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Flying back and forth between Vietnam and Cambodia: where to start

Flying back and forth between Vietnam and Cambodia: where to start

Sep 19th, 2014, 07:20 AM
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Flying back and forth between Vietnam and Cambodia: where to start


I'm trying to get a handle on figuring out where to start and finish on a trip to Vietnam, during which I'd like to fly to Cambodia for a short while. I've read a lot of posts, but need to start with some basic stuff to help me put an approx outline together of a good itinerary

1) I've checked Vietnam air and flights look to be about $125 from Hanoi to Siem Reap. I guess $250 round trip. I was hoping not to take on any more airfare while on my trip as I'm on a very tight budget. Also I've seen comments about only being able to do this flight one way but not round trip. suggestions?

Is it better to Start in Vietnam, and then to a short trip over to Cambodia, then back to Vietnam to finish traveling to the other destinations I want to do, and fly back out at the end from Vietnam, or should I look at doing everything I want to do in Vietnam, and then finishing trip in Cambodia?I generally like to start in one area of a country, and fly out of the other end of the country so I don't do any back tracking. Stopping in the middle to fly out of another airport to another country, if that's part of the plan

I'll have 3 weeks to 1 month so plenty of time but the bulk will be spent in Vietnam that much I know.

Again: this is all very murky right now as far as what exactly I'll be doing and what cities/towns I'll be in. I find that I always figure that all out, after my initial flights are booked since i continue to find out new information I'd never thought of, from this great site and all the people on it

A few hints from savvy travelers on what does NOT work flying from Vietnam to Cambodia, and on how to make this as economical as possible (as direct as possible) and as efficient as possible (such as if some flights only go one way but not the other) would be great!

Merci Beaucoup!

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Sep 19th, 2014, 09:07 AM
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If you fly out of Vietnam and back again that will add to your visa costs as you will need a multiple entry visa (+$50).

I would be inclined to start in Vietnam and then move to Cambodia but I suppose it depends on where you plan to go next and where you will arrive into SE Asia?

Do you really need to fly? A logical way would be to start in Hanoi, travel South to Ho Chi Minh City from where it is relatively straightforward to get a bus to Phnom Penh and a flight or another bus to Siem Reap. You could even go by boat through the delta if feeling adventurous, but that would take a couple of days.

Flights from HCMC are also likely to be a little cheaper
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Sep 19th, 2014, 09:21 AM
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Going back and forth between VN and Cambodia will eat up money. If you are going to enter VN twice, you ned a multi-entry visa, about twice as expensive as a single entry visa. And you'll pay for a Cambodia visa each time you enter the country (someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think Cambodia doesn't issue multi-entry visas).

The issue about flying round trip between VN and Cambodia is simply a visa issue; if you want to pay for the visas, you can do it. Note that you must arrange a VN visa in advance - either get the visa from the embassy or consulate, to you can get the more expensive pre-arranged visa, but only if you are flying into VN (cannot be used at overland crossings.

Crellston's idea of going North to South, then go to Cambodia from HCMC makes good sense. It will also allow you to go overland to Cambodia fairly easily.

Where are you coming from? Where do you land in SE Asia? Can you arrange an open-jaw routing so no backtracking?
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Sep 19th, 2014, 09:50 AM
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Kathie and Crellston: all good points thank you! I think yes I would then fly into either Cambodia or Vietnam, and out of the other to avoid multiple visas.

Crellston: how long of bus trips are we talking about between HCMC and Phnom Penh and Siam Reap? I do need to minimize needless expenditures and love idea of not flying, but I also am not a great bus traveler. over 2 hours at a time and I am likely to ruin a whole day being sick...particularly if they aren't luxury buses that don't rattle and shake...

I am adventurous but again not sure about the 2 day boat trip being as I've not spent much time on boats other than speed boats (max 30 minutes a time) a couple sail boats (max a couple hours) and huge ferries. I tend to think that getting stuck 2 days on a mode of slow transportation might end up not being much fun if I was with the wrong group of people (I'm traveling solo) or if I ended up getting sick and couldn't get off... help!)

that said, I'll totally jump off a 50 ft waterfall, talk to random strangers, eat super spicy foods, and zipline through jungles so I can say I'm definitely not UN adventurous. Just a bit limited when it comes to modes of travel that might cause motion sickness heh

Kathie: I'm coming from California. So which place I fly into and out of will somewhat depend on ticket prices/deals. I def want to do both North and South Vietnam and would have the time so Crellston's idea makes sense if I can get ticket from CA to Viet to Cambodia to CA for same price as straight RT from CA to Viet

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Sep 19th, 2014, 10:50 PM
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Both trips are between 5-7 hours and are really not too bad in terms of comfort. I have done this trip before and the buses are big and generally modern. Just avoid the "shared taxis" ( i.e. Anything that looks like a minibus!) in Cambodia.

More info here on transport options http://www.seat61.com/Cambodia.htm#.VB0gdn6kqrU. We are spending a couple of months in Vietnam before moving on to Cambodia via the delta and plan on taking 3-5 days viewing it more as a place to explore, rather than just a transit route. If pushed for time then I suppose you could just getva bus to CHau doc and then a speed boat to PP but then you would miss the sights of the delta.

Meeting up with other travellers shoul be a piece of cake. Loads travel this route. If you want someone to organise the trip, try Sinh Tourist whose prices are competitive and who have a pretty good reputation.

Cambodia doesn't issue multi entry visas. You will pay $30 each time.
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