a visit to the Ladies' Market or the Temple Street Night Market (if it's night).

This is what I would consider the highlights of Hong Kong in under 8 hours.

By the way, the express train ride into town takes about 35 minutes. So, if you have an actual 7 hours to kill, figure 2 hours are gone to consider travel time to and from town and allowing for being a little early before your next flight leaves. That leaves you with about 5 actual hours in town. This is enough time to do the Peak Tower thing, take the ferry ride twice, and walk down Nathan Road a little. From Nathan Road, you should be able to catch a taxi to the Kowloon Station which is where you would go back to in order to get back on the Airport Express.

We loved Hong Kong. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
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Check out the Hong Kong Tourist Association's Web site: www.hkta.org. They sponsor a special "Transit Bus Tour" for people in your situation. You can go directly to this section of their site for more information: www.hkta.org/tours/hkta_bus.html
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Thanks! This is great. It's the first layover I'm actually looking forward to!

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Agree with Lynn's assessment. I lived there for 2 years. Only modification I'd made is, don't catch the taxi back down from the Peak, take the Peak tram down. It'll drop you at Garden Road across the street from the American Consulate. Take your street map and wander down through Lan Kwai Fong to Hollywood Road. Take Hollywood Road to Hollywood Temple, go inside to get the feel of a real Buddhist temple. Turn right and drop down the hill 20 yard, then left onto Cat Street. You'll really get the feel of the place. If you keep heading downhill, you won't get lost. Eventually, you'll hit the bottom of the hill. Turn right about 6 blocks and you'll be back at the Star Ferry. If you're laying over on Sunday, you'll see thousands of Filipina domestics on their day off at Statue Square. E-mail me directly if you want more to do.

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